Honda RC213V-S Specs Released: What?!

Street Legal MotoGP Bike

Honda has introduced the RC213V-S, a road-going version of its MotoGP race bike, the RCV. It has a peak of 13,000 rpm and weighs 170 kg. In road-legal form, it makes just 156.8 horsepower–quite disappointing, given the price–and an almost laughable 101 horsepower in US trim.  The closed-circuit power kit raises power to 212 bhp–a lot closer to the actual racer’s 235 horsepower–but won’t be available in the US. It offers 75 torque but can go up to 87lbft if ou get the track kit.

Versus the race bike, the steering lock has increased from 15 degrees to 26 degrees and the brakes have been switched from carbon to steel to make for a better experience on the road. Because it’s a road bike and not just for racing on a track, there are now headlights, a tail light, license plate lights, mirrors, a speedometer, and a horn. They also added a catalytic converter and silencer so it’ll meet emissions regulations. However, stripped for the track, it weighs just 160 kg–just 2 kg more than the actual RCV.

The price? A whopping $184,000, for a bike that makes about the same power as any 600cc sportbike.

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