“Blacksun” Triumph Bonneville by Alea Motorcycles

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Two and a half years ago, two friends from Italy — Gianmarco and Gianni — rolled the dice and opened their workshop, Alea Motorcycles, in the boot heel of the country. Alea means dice game in Latin, a nod to the unpredictability of events. Fast forward to present day, and the duo is about to open a 300 square meter space that will include a shop, bar, and library — a community meeting place for friends and riders in their area.

What’s more, Alea Motorcycles has unveiled their most incredible build yet, “Blacksun” — a 2008 Triumph Bonneville inspired by a vintage square yellow light housing found in their workshop.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

The bike was another roll of the dice.  The concept called for squared-off lines and a blacked-out livery — a tough combination to pull off. But the team has succeeded in creating one of the most striking modern Triumph customs we’ve ever seen — a “post-atomic” that blends genres and styles, emerging with an identity all its own. “Blacksun” was also featured on Pipeburn, though the crew provided us with some new and unseen photos of the build.

Below, we get the full story on the build.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker: Builder Interview

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Tell us about your workshop?

About two and a half years ago the adventure of Gianmarco (zingaro) and Gianni (noisy) begins as they join Alea Motorcycles. Alea comes from the Latin for “dice game.” The logo: a dice emblem in play, showing the unpredictability of events. The goal: to create special bikes in a clean, harmonious and essential style. Beyond the motorcycles, a major project is soon to open: an open space of 300 square meters with a workshop inside, a bar, library and a relaxation area that will become a meeting place for all fans.

Triumph Bonneville street tracker
Preview Illustration by Danilo De Donno (@stylographic)
What is the make/model/year of the donor bike?

The base of the motorcycle is a Triumph Bonneville from 2002.

Why was the bike built?

It was built because we could dare be our property.

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The project comes from a vintage yellow lighthouse found in the workshop. The idea is to create something unusual that can rotate around that lighthouse, an original work that comes off a bit from the usual special made on a Triumph Bonneville basis. Make a square motorcycle.

What custom work was done to the bike?

The construction project begins with the frame. Give that frame enjoy the identity of the motorcycle. An old Kawasaki Z tank is fitted to the frame, a crafted saddle made of suede leather with square stitches designed by the young Salentines.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

To recall the retro-style shock absorbers, two covers for the fork legs are built, giving a lower and longer look to the motorcycle.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

Two classic tires are fitted to complete the slightly vintage look.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

A box under the seat houses a lithium battery and the electrical system. A vintage Triumph aluminum switch is mounted with a push-button panel, M.Grip knobs and M.Blaze’s black discs from Motogadget.

Triumph Bonneville Street Tracker

At the head of the lighthouse is a Chronoclassic Speedo Dark Edition Motogadget odometer. Finally a complete hand-crafted exhaust is mounted.

Triumph Bonneville Street TrackerTriumph Bonneville Street Tracker

How would you classify this motorcycle?

This motorcycle has its own identity, it is a mixture of styles, a mix of different motorcycle cultures, a post-atomic motorcycle.

 Two classic tires are fitted to complete the slightly vintage look.

Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

The most difficult part was giving continuity to the squared lines. We like the bad aspect given by the total black livery.

bonneville tracker


Paolo Sandolfini: @pol_tergeist
Studio Zeta: @studio_zeta_code

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Facebook: Alea Motorcycles
Instagram: @aleamotorcycles
Email: aleamotorcycles@gmail.com



  1. Michael Ritzker

    Love the headlight, everything else…. Except THE LEFT SIDE EXHAUST! Everyone knows that square and kinky will never get along. What a colossal blunder, ruins the whole thing. I could never look at that bike if it were mine without thinking about changing it. In fact, that was the achilles heel of the first gen Meriden Bonnie, the dumb kink in the exhaust. This is some sort of cruel joke on that issue. I would suggest going 2 into 1 off one side, and finishing with something like a square BMW K100 silencer, or maybe a Rocket 3 BSA raygun type. Anything but that abomination.

  2. The only thing that I dont like is the choice of tires.Otherwise it is original and looks very rideable.

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