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Yamaha Virago Cafe Racers

The Yamaha Virago, introduced in 1981, was the company’s first V-twin cruiser. While the XV750 version is the most common, the bikes were offered in a vast range of sizes over the years, including the Virago XV250, XV500, XV535, XV1000, XV1100, and the XV920R. It was Classified Moto of Richmond, Virginia, who popularized the Virago as a custom platform, discovering that the monoshock design of the pre-’84 bikes lends itself readily to building a cafe racer. Below, we have a selection of Virago cafe racers

Yamaha Virago 750 Cafe Racer Mean Green: Yamaha Virago 750 Café Racer - Jerem Motorcycles builds a mean, green XV750…  In the early 1980s, Yamaha introduced the XV750 Virago, their first V-twin “custom”-style cruiser. Though the air-cooled V-twin seemed like a completely novel design, it was actually well-rooted […]
Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer Green V: Yamaha XV1000 TR1 Cafe Racer - Lys Motorcycles builds a sporty V-twin Yamaha…  In 1981, the Yamaha XV1000 TR1 appeared in European showrooms. Though it bore close semblance to the shaft-drive Virago series, the 980cc V-twin TR1 featured a fully enclosed […]
Yamaha Virago 1100 Cafe Racer “Iron Man” Virago 1100 Cafe Racer by LV Custom - The Virago was Yamaha’s first series of V-twin machines, and the XV1100 was the king cruiser of the line, featuring a 62-hp engine and some of the best handling and brakes in all of cruiser […]
Yamaha Virago 920 Cafe Racer Virago 920 “YamaDuci” by Augment Motorworks - A Japanese-Italian love story… The Virago series was Yamaha’s first entrée into world of V-twin cruisers, and one of the first motorcycle mass-produced with a monoshock rear suspension. It was a bold move for Yamaha […]
Virago 750 Cafe Racer WKND Virago: Yamaha XV750 by De Stijl Moto - A JDM-inspired Virago from Portland… Introduced in 1981, the Yamaha XV750 Virago was the company’s first foray into the market for V-twin cruisers, featuring mono-shock rear suspension, shaft-drive, and an air-cooled 75° V-twin producing 55 […]
Yamaha XV920 Cafe Racer Art of the Possible: Virago XV920 “Alpha” by ASE Custom motorcycles - The Yamaha Virago was the company’s first series of V-twin cruisers, featuring 75° air-cooled engines with shaft drive and mono-shock chassis. From 1981-1983, the Virago XV920 was the top of the line, offering a 920cc, […]
Yamaha Virago Cafe Bobber Handbuilt in Texas: Jackson 5AM V2.0 - “We don’t build custom Yamahas, Hondas, etc. We build Jacksons.” The XV750 Virago, launched in 1981, was Yamaha’s first entry into the V-twin cruiser arena. It was a slightly funky machine, with an air-cooled 75° […]
Yamaha Virago 750 Cafe Racer Yamaha Virago 750 “GTS” by 074 Customs - When Yamaha engineers were designing the XV750 — aka the Virago 750 — they surely didn’t realize that this funky V-twin cruiser — Yamaha’s first! — would be resurrected as a cafe racer some forty […]
Yamaha XV750 Virago Cafe Racer Yamaha XV750 Virago Custom by De Stijl Moto - The Yamaha XV750 — aka the Virago 750 — was a V-twin cruiser with an air-cooled, 55-hp engine and shaft drive. Introduced in 1981, the middleweight Virago would remain in production until 1998 — one […]
Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer by Moto Adonis - Daan Borsje and the crew at Moto Adonis keep turning out some of the classiest custom bikes in the world. Recently, they were tasked by a client to build a cafe racer inspired by Coco […]
Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer - Today we’re thrilled to showcase a Yamaha XV750SE cafe racer by one of our favorite builders, Moto Adonis of The Netherlands. Daan and crew consistently turn out some of the most innovative and well-proportioned bikes […]
Virago XV250 Cafe Racer Yamaha Virago 250 Cafe Racer - Some of our favorite builders started as racers, and Matt Fuller of Land O’ Lakes, Florida, is such a one.  A supermoto and flat-track veteran, he brings a purpose-driven focus to this ’97 Yamaha XV250 […]
Yamaha XV920 Custom Yamaha Virago Tracker by Chavazs Machmoedov - Chavazs Machmoedov of The Netherlands is like a lot of us.  He has a full-time job, and building custom bikes is a way to escape the stresses of daily life and give shape to his […]
Virago XV750 by Down and Out Cafe Racers - Down and Out Cafe Racers builds some of the sweetest custom builds to come out of the UK. This Virago is no exception. It sports R1 forks with billet yokes, a MotoLanna seat unit, and […]
Yamaha-TR1-Cafe-Racer-1 1981 Yamaha TR1 by Fast Sally Customs - In 1981, Yamaha introduced the 920cc Virago XV920R, marketed in Europe with slightly larger displacement (980cc) as the TR1 and also the XV1000. It had the mono-shock suspension that has made the Virago series so […]