Best Custom Bikes of 2022: Editor’s Choice!

Last week, we presented our Top 10 Custom Bikes of 2022 — an objective, data-driven list in which bikes were ranked according to website traffic and social engagement. Today, we’re thrilled to present our Top 10 Editor’s Choice, which is a more subjective list of our personal favorites — the bikes and stories that gave us the biggest kick to feature! The only rule is that a bike has not appeared in one of our past Top 10 lists!

• Karl Ardo / Jake Winderman: “Tokyo Rose”

Tokyo Rose, Reborn: A Legend’s Honda CB750 Drag Bike

• Berg & Co: 300cc “Dream Bike”

A Bicycle Fleshed with Power: 300cc “Dream Build”

• Hardcore Division: Moto Guzzi “Wild Silver”

Wild Silver: V11 Scura-Powered Café Racer

• Hessler Rallye Team: Suzuki V-Strom Desert Express

Rally Monster: Suzuki V-Strom 1050RR “Desert Express”

• Millet Racing: 1000cc Norvin

The One and Only: 1000cc Norvin by Millet Racing

• Motocicli Audaci: Honda Rebel 500

Sand Racer: Honda Rebel 500 “MAANboard”

• MMC / RD Kustom: Buell SR1

Best in Show: Buell-Powered MMC SR1

• Bradley O’Neal: Honda “CRF1000RR”

Rocket Bike: Honda “CRF1000RR” MotoBASE Jumper!

• Red Clouds Collective: Triumph Tiger Cub

Catamount Cub: 1965 Triumph Tiger Cub

• Caleb Swiney: “Little Martha”

Little Martha: ’88 Allman Brothers Tribute Chopper

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