Ducati Monster Custom by XTR Pepo

Ducati Monster Custom

Nobody builds bikes quite like the “master constructor,” Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo. His bikes tend to take their inspiration from the realm of motorsport, with paint schemes and high-performance engines, suspension, and brakes that recall the endurance racers of yore.


So it is with this 2003 Ducati Monster 1000, aka “Pata Negra” (Black Paw or Black Leg). Pepo gave us the story behind the name Pata Negra:

Pata Negra is a Spanish expression that means that something is original and the best.

This expression comes because, as you know, Spain is the producer of the Serrano Jam — a special jam made with special pork. The best of the Serrano Jam and the most expensive and exclusive comes from a special kind of pig that is black and lives in a specific Spanish region. This jam is called Pata Negra.

From this, in Spain all that is really exclusive, unique, and really exceptional is said that is Pata Negra. In the motorbike race world, we said that is a Pata Negra bike when we are speaking about the factory bikes.

When Ducati comes to ride and win several editions of the 24 hours of Montjuic with the TT or F1 , this factory bikes were PATA NEGRA. This bike is a tribute to the first Ducati TT1 that has the bodywork of the TT2 and was blue and red coloured. After they made the Tricolore with the F1 bodywork.

Custom Ducati Monster 1000:  Technical Specs



Donor Bike: Ducati Monster 1000 IE’03

  • Modified frame with a new rear subframe.
  • XTR ergal triple clamps cnc machined.
  • XTR cnc machined ergal clip ons.
  • S4RS regulable front fork.
  • Domino Quick open gas throttle.
  • Discacciati radial PR19 brake pump.
  • Discacciati radial PR16 clutch pump.
  • Discacciati floating brake rotors.
  • Frentubo brake lines.
  • XTR front mudguard.
  • XTR front fairing TT2 type.
  • XTR front bracket.
  • Aviacompositi dashboard EVO.
  • XTR led blinkers.
  • Ducati 749 modified fuel tankwith an endurance quick filling gas cap.
  • XTR solo seat.
  • LIPO battery.
  • Modified OEM swingarm.
  • XTR rear mudguard.
  • SP ergal CNC machined footrest.
  • XTR inox licence plate support.
  • Mointesa rear light.
  • XTR endurance front lights.
  • Ducati Performance steering damper.
  • Ohlins rear schock.
  • Engine ported heads.
  • Compressed pistons.
  • Ergal light flywheel.
  • KN airfilters.
  • Tamburini race oil cooler.
  • Mycrotech programmable ECU.
  • SUPERMARIO 2 in 1 exhaust System with XTR megaphone.
  • Antihooping clutch.
  • Speedy moto ergal cnc machined pooley covers.
  • ARTENRUTA painting

Pictures : CESAR GODOY’


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