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Would you like to cut the insurance rate on your bike? We are riders ourselves, so we know how annoying it is to pay a boatload for insurance. We’ve decided to help. We’ve partnered with a wide range of top motorcycle insurers. Type in your zip code to find companies that insure motorcycles in your area, then review rates and policies.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance

The state of Arizona has set forth minimum limits for liability insurance. Liability coverage indemnifies you for sums you may be required by law to pay to third parties as damages for bodily injury or property damage. Your liability insurance must meet or surpass certain minimum caps for personal harm to others and damage to 3rd party property.

  • $15,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries to a Single Person in an Accident
  • $30,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries of All People in an Accident
  • $10,000: Liability Coverage for Damage to Property

On one hand, less coverage means less costly motorcycle insurance. But less coverage results in more risk that your insurance payout will not cover your total health care fees should you injure or get injured by another motorist. Keep in mind that the cost of health care and personal property often goes upmore quickly than legislation gets changed.

The Most Affordable Motorcycle Insurance in Glendale

For many Arizona motorcyclists, conserving money is important. There are several steps you can take.

  • Go through a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course. This can net you a discount of up to 20%.
  • Maintain a clear driving history. This is obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning.
  • Buy a lay-up policy. With such a policy, the winter months are cheaper, especially if the bike is in storage.
  • Ride a low-premium bike. Sport bikes, particularly liter bikes, are the most costly to insure.

Glendale Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

There are many factors that influence what you will pay for motorcycle insurance. Some information on you and your machine is really needed to predict the rates you’ll be charged. Luckily, we can help you review rates and policies from a selection of companies.

All you have to do is enter your zip code to begin.

ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike Coverage

If you ride in the dirt, you’ll want to consider getting insurance for your dirt bike or ATV. Of course, quite a few ORV parks require that you carry liability coverage, just in case you injure another rider or their property while on the trail. You’ll want to contact your local riding areas to determine if they want you to have coverage.

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