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Harley Sportster Scramblers

In production since 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster may not seem like the first choice for a scrambler build, but this air-cooled V-twin cruiser has proven itself to have surprising potential as a heavyweight, multi-cylinder dirt-eater. Biltwell and others have successfully modified and raced Sportsters in the NORRA Mexican 1000, Mint 500, and AMA National Hare and Hound races. Meanwhile, Carducci Dual Sport has built a race-ready Baja 1000 Sportster, and the boys at Rusty Butcher have proven that Sporties can indeed fly, jumping theirs on motocross tracks around California.

Our friends at Burly Brand now offer 1″ Scrambler bars and 15″ Stiletto shocks, TC Bros has a full list of the parts they used for their budget Sportster scrambler build, and Traxxion Dynamics has a fork conversion kit for 5.5″ or 7″ of travel.

Below are some of the Sportster scramblers we’ve featured here on BikeBound.com.

Sportster Scrambler Sportster “Martini” Scrambler by Lord Drake Kustoms - Italian distillery Martini & Rossi, makers of the well-known Martini vermouth, began sponsoring motor racing teams way back in 1958, when Count Metello Rossi di Montelera founded the Martini International Club. During the 1970s, Martini […]
Harley XR1200 Enduro La Poderosa: Harley-Davidson XR1200X Enduro - The Powerful One: Animal Motor Company x Amarillo Motorcycles In 2008, Harley-Davidson released the XR1200, the most performance-tuned Sportster the factory had ever produced. Inspired by the legendary XR750 — “the most successful race bike […]
Sportster Scrambler “Soulbreaker” Sportsters by Lord Drake Kustoms - The Harley-Davidson Sportster has long been one of the world’s most popular bikes for customization. We’re seeing a lot of Sportster scrambler builds these days, but the idea isn’t exactly new. After all, a 1969 […]
The Wheeler’s Life: “Knocky” 883 Sportster -   RULER builds a dual-purpose Sportster… A lot of motorcycles have come and gone since the first Sportster rolled off the factory floor way back in 1957. While riders and journalists have been decrying the […]
883 Sportster Scrambler Shaken, Not Stirred: “Seventy” Sportster by Lord Drake Kustoms - LDK builds a Sportster inspired by Martini Racing… In the history of sports car and rally racing, few liveries are as iconic as those of Martini Racing, featuring dark blue, sky blue, and red stripes […]
Sportster 883 Scrambler Urban Tracker: Sportster 883R by Lord Drake Kustoms - A master Harley builder has fun with an 883R… Lord Drake Kustoms is a custom Harley workshop founded by Francisco “Fran” Manen, a Spanish native who customized his  first two-wheeler at the age of 14, […]
Sportster Beach Cruiser Beach Cruiser: Black Petrol’s 1200 Sportster - The Harley-Davidson Sportster has now been in production for more than 60 years, an air-cooled 45° V-twin machine that’s served as the company’s most performance-oriented offering for most of its run. In 1986, the Evolution […]
Harley XR1200R Scrambler The OVRLANDR: 1200R Sportster by Combustion Industries - The Sportster is one of our favorite, most versatile platforms for customization. In production since 1957, the V-twin cruiser has been transformed into scrambler, tracker, cafe racer, and full-out adventure bike. However, few Sportsters seem […]
XL1200 Sportster Street Tracker Harley Street Tracker: XL1200 Sportster by Fastec Racing - For Sale: Fastec Sportster street tracker! By Mark Turner of Blacktop Media. Fastec Racing was established in 2010 and has been designing and manufacturing engineered parts for a variety of race, custom, and street bikes […]
Harley Sportster Scrambler Fathers Day Special: BikeBound “Blitzen” Sportster - A Sportster from the father/son founders of BikeBound… From the editor, Taylor Brown:  Today, I’m excited to feature one of our own personal bikes:  my 1989 Harley-Davidson XLH1200 Sportster — “Blitzen” — which my father […]
883 Sportster Scrambler “883 Scrambler”: Sportster Dual Sport by K&H Co. - The Harley-Davidson Sportster has been in production since 1957, proving itself as one of the most versatile platforms for chopper, flat track, and cafe racer builds — especially if you like the throaty rumble of […]
Harley Sportster Hooligan “DirtyXL” Sportster by Red Right Hand of Moto - “Street, dirt, ice… She does it all.” The Harley-Davidson Sportster, introduced in 1957, boasts one of the longest unbroken production runs in motorcycling history — more than six decades.  One of the strengths of the […]
Harley Ironhead Motocross Scambler Harley “MX1000” Ironhead by Bull Original - The MX1000 — a 1000cc Harley-Davidson dirt bike! In the 70s, Harley-Davidson wanted to enter the fast-growing motocross market. They worked with their Italian branch, Aermacchi, to build the MX250 — a 233-lb Harley-Davidson motocrosser […]
Sportster Scrambler Sportster Street Scrambler by Rock Solid Motorcycles - For Sale: The XL883 “Harley Hater Special” Street Scrambler… The Sportster is the most versatile of Harley-Davidson’s air-cooled machines. While the bike may be marketed as an entry-level cruiser, when you strip down the machine […]
Harley Sportster Adventure Bike Sportster Adventure Bike: Carducci Dual Sport SC3 Adventure - Then Came Bronson was an adventure/drama television show that starred Michael Parks as disillusioned newspaperman Jim Bronson, who wanders the American West as a modern vagabond/cowboy. The real star of the show was Bronson’s red […]
Harley Sportster Desert Sled Sportster Desert Sleds by El Solitario - Article by Rick Brown of BikeBound.com. Most people would not select Milwaukee iron as their first choice to tackle crossing the Sahara, but David Borras of El Solitario (The Lone Wolf) definitely travels to the […]
Harley Sportster Street Tracker “Super Sportster” Tracker by Rule Hard Cycles - Dick Chavez of Rule Hard Cycles built this Sportster street tracker to race at Mama Tried’s 2016 Flat Out Friday, an indoor flat track race that uses soda syrup for traction! There are an array […]
Harley Sportster Dirt Bike Harley-Davidson Sportster Dirt Bike - Make Sportsters Great Again. That’s the slogan we’ve been seeing from the likes of Sportster-builders like Rusty Butcher and TrackerDie. You might say Sportsters were always great — well, sure, but who wants to put […]
Harley Nightster Tracker Harley Nightster Tracker by SSC - That madman across the water, Steve Willis at Shaw Speed & Custom, has created another award-winning Sportster custom. The XLST3, a Sportster Tracker, won 1st place at the London International Bike Show AMD Championship. SSC […]
Harley Sporster Scrambler Sportster Scrambler by Shaw Speed & Custom - The Pigster aka Dirty Sportster Another hard-charging Sportster build from the Harley craftsmen at Shaw Speed & Custom, the premier builders of Harley in the UK. SS&C is a division of Shaw Harley Davidson, a […]
XL1200 Scrambler Harley XL1200 Scrambler by Shaw Speed & Custom - “1200 Cross”:  A Tribute to Steve McQueen Shaw Speed & Custom is based in Brighton in the South of England. It is part of the Shaw Harley-Davidson dealership, which bills itself as “Not Your Average […]
Sportster-Scrambler-9 Iron 883 Scrambler by 56 Motorcycles - 56 Motorcycles is a custom garage based in Paris and founded in 2012.  Tom Dun and crew specialize in scramblers and vintage trackers, enduros, and dirt bikes.  This Iron 883 Sportster scrambler immediately caught our […]
“The Great Escape,” Sportster Scrambler by Shaw Speed & Custom - Steve McQueen himself would be proud of Harley-based scrambler built by the talented team at Shaw Speed & Custom of the UK. Obviously this is a tribute to the bike McQueen rode in “The Great […]