Super Sport Tribute: Ducati 848 Café Racer

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

Jerem Motorcycles builds a modern tribute to the Ducati SS… 

Introduced in 2007, the Ducati 848 has been called a superbike-killer, a 122-bhp V-twin sportbike with razor handling, an uproarious soundtrack, and a top speed of 166 mph:

“In 2010 our Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves was lucky enough to race a Ducati 848 Challenge. He reported ‘it’s the best handling, most agile, sweet steering Ducati I’ve ever had a proper go on’. High praise indeed.” —MCN

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

Our friend Jérémie Duchampt of Jerem Motorcycles picked up a 2011 Ducati 848 SBK with a clear vision in mind:

“I wanted to give a nod to the grandmother Ducati 750 SS and 900 SS from 1975.”

1975 Ducati 900 SS

As the underlying architecture of the 848 is vastly different from that of the 70s Super Sports, Jérémie had his work cut out for him…but what an incredible job he’s done.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

Most everything on the bike had to be modified, replaced, or redone, including the rear subframe, fairing, lighting, exhaust, tail section, saddle, suspension, and more.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

The result is a modern sports bike that pays clear tribute to the iconic Ducati SS of old. Below, Jérémie gives us the full details on the build.

Ducati 848 Café Racer: In the Builder’s Words…

Hello, I’m Jérémie Duchampt from Jerem Motorcycles. I’m from Béziers, 34, and this was my second project. Let me explain the beginning of the project.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

I bought this 2011 Ducati 848 SBK, and I decided to transform it into a cafe racer. Why this one? Because I wanted to give a nod to the grandmother Ducati 750 SS and 900 SS from 1975.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

So I started disassembling the bike, listing all the parts I wanted to keep and making the new ones.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

It was necessary to modify the complete rear frame, a plate support, custom exhaust line for the passage in the rear section, and a few small odds and ends.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

Then I ordered some very specific, high-end parts, including a modified TEX DESIGN fork crown, carbon parts, etc.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

The screen has been modified in the lower part and plexiglass has been made to measure to cover the headlight with a small cap on the top.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer


For the tail section, it took fiberglass work to have exactly the shape I wanted, so that it would be in harmony with the line of the bike as well as recessing the rear light and the exhaust outlet in the top of the cowl.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

As for the suspension, the rear has been replaced by an Öhlins and a Showa front fork has been anodized and completely overhauled.

I changed some parts with new ones like the headlight, lithium battery, silencer, etc. Then a lot of parts were redone to be like new: radiators, rims, and a beautiful saddle with a perfectly integrated custom vintage look.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

All the bodywork was made by Anthony A2F and myself as well as the helmet in the colors of the 1975 Ducati Super Sport.

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

For the reassembly, I opted for many carbon parts, which blend perfectly with all the black parts and which give a sporty side.

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Ducati 848 Cafe RacerDucati 848 Cafe Racer

Ducati 848 Cafe Racer Ducati 848 Cafe Racer Ducati 848 Cafe Racer

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