One Moto Show 2024: Café Racers

Last month was the 15th annual One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon, hosted by the good folks at See See Motorcycles. The show is one of the biggest and best in the world, showcasing a wide array of custom, rare, vintage, and just plain weird motorcycles. What began in an old abandoned warehouse now fills the +100,000 square-foot Zidell Yards on the South Waterfront — a massive open-air structure used to build ships in the 1930s!

Though the show has grown and evolved over the years, the manifesto remains unchanged:

“Funny thing about motorcycles, when you get One, you want two. When you get two you want ten. Then one day you have ten motorcycles. You start to think about how to combine all of them into one bike. Not literally combine all the parts into one, but take all the knowledge you have accumulated and build a machine that encompasses your vision of the ideal bike, The One Motorcycle.”

This year our man on the ground was once again Fouad “Moh” Mohiadeen (@astronaut_bear), a Baghdad-born, Portland-raised Navy veteran with three combat air medals. Moh is a diehard moto aficionado, exotic car chaser, and the founder of Panigale Riders.

Moh absolutely outdid himself this year. We have so many photos we’ve got to split them up into several segments based on the loose genre/style of the bikes included. Some of the best builds don’t fit into such nice boxes, but it’s our best way to sort and present more than 500 photos from the show! First up are cafe racers and racebikes of various stripes. What’s your favorite bike from this batch?

’66 Ducati Sebring 350 by Ronnie Azma and George Kraus

Builder Unknown: Let us know in the comments!

’76 Honda CB750F by Mitch Witkamp

BMW K1100 by Mitch Witkamp (As Featured on BikeBound!)

Ducati 996 by Jaron Hall

Yamaha RD350: Builder Unknown

’87 Kawasaki Ninja by Fixation Cycles

’75 Yamaha RD350 by Erich Mays (@redbeerd_builds)

Ducati Monster S4RS by Steven Leusca


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  1. Richard David Horton

    Little duke is standout the best

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