Honda Tornado Street Tracker by Low Budget Customs

Honda Tornado Street Tracker

Argentina has been turning out some killer customs of late, especially trackers. Recently we discovered Low Budget Customs, aka LBC Motorcycles, of Buenos Aires, and we were blown away by the array of builds in their portfolio. Seb and his partner, JC, have built more than 130 since starting their shop. For our feature, we settled on “Class of ’76,” a retro-styled tracker build based on a 2013 Honda Tornado.

Honda Tornado Street Tracker

The Tornado is the Latin American version of the Honda XR250L, with a DOHC four-valve engine producing 23 horsepower.  A very popular bike in Argentina, the Tornado is quickly becoming a favorite among custom builders. This particular build leapt out at us with the long bench seat, padded tank, and tracker-style number plate.

Honda Tornado/XR250 Tracker Build Story

The man who commissioned the build owned a number of motocross and enduro bikes during the 1980s. He wanted a build would call to mind that vintage motocross nostalgia. Seb and the team at LBC started with some preliminary sketches, then kicked off the build.


The team modified the sub-chassis, installing a flat bench seat, and moved all of the electronics into a box beneath the seat.  They installed a flat track-inspired number plate, complete with headlight, and Renthal bars with Biltwell grips. According to Seb, the hardest part was making the stock tank fit with the vintage-inspired look.


We think they did a wonderful job, with tank’s pinstriping perfectly matching the angle of the seat.  The tank pad is a fine additional touch, and the large tank size is reminiscent of a Paris-Dakar adventure bike.

About Low Budget Customs

According to Seb:

About LBC, it started as a hobby in 2013 building the first bike for a friend who liked how we used to customize our bikes with very little money at that time, but with big results. That’s how we opened the first custom bike shop, really tiny, and from that moment to present, we (me and my buddy/partner JC) have built around 130 bikes of all kinds. We have a huge garage right now that used to be a car repair shop until the mechanic that had been working there since the 70s retired. We have customize it, too, and it’s packed with bikes waiting to came to life!

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