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KTM has earned a reputation for building some of the capable off-road bikes on the planet. While their early racing efforts were focused more on motocross and enduro, KTM flat track bikes have become a regular sight at dirt ovals around the world. In fact, the winningest racer in American Flat Track (AFT) Singles is Pennsylvania’s Shayna Texter, who rides a factory KTM.

Not only have the orange machines become potent flat trackers, but custom builders have begun building KTM street trackers inspired by their racing counterparts. It’s hard to imagine more fun on two wheels than a high-powered single-cylinder KTM with twin 19-inch wheels and a license plate… Below, check out some of the KTM flat and street trackers we’ve featured on Bikebound.com.

KTM Super Duke Tracker Swedish Super Duke: KTM 990 Tracker - Super Tracker: A Swedish Champion’s Thunderbike…  In 2005, KTM unleashed the 990 Super Duke, a 999cc V-twin naked bike nothing short of ferocious. With 120 horsepower and razor-sharp handling, it was a fire-breathing, tire-burning, wheelie-making […]
KTM Duke Street Tracker Duke 2.0: KTM 640 Street Tracker - A Killer Kato from Dubstyle Designs…   When the KTM 640 Duke II arrived at the cusp of the 2000s, it was a pure hooligan dream machine — a big-bore thumper with supermoto roots and […]
KTM 390 Scrambler Mud Ripper: KTM 390 Scrambler! - Ormotors builds KTM 390 Adventure Scrambler…  In 2013, the KTM 390 Duke hit the market as a welterweight version of the beloved Duke, packing a 44-hp single-cylinder engine and WP suspension. There was nothing else […]
KTM 790 Duke Tracker Super Hooligan: KTM 790 Duke Flat Tracker - The One: Andy DiBrino’s Race-Winning Super Hooligan…  Introduced in 2017, the KTM 790 Duke was the Austrian company’s first parallel twin, a 799cc naked middleweight that quickly earned the nickname “The Scalpel.” The engine boasted […]
KTM 990 Super Duke Custom The Marrakech: KTM 990 Super Duke - Outsiders Motorcycles transforms a V-twin weapon…  The KTM 990 Super Duke was one bad machine, a 120-hp hooligan’s dream with a chromoly trellis frame, 999.8cc LC8 V-twin engine, and high-spec WP suspension. It was nothing […]
KTM 300 Street Tracker Two-Stroke Ripper: KTM 300 EXC Street Tracker - Black Cycles Australia builds one rip-ready KTM two-stroke…  The KTM 300 EXC is the company’s flagship enduro machine, a 293cc two-stroke off-road weapon with a race-winning blend of weight, balance, handling, and power: “Lightweight, great […]
KTM Duke 690 Scrambler KTM Duke 690 Scrambler by KickMoto - Nova Scotia’s KickMoto builds a Duke scrambler…  The KTM Duke 690 is the Austrian company’s top of the line single-cylinder supermoto, a fuel-injected 693cc thumper that makes 73 horsepower and 55 pound-feet of torque.  “Perfect […]
KTM 500 SXF Tracker Project Flat Track: “Unobtainium” KTM 500 SX-F Tracker - KTM Race Team Mechanic Michael Carusi builds a “Wishlist” Flat Tracker… In our opinion, some of the best racing in the world right now is happening in the American Flat Track AFT Singles class, where […]
KTM Framer Track Weapon: Two-Stroke KTM 300 Framer - 196-lb, 50+ hp flat tracker from George Pickering x Survivor Customs! The KTM 250SX is the Austrian constructor’s largest-displacement two-stroke motocross bike, built for riders and racers who want the latest features of the flagship […]
KTM 250 Street Tracker Space-Age Flat Tracker: The Lunar Project by Carboni e Metalli - Best of Show at Wildays 2019:  Space-Age 2-Stroke Tracker! In the storied Motor Valley of Northern Italy, two long-time friends — Massimo Bercella and Michele Antolotti — have set out on epic journey, combining their […]
KTM 950 Street Tracker KTM 950 Desert Sled by FabMan Creations - FMC “Bullet” inspired by Steve McQueen and On Any Sunday… The KTM 950 SMR put the “super” in supermoto — a 98-hp carb-fed hooligan machine that could embarrass sportbikes in the twisties and add a […]
KTM 625 Scrambler The Mile Bike: KTM 625 SMC Scrambler - A Malle Mile racer from Danners Automotive… The KTM 625 SMC was a 55-hp street-legal supermoto with fully-adjustable WP suspension, four-piston Brembo brakes, and a few daily niceties like electric start and turn signals. Said […]
KTM 640 Duke Street Tracker Duke of Hazard: KTM 640 Duke II Street Tracker - In 1994, KTM launched the original Duke, a 610cc street-legal supermotard that helped transform the Austrian firm from a manufacturer of niche off-road bikes into a household name.  In ’99, they followed up with the […]
KTM 400 EXC Street Tracker Scrambler “La Caleña”: KTM 400 EXC by Lolana Motos - The KTM 400 EXC was one of the original 400-class dirt bikes, a liquid-cooled four-stroke trail weapon that helped the Austrian company become a major player in off-road sales and competition. Some racers, such as […]
KTM 640 LC4 Scrambler “Nörrsken” KTM LC4 Scrambler by Imbarcadero 14 - A burly KTM 640 scrambler from Venice… The KTM 640 LC4 Supermoto, introduced in 1998, offered a 53-horsepower, liquid-cooled mono-cylinder engine paired with fully-adjustable suspension and four-piston Brembo brakes. In motard trim, the rough-and-ready 625cc […]
KTM 300 Street Tracker Akin Moto KTM 300 Street Tracker - “A 2-stroke street tracker…that actually gets used on the street AND the track.” The KTM 300 EXC is a weapon — a street-legal, two-stroke enduro with a 51-hp liquid-cooled engine and dry weight of just […]
KTM Duke 390 Tracker KTM Duke 390 Tracker by Revolt Cycles - “Pantera” — a 390cc, triple-black panther from RVLT… The KTM Duke 390 has gained immense popularity across the globe. Weighing in at just 306 pounds dry, with 43-hp on tap, the bike has been called […]
KTM Tracker KTM “HiRider” by Engineered to Slide - The KTM "HiRider" by Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide started as a basket-case KTM 250 SX-F. As Nigel says: "If you can’t buy it, you must build it. We took a box of parts and some sheetmetal and came up with a good time on two wheels. It’s as simple as that."