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BMW Cafe Racers

BMW Motorrad has been producing motorcycles since the 1920s, and tuners have been customizing them ever since. Whether you’re interested in cafe racers based on the BMW airhead engines, flying bricks like the K-series, oilheads like the R nineT, or anything in between, we have you covered.

BMW R100 Springer Cafe Racer “Survivor” Springer: BMW R100 Café Racer - Lord Drake Kustoms builds a BMW R springer...  The BMW R100 has become one of the world's most popular donors for custom transformations, appearing in a wide variety of modes and styles:  café racer, scrambler,… ...read more
BMW R nineT Cafe Racer Aerospace Grade: BMW R NineT “7075 Koffee” - Le Motographe creates an arsenal of aerospace-grade parts... The BMW R nineT is an 1170cc air/oiled-cooled "oilhead" roadster with retro styling, developed as a "blank canvas for customizing." Few of today's bikes lend themselves to… ...read more
BMW R nineT Cafe Racer Black Sword: BMW R nineT Cafe Racer - Straight from showroom to custom with Gas & Oil Bespoke Motorcycles... The BMW R nineT takes inspiration from the 1923 BMW R32, whose 8.5 hp boxer engine was burbling around European roads 90 years before… ...read more
BMW R45 Cafe Racer Rust-a-Maan: BMW R45 Cafe Racer - The BMW R45 was the smallest of the BMW airheads, sporting a 473cc / 35-hp version of the iconic boxer engine good for a top speed of 95 mph. Although it looked like a scaled-down… ...read more
BMW K1 Cafe Racer Bahnstormer: BMW “K1 Racer” by Lord Drake Kustoms -    "No, it's not a BMW K100…it's a BMW K1 by Lord Drake Kustoms." Developed from the beloved K100, the BMW K1 is one of the most iconic two-wheeled machines the company has ever produced… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer F1-Inspired Brick: BMW K100 Cafe Racer - The Flying Brick that inspired The Cafe Racer Bible... While the BMW K100 has become a darling of the customs scene in recent years, there's one builder who's been a fan of the "Flying Brick"… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer Automatic Brick: BMW K100 CVT Cafe Racer - Retro Rides by Lourenço builds a CVT cafe racer for a disabled rider... The BMW K100 "Flying Brick" has become an unexpected darling of the customs scene, a four-cylinder, fuel-injected, shaft-drive machine with the 987cc… ...read more
BMW G310R Cafe Racer Re-Imagined: BMW G310R Cafe Racer by Michael Horn - A motorsport composite tech builds a carbon-fiber cafe racer... Unveiled in 2015, the BMW G310R represented the company's foray into the sub-500cc streetbike market. The entry-level roadster is powered by a 313cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine… ...read more
BMW R100S Cafe Racer Super Sleek: BMW R100S “ØD2” by Ønix Design - A Spanish industrial designer builds an incredibly sleek airhead... The BMW R100 was the largest, most powerful incarnation of the legendary airhead series, featuring a 980cc flat-twin boxer engine that produced 60-70 horsepower. Not only… ...read more
BMW K1100LT Cafe Racer Twisted Fate: Ex-Police BMW K1100LT Cafe Racer - Australia's Twisted Fate Builds unveils a stunning, blacked-out Flying Brick... When it appeared in 1991, the BMW K1100LT had the largest engine ever fitted into a BMW motorcycle, a 1092cc inline four that produced nearly… ...read more
BMW R80 Custom Woodmachine: BMW R80 by Moto Rebuild - The BMW R80, built from 1978-1994, featured an ~800cc version of the venerable "airhead" flat-twin boxer engine, offering 51 horsepower to the rear wheel through a low-maintenance shaft drive. The bike cost nearly 50% more… ...read more
BMW F650 Funduro Custom Frateschi Funduro: BMW F650 Custom - The BMW F650 Funduro debuted in 1994 as the company's lightweight, single-cylinder adventure bike -- a baby GS packing a 50-hp four-valve Rotax engine, top-notch build quality, and ultra-low running costs. But Visordown.com claims there's… ...read more
BMW R100 Cafe Bobber High-Spec: BMW R100-HS by Magnum Opus - The BMW R100 was the last and most powerful of the beloved airheads, boasting a 980cc air-cooled boxer engine that made 70 horsepower at 7000 rpm. When BMW Motorrad tried to cease production in the… ...read more
BMW R75/7 Cafe Racer Silver Specials: Garage-Built BMW R75/7 Cafe Racers - Son and stepfather duo build a pair of silver specials... The BMW R75/7, available from 1976-79, was the 750 variant of the classic airhead design, offering a great compromise of power and economy. In 1977,… ...read more
BMW R100RT Cafe Racer Blue Racer: BMW R100 by Seb’s Atelier - The BMW R100 was the last of the airheads, with nearly 1000cc of flat-twin punch on tap and all the history of the legendary boxer engine concentrated into a single machine.  When Sebastien Ledis of… ...read more
BMW R100 Supermoto Flatbanger: BMW R100R Supermoto by Rind Performance - Flatbanger: A Supermoto-inspired Airhead from Germany... The BMW R100 was the last of the legendary BMW airheads, featuring a 980cc flat-twin boxer engine and BMW Paralever rear suspension coupled with a single-sided swingarm. The engine… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer BMW K100 “Apollo” by Ruby Cafe - The K100 was developed during a time when BMW felt the need to create a modern, liquid-cooled machine that could compete with the inline fours coming out of Japan. The design concept was unique in… ...read more
BMW R100 Cafe Bobber BMW R100 Cafe / Bobber by Magnum Opus - In 1976, BMW introduced the /7 series, including the 980cc, 70-hp R100. The bikes would remain in production for two decades...excluding a brief pause in 1985 when the company tried to cease production in favor… ...read more
BMW K75 Sprint Racer Speed Brick: BMW K75 by DVGAS Garage - A Bavarian Triple Sprint Racer... The BMW K75 was the three-cylinder version of the company's "Flying Brick," built from 1985-1995. The bike's straight-three was actually smoother than the engine of its big brother, the four-cylinder… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer Alloy Racer: BMW K100 Custom by Basan Metalworks - For Sale: BMW K100 cafe racer from Basan Metalworks! The BMW K100 "Flying Brick," built from 1982-1992, has become an unexpected darling of contemporary custom culture. This '80s cruise missile challenges builders to design around… ...read more
BMW R100 CUSTOM Golden Ratios: BMW R100 by La Motocicletta - A BMW Airhead built according to the golden ratio... For many custom builders, one of the challenges is balancing their own style, vision, and design direction with the wishes and ambitions of the customer. After… ...read more
BMW R50 Cafe Racer “BMW 60+” Café Racer: Same Owner for 59 Years! - BMW R50/69S Café Racer: same owner since 1960! A few weeks ago, we received a message from Jeff Thommen of Switzerland about this father's 1960 BMW R50/69: "I'd like to submit my father's bike, which… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer Blue Moon: BMW K100 Café Racer by RW Motorcycles - The BMW K100 seems to be experiencing a renaissance in the custom world. The 90-horsepower, fuel-injected engine offers good punch, and the "Flying Brick" is known to be rock-solid during high-speed cruising. Still, it's safe… ...read more
BMW R75/5 Cafe Racer Descending Dragon: BMW R75/5 “HaLong” - Introduced in 1970, the R75/5 was the largest BMW motorcycle of the time, offering a 750cc, 50-horsepower boxer engine capable of pushing the machine to 110 mph. The entire "Slash 5" or "/5" series, which… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer “Hurricane”: BMW Flying Brick Café Racer - The BMW K100 "Flying Brick" represented a significant design leap for BMW Motorrad, who'd long been known for their flat-twin "airhead" engine design. The K100, in contrast, was a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled inline four laid flat… ...read more
BMW K100 Brat Cafe Racer BMW K100 “Shahin” by Mehdi Barakchian - An '87 Flying Brick dragged "kicking and screaming" into 2019... The BMW K100, introduced in 1982, benefited from the company's many years of experience building liquid-cooled, overhead cam, inline automobile engines. The fuel-injected, 95-hp engine was… ...read more
BMW R1200RT Cafe Racer BMW R1200RT Cafe Racer by Si Mantas - "I think the garage is in my blood..." ? These are the words of Lithuania's Mantas Simanauskas, aka Si Mantas, who builds bikes in his evenings and free time. When he first started, he didn't… ...read more
BMW K100 Custom BMW K1100 Special by TOMA Customs - A K-Series cruise missile for a Belgian racing driver... At one time, the K1100 was "the bike" for BMW, a high-speed tourer with an 1093cc, 100-hp version of the "Flying Brick" engine -- so-named for… ...read more
Custom BMW R1100R Roadster BMW R1100R Roadster by Alea Motorcycles - Bavarian Bruiser from the Boot Heel of Italy! "Not Ordinary Bikes." That's the motto of southeast Italy's Alea Motorcycles, based in the town of Presicce -- located right at the heel of the boot of… ...read more
BMW R65 Tracker BMW R65 Urban Tracker by Duc Tran - Motorcycles have a special way of healing us and preserving our sanity in a world that can be incredibly chaotic and painful. So it was for Duc Tran, a young father in Austin, Texas, who's… ...read more
BMW K100 Custom BMW K100 Custom by De Angelis Elaborazioni - The BMW K100 may seem an unlikely candidate for customization, but builders have discovered the beauty in the "Flying Brick." The heavy block of engine, laid flat in the frame, keeps the center of gravity… ...read more
BMW R65 3 Cafe Racer BMW R65/3 Cafe Racer by Toro Moto - Before opening Tuscany's Toro Moto, founder Riccardo Micheli worked as an official BMW Motorrad technician for 15 years and crewed in various racing championships, most notably the old 2-stroke 250cc MotoGP class. Finally he struck… ...read more
BMW G310R Cafe Racer BMW G310R Cafe Racer by DKdesign - The BMW G310R is BMW Motorrad's first sub-500cc motorcycle, a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled "roadster" that's lightweight, agile, and even affordable...less than $5000. The bike offers 33.6 hp, ~60 mpg, and a top speed of over 90… ...read more
BMW R1100R Custom BMW R1100R Restomod by Thomas Hoellweger - "The bike virus only sleeps but never dies." Such were the words of Thomas Hoellweger, an Austrian native who began customizing two-wheelers when he put cardboard fairings on his kid's bicycle. More than a decade… ...read more
BMW K100 Custom Bobber BMW K100 Bobber: “Mira” - Trevor Ryan Ditson of Prescott, Arizona, spent his young years in the garage, helping his father build choppers and his grandfather who was into drag racing.  After two decades as a chef, he decided to… ...read more
BMW R80RT Cafe Racer BMW R80RT Cafe Racer by Liberty Motorcycles - "The more you look, the more you see." Chris Edwards of Liberty Motorcycles left school at the age of 15 to become a motorcycle mechanic. Since then, he's worked a wide variety of bikes, even… ...read more
BMW R65 Cafe Racer BMW R65 Cafe Racer: “John Player Special” - A single-seat, JPS-inspired tribute to Mario Andretti's days at Team Lotus... In 1976, Mario Andretti joined Team Lotus, driving the John Player Special (JPS) F1 cars into championship winning form. The signature gold-and-black livery of… ...read more
BMW R100RS Cafe Racer BMW Silver Bullet MK2 by XTR Pepo x Revival of the Machine - Updated:  The Silver Bullet becomes more racer, more XTR...more Pepo! Last year, we saw the launch of the 1978 BMW R100RS "Silver Bullet," the first-ever motorcycle designed by Revival of the Machine -- one of… ...read more
Custom BMW R65 Cafe Racer “BSW B40” Cafe Racer by Nexxtoy - Unconventional wedding with a British girl... Thierry Coulon ("Terry") of Bourdeaux's Nexxtoy is a graphic designer and handyman who has been pursuing his motorbike passion for more than forty years -- a passion that came… ...read more
BMW R100R Scrambler BMW R100R Scrambler by Cafe Racer SSpirit - Cafe Racer SSpirit of Spain has become one of our favorite builders in recent years. Their build process is highly collaborative with their customers. They like to say they take a journey with their clients,… ...read more
BMW R nineT Cafe Racer Kit BMW R nineT Enhanced Racer by Dab Design - Simon Dabadie of Dab Design is quickly establishing himself as an innovator and iconoclast in the world of custom motorcycles. With a background in the emerging industries of 3D Printing and 3D software publishing, he’s… ...read more
BMW K1100RS Cafe Racer BMW K1100 Cafe Racer by 8Tech Racing - Colin and Merlin of Germany's 8Tech Racing both have mechanical engineering backgrounds. When they aren't studying, they are racing their racebikes around various circuits in Europe. Given their backgrounds in racing and engineering, they have… ...read more
BMW R nineT Cafe Racer BMW R nineT Cafe Racer by Mick Ackermann Designs (MAD) - Mick Ackermann grew up in Europe, where he could always be found in nearby mechanics' shops, handing them tools and learning everything he could. He spent years working on street mods and drift cars, then… ...read more
BMW R80 Cafe Tracker BMW R80 Cafe Tracker by Moto Adonis - The Netherlands has become one of the great hotbeds of custom motorcycle culture, with a staggering array of talented, hard-working builders like Daan and the crew at Moto Adonis. Although the workshop has turned their… ...read more
BMW R nineT Streetfighter BMW R nineT Cafe Fighter by Magnum Opus - Ezio Covelli of Magnum Opus Custom Bikes -- based on the North Carolina coast -- continues to impress with custom bikes that defy convention, incorporating design influences from cafe racers, streetfighters, and more. Now he… ...read more
BMW K100 Tracker BMW K100 Tracker by Overbold Motor Co. - Barcelona has become a hotbed for custom bikes, largely thanks to builders like Overbold Motor Co., whose CB750 Nighthawk cafe racer we previously featured. Now the crew is back with another stunner:  this time a… ...read more
BMW-R45-Brat-Style-3 BMW R45 Brat by Unik Edition Custom Cycles - The BMW R45 was introduced in the late 70s, largely aimed at learners and beginners. It looked much like a scaled-down version of BMW Motorrad's larger bikes, with a 473cc, 35-horsepower boxer motor and 95… ...read more
BMW K100 Cafe Racer BMW K100 Cafe Racer by Weston Customs - Who would have guessed that the BMW's first four-cylinder motorcycle, the K100 "Flying Brick," would be reborn in the hands of custom builders 35 years after its introduction?  We were lucky enough to spy this… ...read more
K1100 Cafe Racer BMW K1100 Cafe Racer by De Angelis Elaborazioni - Today we are thrilled to present this incredible BMW K1100LT cafe racer built by Giorgio De Angelis, a computer programmer living in Rome. He says he builds bikes "for pure hobby" -- which warms our… ...read more
BMW R100R Cafe Racer BMW R100R Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo - Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo has turned another stunner. This time it's a 1992 BMW R100R endurance racer. The bike is nicknamed "Don Luis." Says Pepo: About the name of the bike, this is the… ...read more