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BMW K100 Cafe Racer
BMW K100 “Apollo” by Ruby Cafe

In 1982, BMW introduced their first liquid-cooled four-cylinder motorcycle engine in the K100 — a quantum leap forward from the air-cooled flat-twin “airheads” for which they were known. Uniquely, the new engine was mounted on its side in the motorcycle’s frame, so that the crankshaft was on the right side of the bike and the cylinder head on the left, which quickly led to the new motorcycle’s nickname: “Flying Brick.”

“The chefs in Bavaria gathered in the kitchen and whipped up a real treat—a liquid-cooled four, laid on its side and clothed in swoopy bodywork—that still tastes good today, and borders on becoming a modern classic as well.” —MCN

The 987cc engine, rated at 90 horsepower, boasted a “Compact Drive System” shaft-drive and Bosch Jetronic fuel injection similar to the systems used in the company’s automobiles. The “Flying Brick” could reach at top speed of 137 mph and managed to give BMW slightly more performance-oriented image. In fact, an all-but-showroom-stock K100RS came in 8th in the 1984 Production TT.

“The K100 claimed 90bhp (less than the air-cooled Japanese superbikes of the day or the GPz900R/GSX-R750 a year later) at relatively low revs, was easy to use, with accessible power and a real world top speed in a low state of tune that would keep it reliable for hundreds of thousands of miles.” —Bennetts

Interestingly, due to the unique engine configuration, the K100 — along with its three-cylinder sibling, the K75 — is known to smoke at startup if left on the side-stand for too long, as oil seeps past the rings. Many owners park their bikes on the center stand to avoid this, or else tilt the bike to the right for 10-15 seconds after shutting it down, then placing it on the side stand.

While the K100 was a modest sales success, surely no one at BMW Motorrad guessed the K100 would come surging back into popularity more than three decades after its introduction. But in recent years, the bike has become a favorite donor for cafe racer builders all over the world. The unique engine layout and angular lines make a fitting canvas for a cafe build, and the Brick’s 90-hp inline four has plenty of power to back up the performance aesthetic.

Below are some of our favorite K100 cafe racers we’ve featured here on

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