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Harley Sportster Flat Trackers

We are huge fans of Harley-Davidson Sportster flat tracker and dirt tracker builds. Harley-Davidson V-twins have long been dominant in flat track racing, and the new “Hooligan” and “Super Hooligan” classes have revived the interest in garage-built, Sportster trackers converted straight from street bikes. Many of these run a chain-drive, 19-inch rear wheel, and no front brakes — as per flat track racing regulations. The aftermarket offers most of these conversion parts, making it easy to build your flat track bike.

Here are a few of the best Sportster trackers that we have featured.

Sportster 883 Scrambler Urban Tracker: Sportster 883R by Lord Drake Kustoms - A master Harley builder has fun with an 883R… Lord Drake Kustoms is a custom Harley workshop founded by Francisco “Fran” Manen, a Spanish native who customized his  first two-wheeler at the age of 14, […]
Harley Sportster Turbo Turbo Sportster Street Tracker by Bryce Schmidt - “I figured if it was called a Sportster, I might as well make it a little more sporty.” Such were the words of 34 year-old machine/fabricator Bryce Schmidt, who does all of his own work […]
Harley Sportster Street Tracker THE XX: Harley Sportster Street Tracker - Hooligan-Inspired Harley from South Africa’s Stoos Customs…  Across the industry, we talk about custom motorcycle builds, but the truth is, some projects involve a lot more building than others. On the near end of the […]
Harley XR1200R Scrambler The OVRLANDR: 1200R Sportster by Combustion Industries - The Sportster is one of our favorite, most versatile platforms for customization. In production since 1957, the V-twin cruiser has been transformed into scrambler, tracker, cafe racer, and full-out adventure bike. However, few Sportsters seem […]
Sportster Street Tracker The Evil Twin: 1200 Sportster Street Tracker - Bill Brosius shares a Harley street tracker build with his father…  Bill Brosius grew up on the back of his father’s Harley-Davidson, as father and son followed the flat track races all around California and […]
Harley Sportster Adventure Scrambler Tasmanian Tractor: Sportster Adventure Scrambler - From Purpose Built Moto: The Ultimate Adventure Sportster Scrambler… Back in 2019-2020, Tom Gilroy of Australia’s Purpose Built Moto faced the challenge of building a custom scrambler capable of handling one very strenuous cross-country test […]
Harley XR1200 Custom Super Sportster: “TS-05” Harley XR1200 - Ching Tsung Custom Bikes puts the “Sport” in Sportster…  Inspired by the legendary XR750, the Harley-Davidson XR1200 was the most performance-oriented Sportster ever produced, a factory street tracker whose 1202cc high-compression V-twin put down 91 […]
Tucker Speed Hooligan Flat Tracker Super Hooligan: 1275cc Tracker by Tucker Speed - A 1275cc Super Hooligan built for the 2020 season… Hooligan flat track racing has exploded in popularity in recent years.  The “run what you brung” spirit of the racing recalls the early days of stock […]
Buell Harley Hooligan Sultan of Sprint: Buell-Powered Hooligan Sportster! - “Good Riddance” — an XB12-powered Sultans of Sprint racer… The Harley-Davidson Sportster, which has been in continuous production since 1957, remains one of our favorite platforms for customization, readily lending itself to street/dirt tracker builds. […]
Sportster Super Hooligan Sportster Super Hooligan by Gunn Design - A Street-Legal Super Hooligan from the North Star State… The RSD Super Hooligan National Championship Series (SHNC) has exploded in popularity, pitting 750cc and up street bikes head-to-head on dirt tracks and TT courses across […]
Sportster Street Tracker by Wes Nobles - We’re digging hard on this 1989 Sportster street tracker by Wes Nobles of GoPro.  The bike is running a Biltwell tank while the aluminum flat track tank is repaired.  It’s sporting a Storz 2:2 exhaust […]
Harley Sportster Hooligan Tracker Sportster Hooligan Tracker by BCKustoms - If there is one thing we love here at BikeBound, it’s flat trackers. It’s been thrilling to witness the resurgence of the sport, as well as the wealth of new street and flat trackers this […]
Harley Sportster Desert Sled Sportster Desert Sleds by El Solitario - Article by Rick Brown of BikeBound.com. Most people would not select Milwaukee iron as their first choice to tackle crossing the Sahara, but David Borras of El Solitario (The Lone Wolf) definitely travels to the […]
Sportster 883 Street Tracker Sportster 883 Street Tracker by Crazy Garage - A road-racing 883 street tracker… Crazy Garage of Busan, South Korea, has been turning out race-oriented builds for over a decade. Founder Chi-hyun Kim says most of their bikes are built for the “racing circuit […]
883 Sportster Scrambler Shaken, Not Stirred: “Seventy” Sportster by Lord Drake Kustoms - LDK builds a Sportster inspired by Martini Racing… In the history of sports car and rally racing, few liveries are as iconic as those of Martini Racing, featuring dark blue, sky blue, and red stripes […]
Sportster Scrambler Street Tracker On The Mark: Harley Sportster 1200S Scrambler - MX-inspired Sportster scrambler from Purpose Built Moto…  Last week, we featured the Sportster 1200 Adventure Scrambler from Australia’s Purpose Built Moto, built for workshop owner Tom Gilroy to ride across Tasmania for the film Wide […]
Harley Sportster 48 Street Tracker Mert Lawwill Street Tracker by Shaw Speed & Custom - Shaw Speed & Custom, who pride themselves on building “Rideable Customs,” is one of our favorite builders–particularly when it comes to customized Harley-Davidson trackers.  We recently ran across this Sportster Forty-Eight tracker, their Mert Lawwill […]
Sportster Street Tracker Makassar Monster: Harley-Davidson XL1200 Sportster - A “Naked Tracker” from Indonesia’s Tiba Tiba Garage…  Since 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has remained one of the world’s most highly customized motorcycles. With the big V-twin engine and less weight than larger H-D machines, […]
Harley XR1200 Enduro La Poderosa: Harley-Davidson XR1200X Enduro - The Powerful One: Animal Motor Company x Amarillo Motorcycles In 2008, Harley-Davidson released the XR1200, the most performance-tuned Sportster the factory had ever produced. Inspired by the legendary XR750 — “the most successful race bike […]
Ironhead Sportster Street Tracker KC900: KullyCo’s Ironhead Street Tracker - AFT fabricator builds a Ti-framed Harley street tracker…  If you’ve got an eye on the two-wheeled world, you’ve certainly noticed the meteoric rise in popularity of American Flat Track (AFT) in recent years. The racing […]
Harley Ironhead Tracker Iron Wolf: Harley Ironhead Flat Tracker “Fenrir” - Gabriel Jungroth’s purpose-built Ironhead flat tracker…  One of the highlights of Milwaukee’s annual Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is Flat Out Friday, an indoor flat track race held on a small concrete track coated in Dr. […]
Harley Sportster Hooligan Tracker Hooligan Tracker Sportster by Jonesbilt - “A bike you could ride to the race, win, and ride home…” From our first interaction with Steve Jones of Jonesbilt, it was clear that the former diesel mechanic and fabricator invests his heart and […]
Harley XR750 Street Tracker Harley-Davidson XR750 “Streetclone” - An XR750 “streetclone” built by a Special Forces combat veteran…  Introduced in 1970, the Harley-Davidson XR750 would become the most successful racing motorcycle in history, winning 29 of 37 AMA Grand National Championships in its […]
Harley Sportster Dirt Bike Harley-Davidson Sportster Dirt Bike - Make Sportsters Great Again. That’s the slogan we’ve been seeing from the likes of Sportster-builders like Rusty Butcher and TrackerDie. You might say Sportsters were always great — well, sure, but who wants to put […]
Harley Sportster Brat Tracker Harley-Davidson Sportster by XTR Pepo - Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo continues to turn out stunning customs at a rate that defies belief, each strikingly unique yet bearing the signature, race-inspired style of the “master constructor.” One thing we haven’t seen […]
Harley XR750 Street Tracker Harley XR750-Style Street Tracker - The Harley-Davidson XR-750 is nothing short of a legend among motorcycles. The bike has more AMA wins that any bike in history, and it’s been called “the most successful race bike of all time.” Besides […]
1340cc Sportster Street Tracker Harley XR1450: 1450cc Sportster Street Tracker -   A 1450cc street weapon inspired by the legendary XR750… The Harley-Davidson XR750 remains one of the most dominant racing machines in the history of motorsports, no matter the number of wheels. The “most successful […]
XL1200 Sportster Street Tracker Harley Street Tracker: XL1200 Sportster by Fastec Racing - For Sale: Fastec Sportster street tracker! By Mark Turner of Blacktop Media. Fastec Racing was established in 2010 and has been designing and manufacturing engineered parts for a variety of race, custom, and street bikes […]
Harley Nightster Tracker Harley Nightster Tracker by SSC - That madman across the water, Steve Willis at Shaw Speed & Custom, has created another award-winning Sportster custom. The XLST3, a Sportster Tracker, won 1st place at the London International Bike Show AMD Championship. SSC […]
Harley Enduro: XL1200 Sportster “Adventure Sport” - Jake Vintage builds a 70s enduro-style Sportster for city and trail…  In 2020, we featured one of our favorite bikes of all time, a 1936 Norton V-Twin Special powered by a monstrous 1320cc J.A.P. V-twin […]
Sportster Street Tracker Flat Track Tribute: Harley-Davidson 1200 Street Tracker - A two-wheeled tribute to a father and son’s flat track memories… For many of us, the love of motorcycles gets handed down from father to child. That was certainly the case for California’s Bill Brosius […]
Harley Sportster Scrambler Fathers Day Special: BikeBound “Blitzen” Sportster - A Sportster from the father/son founders of BikeBound… From the editor, Taylor Brown:  Today, I’m excited to feature one of our own personal bikes:  my 1989 Harley-Davidson XLH1200 Sportster — “Blitzen” — which my father […]
Harley Sportster Street Tracker Fangster Tracker: Harley Sportster 1200 - A Harley Nightster grows fangs… As the name suggests, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has long remained the lightest, most performance-oriented machine in the Motor Co.’s lineup, a V-twin iron horse that’s served as everything from boulevard […]
Best Bikes for Street Trackers Best Bikes for Street Tracker Builds - The modern motorcycle has many iterations:  bobber, cafe racer, dual sport, cruiser, dirt bike, chopper, etc. But, one of the most fun to ride may well be the street tracker. A street tracker offers the […]
Sportster Beach Cruiser Beach Cruiser: Black Petrol’s 1200 Sportster - The Harley-Davidson Sportster has now been in production for more than 60 years, an air-cooled 45° V-twin machine that’s served as the company’s most performance-oriented offering for most of its run. In 1986, the Evolution […]
Harley Sportster XL1200 Street Tracker A Sporting Sportster: Harley XL1200S Street Tracker - Italy’s Rock Hard Custom builds a street-tracking Sporty…  In 1996, Harley-Davidson introduced a new member to the long-running Sportster lineup, the XL1200S Sport. The Sportster Sport had the same stump-pulling Evo V-twin as the regular […]
Sportster Street Tracker “XR39” Sportster Street Tracker by BelAir Custom - A Japanese-built Sportster inspired by American Flat Track racing… Since its introduction in 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has become and remained one of the motorcycling world’s most popular platforms for customization. Sportsters have been chopped, […]
Harley Sportster Street Tracker “Super Sportster” Tracker by Rule Hard Cycles - Dick Chavez of Rule Hard Cycles built this Sportster street tracker to race at Mama Tried’s 2016 Flat Out Friday, an indoor flat track race that uses soda syrup for traction! There are an array […]
883 Street Tracker “JSH Flat Track” 883 Street Tracker by Garasi 19 - The Harley-Davidson Sportster, introduced in 1957, has been in continuous production for over sixty years — one of the longest-running models in history. Available in 883cc and 1200cc versions, the bike continues to be powered […]
Sportster Street Tracker “Helter Skelter” Street Tracker - A Harley XR750-inspired “XL1220R” Street Tracker from Japan…  Even as Harley-Davidson unveils their completely redesigned Sportster S, featuring a liquid-cooled engine for the first time in the model’s history, the Evolution-powered Sportster is experiencing a […]
Harley Sportster Hooligan “DirtyXL” Sportster by Red Right Hand of Moto - “Street, dirt, ice… She does it all.” The Harley-Davidson Sportster, introduced in 1957, boasts one of the longest unbroken production runs in motorcycling history — more than six decades.  One of the strengths of the […]