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Age and experience play major roles in determining a person’s insurance premiums. They play into the ultimate price that you pay for automotive and motorcycle insurance alike. According to statistics compiled over decades, most motorcycle accidents happen within the first three years of a rider obtaining their license.

The majority of insurance companies will offer motorcycle insurance for 18 year olds, though it could be expensive–particularly for males. Let’s look at ways you can get as many discounts as possible, then a quick look at the types of coverage you may want to have on your motorcycle.

Insurance Discounts for Teen Riders

Certain factors affect motorcycle insurance, no matter your age. These include: make and model of bike, driving record, and the state you live in. With those factors in mind, there are ways you can lower your premiums.

Attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course. Graduating from a two day MSF course will enhance your riding skills, allows you to skip the ”skills” portion of the license process, and lower your premiums. You can visit the MSF website (www.msf-usa.org) to find a course near you.

Good Student Discount. If you are still in high school or are in college, most insurers offer a discount for maintaining a high GPA. For most insurers that GPA is in excess of a 3.0, but you will have to ask the insurer you choose.

Maintain a clean driving record. This is just a logical way to keep your premiums down. Citations for DUI, reckless operation, and speeding are guaranteed to raise your premiums for years.

Coverage to Consider for 18-Year-Old Riders

Most states on require minimum coverages for your bike. Usually, that is a liability policy only and will not cover your bike. So, how are you going to repair your bike? That is why all riders should have enough coverage to make all repairs under any circumstances. Those coverages should include:

Collision coverage: this protects your bike in an accident under nearly every circumstance. It may or may not include uninsured/under-insured coverage. If it doesn’t, take care to add it.

Uninsured/Under-insured motorist coverage: on average, fifteen percent of the motorists in the U.S. do not have insurance coverage. Who wants to pay for damages caused by another motorist? The under-insured aspect of the policy protects you in case the other motorist is from a state with lower minimum requirements or the injuries exceed the policy caps of an at fault motorist.

Comprehensive coverage: this protection covers damage from fire, wind, water, theft, and vandalism.

If you ride a custom bike, you should consider additional coverage. The two main policy types for custom motorcycles are:

  • Accessories coverage: this coverage protects items such as: saddlebags, backrests, seats, and chrome pieces, but not helmets. Some insurers require that you have comprehensive or collision coverage in force in order to have an accessories policy.
  • Custom parts coverage: this will cover items that are unique like handmade tanks and pipes.

Sometimes these two types of coverage are combined as “CPE,” or Custom Parts and Equipment coverage.

Checking Rates

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Coverage for 18 Year Olds

Compare Rates from Top Insurers - Instantly!

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