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The country around Corona offers some solid motorcycle roads, but insurance can be expensive, even if you don’t have a bunch of traffic citations. Fellow riders, we joined forces with motorcycle insurance carriers that work with Corona riders. Many insurers offer discounts for military riders, seniors, and those who have passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Just enter your zip code to see which companies cover motorcyclists in Corona.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance: Corona

The state of California has levied minimum liability limits for motorcycle owners. Liability coverage is protection against legal liability to pay losses where you have been found responsible for injuries sustained by a third party or damage to their property. California has published the minimum liability amounts for which you have to be covered. There are three minimum liability thresholds set down:

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  • For Injury to a Single Person: $15,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Individuals: $30,000
  • For Property Damages: $5,000

Sure, if you are just looking for the least expensive motorcycle insurance in Corona, just getting insured up to these limits is the way to go. However, intelligent riders choose to get more than the state minimums. Why? The Insurance Research Council 14.7% of California road users are uninsured. You should think about Uninsured Motorist protection so that you’ll be covered in the event that the other driver is uninsured.

Decreasing Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Are you wondering how to decrease your insurance costs? There are several ways to decrease your monthly payments.

  • Complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Most insurers offer a 10-20% discount for MSF graduates).
  • Avoid citations. This is crucial!
  • Buy a lay-up policy. With this type of policy, the winter months are cheaper, especially when the bike is kept in storage.
  • Steer clear of high-risk bikes. Sport bikes, exotics, and muscle bikes carry the highest premiums.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Corona

Premiums vary broadly based on a variety of factors. As an example:

  • Type of Motorcycle.
  • Driving Record.
  • Coverage Type.
  • Coverage Caps.

The good thing is, we work with most of the best insurers that insure bikes in Corona, and they can offer you quotes and rates on the web.

Enter in your zip code, and you’ll be shown a list of insurers interested in covering Corona riders. Select which insurers you’re interested in, then answer a few questions to begin comparing policies and premiums.

Sportbike Coverage in Corona

Sport bikes such as the Suzuki GSX-R and Yamaha YZF-R series are popular among many Corona area motorcyclists. Regrettably, they can be insanely expensive to insure. That’s because, in terms of crashes and fatalities, they’re more dangerous than other motorcycles. Your driving record has a tremendous influence on the cost of insuring your sport bike. Premiums decline considerably with each passing year. A lot of sportbike riders neglect to carry anything besides liability, to help cut costs. This could lead to problems, as even a low-speed drop can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to the fairings of these bikes.

Insurance for Scooters in Corona

It’s a mistake not to insure your scooter. Liability coverage is usually quite affordable, and it could save you serious money if there’s an accident. You’ll want to ask your agent for additional information.

Dirt Bike and ATV Coverage

Off-road riding, on bike or ATV, is a lot of fun. However, bear this in mind: Some trails require liability, and this coverage is generally affordable.

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