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XS650 Street Tracker

XS650 Street Tracker by Michel van Rossen

Today, we’re thrilled to feature a bike we’ve loved for years:  Michel van Rossen’s XS650 tracker.  The Netherlands has become a hotbed of custom motorcycle culture, and Michel van Rossen, a native of Amsterdam, is […]

Honda XL125 Scrambler

Honda XL125 Scrambler by Kemeh Fabrications

Today, we’re proud to present #KEMEH003, the third build from Kemeh Fabrications of Ipoh Perak, Malaysia.  Founder Irwann Cheng builds both custom bicycles and motorcycles, mostly trackers and scramblers. This bike, otherwise known as “Kun […]

NX650 Tracker by Is Not a Crime

Honda NX650 Tracker by BIM Motos

Honda’s NX650 dual-sport, the “Dominator,” has become a popular platform for tracker and scrambler builds in recent years.  The 44-horse single packs respectable grunt, and the bike has surprisingly good lines once the fairings are […]

BMW R65 Scrambler

BMW R65 Scrambler by Meat and Grease

We’re big fans of vintage BMW customs, and this R65 scrambler, “MAG01”–the first official build from Meat and Grease of Antwerp, Belgium–immediately jumped out of the crowd. Founder Paul Meys says he started Meat and […]

Bratstyle CB750

Honda CB750 Bratstyle by Mark Alderfer

We love featuring bikes from big, well-known shops, but there’s something truly special about customs crafted by individual builders in their personal garages or sheds.  This the essence of the #builtnotbought mentality, and if you […]

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer

Honda CX500 Cafe Racer by Ironwood Motorcycles

Ironwood Custom Motorcycles of Amsterdam is quickly becoming one of our favorite custom builders. Earlier this month, we featured their incredible Yamaha XS650 scrambler. Today we have another work of two-wheeled art, a 1978 Honda […]

BMW R51 Scrambler by Cafe Racer SSpirit

Here we have “CRSS5,” a BMW R51 scrambler built by the talent crew of Cafe Racer SSpirit, located in San Sebastián, Spain. Following WWII, BMW was prohibited from making motorcycles by the Allies. In 1950, […]