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The Honda CBR250R, introduced in 2011, was developed as an entry-level sportbike to compete with the likes of the Ninja 250R and other machines of similar displacement. The liquid-cooled single cylinder engine offered 26.5 horsepower, with more available low end torque than the Ninja and a 0-60 time of around 7.4 seconds.

The Honda CBR series has been at the sharp end of the sport bike spear for decades. While the CBR250 isn’t as powerful or expensive to insure as its bigger brethren, some insurers may still classify the bike as a “supersport” despite the 250cc displacement. Thus, it’s crucial to compare rates to make sure you don’t overpay dearly for insurance.

Honda CBR250R Insurance Rates

Honda CBR250R Insurance

Insurance rates are based off a wide variety of factors, including the make and model of bike, the rider’s driving record, the age, state, even credit score. Also, some companies may classify the bike by engine size, others model class. Some insurers have a high number of claims or incidents for a certain model, while others don’t. All this means that rates can vary widely from company to company. That said, in order to give you an idea of what to expect, we surveyed some real CBR250R riders to let you see what to expect:

  • Male, 21, Kentucky, clean record, full coverage, Progressive: $934 / year (State Farm/Geico were $2000+.)
  • Male, 22, Northern California, full coverage, Geico: $330  year
  • Female, 26, State Farm, bundled with home/auto/life: $340 / year
  • Male, 28, Missouri, 1 speeding ticket, liability only: $75 / year ($500 / year for additional coverage.)
  • Male, 40, New Hampshire, clean record, full coverage, State Farm: $250 / year
  • Male, 45, Ohio, new rider, full coverage, State Farm: $201 / year
  • Male, 47, clean record, full coverage: $892 / year. (Eventually found $289 per year with Progressive.)
  • Male, 50, Texas, clean record, full coverage, Progressive:  $230 / year

As you can see, two riders reported saving hundreds of dollars per year by switching companies and/or comparing rates from multiple insurers.

Honda CBR250R History

Honda CBR250R Insurance

Honda introduced the CBR250R as a rival to the Ninja 250, offering a 26-horsepower fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine in a diamond, twin spar steel frame. Upon its introduction, reviewers praised the bike for being a better all-round entry-level sport bike than the more track-focused Ninja, capable of commuting, canyon-carving, light touring, and the odd track day. Said Cycle News of the bike:

“All in all, the Honda CBR250R is exactly what Honda wanted it to be. It’s fun. It’s affordable. And it’s capable.”

In 2015, the slightly larger Honda CBR300R succeeded the 250, developed to compete with the likes of the new Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3. The longer-stroke motor bumped maximum output to 30 horsepower, with a broader torque curve, optional ABS, and updated RR series styling. A naked variant also appeared, the CB300F, which offers a more upright riding position and slightly less weight due to the lack of full fairings.

Honda CBR250 Coverage

Here in the USA, the vast majority of states require motorcycle riders to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, with the exact amounts dictated on a state by state basis. Opting for the minimum required liability coverage in your state is the cheapest option — but not necessarily the smartest one.

That’s because liability coverage only covers the damages to a third party or property in an accident — it does not cover you or your bike. What’s more, the fairings on the CBR250R are very expensive to replace, and even a slight drop in a grocery parking lot could cost hundreds of dollars.

For this reason, we strongly advise consumers to opt for full coverage, including collision, comprehensive, total loss, and un/under-insured motorist coverage.

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CBR250R Insurance

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