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In 1994, Suzuki launched the original TU250 as a lightweight street bike that echoed the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) style of the 1960s. In 2009, we finally received this spunky 250 single in the USA — an entry level machine with surprising sophistication, such as EFI, a 32-bit ECU, and a proprietary “PAIR” air injection system designed to reduce carbon emissions. Says Suzuki of the machine:

“The [TU250x] is styled to create a feel that’s both familiar and nostalgic. Its performance and equipment make it optimally suited for casual, daily rides.”

The bike is an affordable, stylish alternative to many lightweight 250-class machines on the market. That said, insurance rates always have to be taken into account when considering the affordability of any motorbike. That’s because they range considerably from bike to bike, and it’s depressingly common to encounter prohibitively high rates — especially for young or first-time riders.

For this reason, it’s important to compare rates and policies from several different insurers before you buy — or if you’re in the market for lower rates. Fortunately, we can help.

Suzuki TU250 Insurance Rates

Suzuki TU250x Insurance

It’s difficult to estimate what your rates will or should be, given that they vary considerably based on location, rider experience, age, marital status, credit score, and the age/condition of the bike. However, to give you can idea what to expect, we gathered sample rates from a range of real TU250 owners.

  • Male, Minnesota, Full Coverage, State Farm: $65 / year
  • Male, Oklahoma, Full Coverage, Progressive: $91 / year
  • Male, Minnesota, Full Coverage, American Family: $115 / year
  • Male, Louisiana, Liability-only, Geico: $146 / year
  • Male, Arizona, Full Coverage, Safeco: $203
  • Male, New Jersey, Comprehensive, Riders Insurance: $260 / year

What’s truly interesting is the wide range reported by these riders when comparing rates at different companies. For instance, when the Louisiana rider wanted to add comprehensive and collision coverage to his existing Geico policy, it would have been nearly $500 / year, but then he shopped around:

“This spurred me to do some shopping around and I found Allstate full coverage would be $120/yr for 15000/30000 bodily, Comp & Collision with $250 deductible.”

As you can see, it pays mightily to comparison shop!

Model History: Suzuki TU250

Suzuki TU250x Insurance

As stated above, the TU250 first launched in 1997, but it wouldn’t be available in the States until 2009 — and then went on an importation hiatus in 2010 and 2014, as enough bikes had been imported to meet demand. Though these bikes are fairly rare to see on the street, they have been very well received by owners and reviewers alike. Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) lauded the TU250:

“A rev-happy thumper motor, lithe handling and surprisingly competent suspension.”

And Motorcycle.com was similarly positive:

“[Suzuki] has returned to the simple formula of the UJM, and with it brought back the pleasures of riding a friendly, straightforward motorcycle.”

The street may be the lightweight simplicity of the motorcycle for the average rider, underlaid by important technology that keeps the bike easy to start, ride, handle, and maintain. The EFI and cold-start system ensure the bike fires to life every time, in any weather and temperature, and the bike has an oil sump window, enabling the owner to do visual oil checks. It also runs 87 octane, making the 67 mph machine that much more economical.

What’s more, the bike’s aesthetics hark back to the glory days of motorcycling, eschewing the plastic cladding and origami-like lines of contemporary street nakeds and sport bikes. No, this isn’t just a bike for teen riders. The TU250x is a return to the simpler days of the motorcycle…but with just enough modern technology to keep the headaches of a vintage bike at bay.

Comparing Rates

We strongly encourage any TU250 rider — or motorcycle owner, for that matter — to compare rates and policies from a variety of companies, thereby ensuring that you get the best coverage for your money. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a painstaking progress. We can help you compare policies and quotes from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Simply enter your zip code to begin.

Suzuki TU250 Coverage

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