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If you live in Bakersfield, you shouldn’t throw a leg over the saddle without insurance. Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance can be a significant monthly expense. In any event, we feel that bikers should never struggle with ridiculous rates. The only tactic to locate the cheapest price on Bakersfield motorcycle insurance is to review the rates provided by rivalling insurance providers. Please be sure to key in your postal code to begin looking at policies and premiums from top-rated insurance companies.

Motorcycle Liability Insurance

This component of your insurance policy covers property damage and/or personal injury caused by you in an accident. Liability doesn’t protect your own bike or medical expenses.

Collision Insurance for Your Bike: Recommended?

This pays to repair or replace your bike in the event of a covered accident with another vehicle or object. Given how expensive fairings and paint are to have repaired, collision coverage can save you a small fortune down the road.

Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance

This reimburses you for damage to your bike that occurs as a result of anything apart from a traffic accident. This can be due to natural disasters like severe storms and tornadoes, as well as larceny and fire. Basically, comprehensive covers most kinds of damage that aren’t the consequence of an accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Insurance from motorists who are underinsured or have no insurance altogether comes highly recommended for motorcyclists in Bakersfield. How come? Due to the fact that close to 14.7% of California road users do not have any sort of insurance coverage. Seeing that motorists are more often than not the culprit in crashes with bikes, it is essential to look after your own self in financial terms. Although additional coverage may very well escalate your Bakersfield motorcycle insurance quotes, it could well be very well worth the added price tag – especially in case there is a crash.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Guidelines

Bakersfield CA Motorcycle Insurance
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Liability insurance protects you money wise when you are found culpable for personal injuries or destruction to a third party.

Oftentimes, you might find these liability minimums quoted as 3 dollar sums, much like $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. The initial pair of amounts are minimum amount protections for personal injuries liability. The first is for a lone person in an automobile accident, the second for all parties put together. The last figure relates to damage to property liability.

Just remember that motorcycle liability protection may not protect the motorcyclist, the the motorbike, or any passengers – only your legal exposure for injuries to other motorists, bystanders.

Bakersfield Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Worried how much insuring your bike will cost you? That will be determined by several key variables. The majority of riders just consider the type of bike they ride and their driving record, but variables like zip code, coverage limits, and discounts are all significant. Luckily, we work with many of the top motorcycle insurance providers, who can offer you premiums and coverage on the internet. To get going, just enter your zip code. Then you can start going over rates and policies from the insurers you have chosen.

Parts and Accessories Insurance

For anyone who has a custom, you have to carry Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage (CPE). Custom parts and equipment coverage, commonly known as CPE, covers both performance upgrades like aftermarket exhausts and suspension, as well as aesthetic upgrades such as custom fairings, tail sections, windshields, and paint schemes. This type of coverage is a good idea if you have more than $1000 invested in aftermarket parts.

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