The Best XS650 Scrambler of All Time?

Best XS650 Scrambler
Big Moon’s XS650 Scrambler

On the website of Big Moon Custom Motorcycles in Japan, there’s the motto:  “motorcycle for happy life.”  That sounds like sagelike advice, if you ask us, and straddling this XS650 scrambler/brat tracker would have us beaming, moon-faced with happiness.

This Big Moon XS650 has been hanging around the internet for some time, but it deserves every bit of attention it gets.  It is certainly one of the handsomest XS650s of all time.  With its yellow-green metal-flake tank and retro block graphics, it recalls the Yamaha racers of old.  The high pipes are some of the cleanest we’ve seen, aimed rearward like the double barrels of a chromed shotgun, and the shape of the ribbed seat is reminiscent of the wheelie/banana bikes of our youth.

Yamaha XS650 Scrambler

The front drums and fork boots only solidify the vintage look.  Though actually off-roading might be a stretch, given the lack of front fender, there is one beautiful XS650.  What do you think?  Have you got a prettier XS650 scrambler to share?

XS650 Scrambler

You can also see this bike on Bike Exif, Pipeburn, and The Bike Shed, though no one seems to have very many details on the build.

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