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Do you need to insure a bike in Tempe, AZ? At, we enable you to save some money on motorcycle insurance, no matter if you happen to be currently covered with insurance or not. The solution is the huge selection of motorcycle insurance companies with whom we have partnered. Enter your zip code, and our service locates the leading motorcycle insurers in Tempe, permitting you to review rates in the market today – via the internet!

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Arizona dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability coverage offers protection against claims alleging that your recklessness or inappropriate actions led to bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Your liability insurance must satisfy or surpass certain minimum thresholds established by the state of Arizona.

Tempe AZ Motorcycle Insurance
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  • For Injury to a Single Person: $15,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Persons: $30,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $10,000

Trying to figure out the amount of coverage to purchase? On one hand, just having $15,000/$30,000/$10,000 of AZ motorcycle insurance is the least expensive way to go. However, less coverage equates to higher risk that your insurance payout will not cover your total healthcare fees in the event you injure or are injured by another motorist. Bear in mind that the cost of health care and personal property often goes upmore quickly than state liability levels are changed.

How to Keep Your Premiums Affordable

Motorcycle insurance premiums can be through the roof, particularly if you’re a twenty-something male. You have several options.

  • Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) class.
  • Avoid traffic violations.
  • Only pay for liability and collision during the riding season.
  • Avoid sport bikes if you can.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Tempe

It’s tough to gauge the cost of motorcycle insurance without taking into consideration a number of important factors. Your experience, your driving record, and the make and model of bike being insured are all vital, as are the coverage types and limits you want. Luckily, we work with most of the best motorcycle insurance companies, which can present you with price quotes on the web. To begin, just submit your zip code. From there, you can choose the insurers from whom you want to receive quotes and details.

Custom Parts and Accessories Insurance

After the standard coverage such as liability and collision, you should have Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage (CPE) and/or Additional Parts and Equipment Coverage (ACPE). Custom parts and equipment coverage (CPE) covers both performance upgrades such as custom exhausts and ignitions, together with aesthetic improvements such as custom fairings, seats, flyscreens, and paint schemes.

Without this coverage, you will only be paid the value of a stock bike. You will get nothing

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