BMW R100 Scrambler Transcends Trends, Creates New Ones


Cafe Racer Dreams aims to provide exceedingly high quality, cutting edge, custom BMW motorcycles. They don’t just expand on current trends, they completely transcend them and create their own, such as with their CRD #58, a BMW R100 built for a French enthusiast. With this bike, CRD has re-imagined custom motorcycles. Everything about the bike was designed with care and ingenuity – from the smaller tank that was inspired by the original, to the solo seat configuration and the forks, hub and brake disc that came directly off of a nearly vintage 1994 BMW F650. To further make it their own, this motorcycle comes complete with accouterments from their very own web store – details like the mufflers and the headlight lend a further personalized touch to an already one of a kind bike. And, of course, one cannot overlook the iconic BMW red, white and blue colors accented further by the contrast of the black accessories. CRD once again delivers a custom BMW that only they can.

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