1983 BMW R100 Cafe Racer by Ironwood Motorcycles

BMW R100 Cafe Racer

Arjan van den Boom is the founder of Ironwood Custom Motorcycles, an Amsterdam-based custom garage founded by him and Nick de Ruijter in 2012, and he’s quickly becoming our favorite man in Amsterdam.  We’ve featured ICW’s XS650 scrambler and CX500 cafe racer, and now Arjan and Nick have finished their 14th build, #ICW14, a beautiful 1983 BMW R100.


The color palette is on-point, and the blacked-out forks and wheels give the bike a low and mean look.  The yellow headlight is a perfect touch.  The tail unit is clean and simple, and the tan seat is a classic touch.  We love that fatty BMW tank. Overall, this bike reminds us of something a WWII-era fighter pilot would ride to the aerodrome, and that’s about as cool as it gets.


#ICW14, R100 Cafe Racer Specs/Mods:

  • Front tire Mitas B04 vintage 19×3.25
  • Rear tire Avon FAT safety mileage 18×4.00
  • Small speedo Caferacers United
  • Monza Fuel cap
  • Biltwell Kung Fu grips
  • Megaton exhaust mufflers
  • Adjustable mono shock
  • Powder coated & custom sub frame
  • Powder coated wheels
  • Yellow foil on headlight
  • Clip ons
  • Small CNC choke levers
  • Oldschool valve heads
  • Relocated rear light and license plate holder
  • Relocated ignition lock
  • Vintage yellow driving light
  • Brat seat from Caferacers United
  • New filters & oils, brake pads
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Wrapped exhaust pipes
  • Original paint on gastank
  • New battery 30/9/2015

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  2. nice bike
    to builder.
    how long is the rear seat loop ?
    i am building my R100, and like your seat proportions

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