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Has your motorcycle become too expensive to insure? Excessive premiums have long been the bane of riders in San Leandro and across the country, as if insurers wanted to keep us off the road. We’ve decided to help. We’ve joined forces with a large selection of major motorcycle insurance providers. Enter your zip code to see which companies insure bikes in your part of California, then compare premiums and coverage.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance: San Leandro

California dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability coverage agrees to indemnify the insured for sums he could be required by law to pay to third parties as damages for bodily injury or damage to property. Your liability insurance must satisfy or exceed specific minimum limits established by the state of California.

  • $15,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury of a Single Individual in an Accident
  • $30,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury to All Individuals in an Accident
  • $5,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

Yes, less coverage will equate to cheaper motorcycle insurance. But less coverage equates to higher risks that your insurance payout will not cover your total health care fees if you injure or get injured by another motorist. Keep in mind that the cost of medical care and personal property often inflatesmore quickly than state liability limits get changed.

Minimizing Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Are you hoping to minimize your premiums? You have a number of options.

The kind of bike you ride is a significant factor. Traditionally, the most costly motorcycles to insure are sport bikes, especially those in excess of 1000 cc. Even if you are a veteran motorcyclist, you may want to look at signing up for a rider safety course through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. These commonly are good for a significant discount on your insurance rate–up to 20%. If you don’t ride a lot during the winter, look at a lay up policy, where coverage is marked down for specific months of the year.

Last of all, keeping your record free from citations is extremely important.

San Leandro Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Worried how much insurance coverage is going to run you? That will be determined by a number of important factors. For instance:

  • Type of Bike.
  • Age and Driving History.
  • Coverage Options.
  • Coverage Limits.

Luckily, we work with most of the top motorcycle insurance companies, who can provide price quotes online. When you enter in your zip code, you’ll see a list of trusted motorcycle insurance companies in San Leandro.

San Leandro Custom Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a chopper, bobber, cafe racer, or other custom, you should consider coverage to help protect your investment. Without such coverage, the replacement of aftermarket or custom parts will not be covered in case of an accident. Rather, you’ll only be compensated for the value of the bike in factory trim. You can continue reading about custom bike coverage in this section.

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