The Screaming Pigeon by Dicer Bikes


Some of our older readers may remember the Whizzer conversion kit. The Whizzer was a bolt-on kit that allowed anyone to put a 138cc side-valve four-stroke engine and belt drive on their stock bicycle. Adventurous people flocked to them from 1939 to 1965. They were especially popular just after WWII when cars, parts, and fuel were still in short supply.

Whizzer Conversion Kit

Fast forward to modern day and you have the Screaming Pigeon being introduced to the world by Dicer Bikes. The Screaming Pigeon is built on the frame of the most widely sold bicycle in the world: the Flying Pigeon. If you have been to the Far East, you have seen a Flying Pigeon…approximately 500 million of them have been sold, so there is a good chance that you have seen one in a movie or in person. What makes the Screaming Pigeon stand out? A top speed of 44 mph (70 kph) for one.

Who would think of a bicycle like this? Naturally, it would be an Australian. Brad Wilson to be specific. Wilson is an advertising guru, dominating the Southeast Asia market. He has been recognized at the Cannes Festival and directed several multinational ad campaigns. He is also a thinker who likes to bring creative solutions to new fields; an interest that has led him to build the Screaming Pigeon. According to Wilson, the Screaming Pigeon is…

“A little bit of East meets West. The bikes start life as a 1950s Flying Pigeon roadster, the kind you see old gents ride around on in Chinatown in Singapore.”

To create a Screaming Pigeon, the original Flying Pigeons are stripped down. The only original thing retained is the frame. The wheels are respoked then the handlebars are flipped upside-down and welded into place. Next comes the engine. It is a small, generic 50cc single cylinder job that produces a meager 2 hp. Yes, you read that right, 2 hp. You have to keep in mind that this engine only has to propel you and a bicycle, so it only needs two ponies to hit 44 mph. A little more if you are a small person, a little less if you are in dire need of exercise to remove that tire from around your waist. Don’t be offended, I am rubbing mine while I think of the next paragraph!


Brad incorporated a motorcycle throttle and the grips from a jackhammer. The traditional brakes from a bicycle would never stop you, so the Screaming Pigeon has an efficient disc brake up front. The narrow fuel tank sits around the second frame member. The Brooks seat rests over the rear tire in a nod to boardtrack racers.

Just as the Whizzer held the world’s imagination for decades, the Screaming Pigeon may become the next go to bicycle for adventurous children and adults worldwide.

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