Yamaha SR250 Scrambler by Mokka Cycles

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

A Yamaha SR250 built for city scrambling…

The Yamaha SR250 is a legendary model, an 21-hp air-cooled single whose heart and performance has always outshone mere datasheets and specifications. The bike shared much with the XT250 dirt bike, making this little SR a perfect scrambler candidate.

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

Enter Arpad Bozi (Arpi) of Budapest’s Mokka Cycles. Hungarian Builders have been turning out some incredible builds of late, such as Neuga Budapest’s Honda Dominator scrambler, and the builds from Mokka Cycles are simply next-level. Arpi has a penchant for builds that seamlessly blend form and function, with such detailed execution that each bike looks like the factory build thousands of them.

Ghost Army

The badge on the gas tank was a client request:  the insignia of the Ghost Army, the WWII Allied Army tactical deception unit that used inflatable tanks, sound trucks, falsified radio transmissions, and more to stage battlefield deceptions. The bike originally had a different tank, seen here:

sr250 brat tracker

Below, we get the full story on the beautiful SR250 scrambler.

Yamaha SR250 Tracker / Scrambler:  Builder Interview

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

Please tell us about your workshop?

Mokka Cycles was founded just about five years ago by Arpad Bozi (Arpi). The main goal is always to build a quality product — functional yet stylish — a bike specially designed for city riding. Function and Form. During the years the whole hobby kind of thing became a professional garage with lots of our own designed bike parts.

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

What is the make, model, and year of the build?

The build is based on a Yamaha SR250 1994.

Why was this bike built?

Customer Project

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

The concept is quite simple. Minimalisitic look while keeping all the functions for road legality.

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

What custom work was done to the bike?
  • Elegant custom-made subframe which is added to the main frame just as if it was an original factory product. I mean the build quality and continuity of lines, welds.
  • Subtle wiring and cable routing.
  • Mokka designed handlebar switches.
  • Mokka designed LED indicators.
  • The engine totally rebuilt and high temp powder coated as all the other parts of the bike. Technically its all new.

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

How would you classify this bike?

Type: Scrambler

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

I’m proud of the subtle details on the framework (rear indicator brackets welded on to continue the original frame lines. etc).

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker

The battery and fuse located under the seat which can be removed without any tools just under 10 sec, by removing the huge wing nut which came from a vintage bicycle by the way.

Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker


Photos by: Peter Mosoni Photography

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  2. That wingnut detail is tidy, dig it when there is a little something where most don’t bother.

  3. I didn’t realize Yamaha was still making SR250’s is ’94. Did that model have disc brakes stock? I noticed the front was a disc, I’m looking at purchaseing an ’81 SR250 but it has drum brakes and I want to have stopping power.

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