Yamaha Fazer 600 Streetfighter by LV Custom

Yamaha Fazer 600

“Impressive things are made with small details.”

This is the motto of LV Custom, a workshop founded in southwest London by partners Ludo and Clarisse. Ludo, who is from the south of France, studied bodywork for four years and completed a year-long painting certification before opening his first shop eight years ago in France. However, when Clarisse was offered a job in London, the couple decided to move across the pond. Says Clarisse:

“It was a big decision, but knowing the importance that the motorcycle occupies in England, and being a fan of the British style, Ludo did accept.”

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

After arriving in London, the pair learned the language and started taking steps to start LV Custom. Ludo manages the workshop while Clarisse runs the marketing, graphics, and paperwork. They specialize in customization and provide a lot of services, such as bodywork, paintwork, saddlery, airbrush…all details are on their website (https://www.lvcustom.co.uk/).

Yamaha Fazer 600 Streetfighter

The Yamaha FZS600 Fazer you see here started as a reliable urban runabout. Before long, however, Ludo couldn’t fight the temptation to customize the 95-hp sport bike. His vision was a shake-up of a cafe/scrambler style, with Mad Max for inspiration, which led to a Jeep Wrangler headlight, knobby tires, and a minimalist tail and seat. Below, we get the full story on this burly Fazer, as well as photos from Ludo.V and DV images!

Yamaha FZS600 Fazer Custom: In the Builder’s Words

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

One Sunday, Ludo found this stock 1999 Fazer online. The afternoon he went to see it, the student who was selling the bike told him he was afraid to ride in London. The engine had been rebuilt 6 months before, which was a good point.  There were some scratches but nothing bad. The perfect purchase.

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

This bike got two different looks from us. The first was a full respray in black, red, and white 90’s inspiration. We started to use it quite a lot because it’s a nice ridable bike, and also the engine was reliable and low mileage: 20,000 km. But when you ride a stock bike and like having your own style, how can you not be tempted with customization?

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

One day Ludo decided to give to this Fazer a new style, a shake of café racer/scrambler with Mad Max inspiration.

  • We stripped down the bike for a minimalist look.
  • We cut the frame and made a new rear loop
  • Custom hand made seat
  • Full LED light – LED strip tail light and Jeep Wrangler headlight and fog light at the front fit on the fork with a custom handmade slip-on bracket
  • Handlebar end LED indicators
  • Tyres: Continental TCK80
  • Handmade front mudguard, stainless steel bracket
  • Brake and clutch levers has been modified

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

  • Fork legs and top yoke front mudguard, brake and clutch levers, headlight bracket, rear sub frame in deep black.
  • Tank: The bottom of the fuel tank has been painted in deep black and the top in metallic grey greenish. Some digital camo pattern black pearl, dark grey, and a custom green pearl have been added…

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

The funny thing is that the fuel tank has some detail that you won’t notice at first glance, such as skull head or space invader character. We love subtle motifs. That’s how we made this sturdy and striking Fazer.

Yamaha Fazer 600 Custom

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  1. Nice to see a streetfighter featured. Stupid ass tyre choice is not exclusive to cafe racers anymore I see.

  2. Dirt-road fighter?

  3. Hello. nice FAZER cafe racer. can u please tell me what zise of tires u used on it?

  4. i would like to get my hands on some of those custom parts? Where can i find them ?

  5. No, I do not like that at all. Eurgh. Why muck it up and put tractor tyres on what used to be a good bike?

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