Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker

Two-Stroke Street Trackers

While four-strokes have long been dominant in traditional flat track racing, many builders are opting to build two-stroke street trackers. After all, it’s hard to beat the 2-stroke / 2T motor for light weight, cheap maintenance, and grins-per-mile. The manic powerband of these engines begs for a throttle-flogging rider, and there’s something deeply nostalgic about the rasp and “braap” of a two-stroke motorcycle.

Below, we have a list of our favorite 2-stroke trackers we’ve featured here on the blog.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 Custom Smoky Sprinter: Kawasaki Ninja 150R Street Tracker - Two-Stroke Ninja from Batakastem Workshop…  While two-stroke streetbikes have been phased out of the North American market since the 1980s, you might be surprised to learn that modern, small-displacement smokers have remained available from major […]
Yamaha R5 350 Street Tracker Yellow Addiction: Yamaha R5 Street Tracker - Scott Pickett’s “Classic American Street Tracker”…   Introduced in 1970, the Yamaha R5 350 was the predecessor of the storied RD twins that smoked their way into the hearts of a generation. While the RD series […]
Suzonda Project Suzonda: “WTF200/2” Street Tracker - 400/4 ➞ 200/2: Two-Stroke Mashup from Colin Davies…  Introduced in 1974, the Honda CB400F was one of the sweetest little machines of the 1970s. While it didn’t have the outright power of larger siblings like […]
Suzuki GT380 Tracker The Triple Option: Suzuki GT380 Flat Tracker - Two-Stroke Triple Tracker from Moore’s Competition Cycles…  During the 1970s, the Suzuki GT series of three-cylinder two-stroke street bikes never earned quite the same widow-making reputation as the infamously fast and lethal Kawasaki triples…mainly because […]
Yamaha DT400 Custom Smoke Show: Yamaha DT400 Scrambler - A Two-Stroke Ripper from Hex Moto…   The Yamaha DT400 is one of our favorite two-stroke enduros of the 1970s. It arose from the original DT-1 250 of 1969, which revolutionized the market as a […]
Ducati Banshee Ducati Banshee: 350cc Two-Stroke Monster - A Japanese-Italian Smoker from Moto Vera…   Yamaha’s aptly-named Banshee 350 is one of the most legendary quads of all time. Introduced in 1987, it earned a cult following for the staggering pump-gas power potential […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker Rolling Art: Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker - Gaston Motorcycle Werks builds a two-stroke street tracker…  Introduced in 1976, the Yamaha RD400 was the last of Yamaha’s air-cooled two-stroke RD street bikes, a blue-smoking wheelie monster that undercut many of its rivals pricewise […]
Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker Hooligan’s Dream: Yamaha “RD375LC” Street Tracker - FLATTY: Vic Shield’s 375cc Two-Stroke Street Tracker…  By the late 70s, Yamaha’s air-cooled RD250/400 two-stroke street bikes were due for an update. In order to galvanize the supersport class, Yamaha decided to go all-out, creating […]
Piaggio Ciao Tracker Special Ciao: “Speciao” 75cc Piaggio Tracker - Fuchs Workshop builds a Piaggio mini-tracker…   In 1967, Piaggio introduced their first moped, the Ciao — a 50cc two-stroke with a belt drive, drum brakes, and 6-volt electrics. Produced in various versions well into […]
Suzuki GT250 Street Tracker “Smoke, Noise, Speed” — Suzuki GT250 Street Tracker! - Tough Tracker builds a two-stroke ripper!  In the 1970s, competition in the 250 two-stroke class was especially fierce, as 17-year-olds could ride 250cc machines in the UK — and of course, every budding street racer […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker 427 Tracker: Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker - Smyth Innovations builds a 427cc two-stroke street tracker…  In 1976, Yamaha released the next evolution of the two-stroke RD series: the Yamaha RD400. Contrary to popular belief, it was much more than a punched-out RD350: […]
Kawasaki Ninja 150 Street Tracker Green Poison: Kawasaki Ninja 150 Two-Stroke Tracker - A Two-Stroke Street Tracker from House of Customland…  Did you know that Kawasaki, for years, produced a small, two-stroke version of the Ninja for the Asian market? It’s true. In 1996, they launched the Ninja […]
Moonshine: Suzuki TS100 Scrambler - Two-Stroke Scrambler from House of Customland x Minority Custom…  The Suzuki TS100 was a lightweight street-legal two-stroke enduro produced from 1973 to 1981. The little smoker made 11 horsepower, good for a top speed of […]
KTM 300 Street Tracker Two-Stroke Ripper: KTM 300 EXC Street Tracker - Black Cycles Australia builds one rip-ready KTM two-stroke…  The KTM 300 EXC is the company’s flagship enduro machine, a 293cc two-stroke off-road weapon with a race-winning blend of weight, balance, handling, and power: “Lightweight, great […]
Yamaha Street Tracker Kenny Roberts Street Tracker: 421cc Banshee Powered! - A 421cc two-stroke street tracker inspired by Kenny Roberts…  In 1978, Kenny Roberts became the first American rider to win a Grand Prix World Championship, beating out British legend Barry Sheene to claim the title […]
Kawsasaki KX125 Street Tracker The Grinch: Kawasaki KX125 Flat Tracker - 19-y.o. motorcycle mechanic builds himself a two-stroke tracker…  The Kawasaki KX125 was the company’s 125cc motocross machine, a lightweight two-stroke weapon that competed for years against the likes of the Honda CR125, Suzuki RM125, and […]
Suzuki GT250 Hustler Street Tracker “SS001” Suzuki GT250 Hustler Street Tracker - Satset Garage builds a red-hot two-stroke street tracker…  The Suzuki GT250 “Hustler” was originally introduced to the Japanese market in 1971 as an evolution of the best-selling T250 two-stroke twin. By the time it reached […]
Yamaha YZ250x Short Track Weapon: Yamaha YZ250 Flat Tracker - Swedish champion Ake Jansson builds a two-stroke tracker! In 2001, Motocross Action magazine claimed the ’01 Yamaha YZ250 was the world’s best 250 production motocross machine. The engine was the highlight, a liquid-cooled mill that […]
Suzuki GT750 Tracker RSD Water Buffalo: Suzuki GT750 Tracker - Roland Sands Design builds a 750cc two-stroke tracker for Travis Pastrana to race! At the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki unveiled the GT750, a 750cc liquid-cooled two-stroke “super sporting roadster” that would become a cult […]
Bultaco Astro 360 Tracker Vintage Flat Track Weapon: Bultaco Astro 360 - The Bultaco Astro 360 was a unique machine, a purpose-built Spanish flat-tracker developed to win on dirt ovals across the United States, from small fairground tracks to the Grand National Championship series. Developed from the […]
Suzuki GT380 Street Tracker French Smoker: Suzuki GT380 Street Tracker - A father/son street smoker from France! Introduced in 1971, the Suzuki GT380 was the smallest sibling of the mighty GT750 “Water Buffalo.” Known as the Sebring on American shores, the 371cc air-cooled triple made 38 […]
2-Stroke Mini Tracker Mini Smoker: Dyno-Tuned 2-Stroke Mini Tracker - #CoronaVirusBikeBuildOff 2nd Place: Wilco Lindner’s insane 2-stroke mini tracker! Last year, we featured Wilco Lindner’s Yamaha RD125 street tracker built “for the love of screaming two-strokes.” That dyno-tuned 125cc twin would become one of our […]
KTM Framer Track Weapon: Two-Stroke KTM 300 Framer - 196-lb, 50+ hp flat tracker from George Pickering x Survivor Customs! The KTM 250SX is the Austrian constructor’s largest-displacement two-stroke motocross bike, built for riders and racers who want the latest features of the flagship […]
Suzuki T500 Tracker Suzuki T500 Flat Tracker By A.K. Cycles - Two-stroke twin tracker from Colorado! Introduced in 1968, the Suzuki T500 was a 46-hp two-stroke parallel twin that would be marketed as the Cobra and Titan over the years. Though it was known to be […]
Yamaha RD125 Street Tracker For the Love of Screaming 2-Strokes: Yamaha RD125 Street Tracker - Wilco Lindner’s stunning RD125: Built for the love of screaming two-strokes… The Yamaha RD125 was an air-cooled, two-stroke twin that boasted 17 horsepower at 9000 rpm and a top speed of 78 mph. It was […]
Honda MT250 Elsinore Supermoto Supermoto Elsinore: Honda MT/CR250 Retromotard! - Snore no more: an enigmatic Elsinore with modern upgrades… In 1973, the Honda CR250M revolutionized the motocross world. Until then, Honda had only produced four-stroke machines, and all of its off-roaders were converted from street […]
Yamaha RD350 Custom 2-Smoker: Yamaha RD350 by Marc Martin - “Don’t feel bad. You’re not the first 750 rider to get blown off by a Yamaha 350.” That was the headline of a 1975 magazine advertisement for the Yamaha RD350, and it was true. Introduced […]
KTM 250 Street Tracker Space-Age Flat Tracker: The Lunar Project by Carboni e Metalli - Best of Show at Wildays 2019:  Space-Age 2-Stroke Tracker! In the storied Motor Valley of Northern Italy, two long-time friends — Massimo Bercella and Michele Antolotti — have set out on epic journey, combining their […]
Modern Board Tracker Modern Board Tracker: Yamaha RD350 by No Joke 2 Stroke - The heyday of board track racing was the 1910s and 1920s, when riders on brakeless Indians and Excelsiors and Harley-Davidson slammed and thundered around rickety, steep-walled speedways in excess of 90 mph, just inches from […]
Bultaco Street Tracker “Renovatio”: Bultaco Frontera 370 by Nitro Cycles - Bringing a two-stroke Spanish Bul back to life… In 1975, Bultaco introduced the Frontera, a two-stroke enduro built to meet the demands of “American Enduro experts.” Advertisements appeared in Cycle World and other publications: “Imagine […]
Yamaha IT425 Supermoto 2-Stroke Special: Yamaha IT425 Supermoto from 5Special - Only available in 1980, the Yamaha IT425 put professional performance within reach of regular consumers and enduro enthusiasts. The engine, based on the one from the YZ400 motocrosser, offered 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. That’s […]
Yamaha RD350 Scrambler Dirt Bike The Wasp: Yamaha RD350 Scrambler by Danners Automotive - An RD350 dirt bike built for the Malle Mile… The Yamaha RD350, built from 1973 to 1975, is one of our favorite machines from the heyday of the two-stroke street bike — a 39-hp parallel […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker by Eber Temperan - Two-stroke tracker from a professional BMX rider… The Yamaha RD400, built from 1976 to 1979, was a lightweight giant-killer, a 44-horsepower two-stroke twin capable of embarrassing many of the era’s larger four-strokes. The bike simply […]
KTM 300 Street Tracker Akin Moto KTM 300 Street Tracker - “A 2-stroke street tracker…that actually gets used on the street AND the track.” The KTM 300 EXC is a weapon — a street-legal, two-stroke enduro with a 51-hp liquid-cooled engine and dry weight of just […]
Yamaha DT100 Scrambler Yamaha DT100 Scrambler by Revolt Cycles - Revolt Cycles of the Philippines continues to turn out customs full of moxie and nostalgia. Today, we’re proud to feature the shop’s 35th build, RVLT35, a 1980 Yamaha DT100X Enduro dubbed “Noli” — built for […]
Pagani Mini Scrambler Pagani Minicross Scrambler by El Pasillo Custom Classics - Nothing brings fathers and sons together like motorcycles. This is abundantly clear in the case of El Pasillo Custom Classics, an Argentine workshop created by four friends who share a passion in modifying bikes. Recently, […]
Kawasaki Bighorn 350 Street Tracker Kawasaki Bighorn 350 Street Tracker by Fifty-Two Cycles - The Kawasaki F5 Bighorn was a 350cc, two-stroke, 33-horsepower enduro built from 1970-75. Klemm Vintage, a shop customizing in 2-stroke race engines, says of these bikes: “The 350 Bighorn is easily one of the most […]
Hodaka Ace 100 Scrambler Hodaka Ace 100 Scrambler by Utopeia Moto Company - “America’s Favorite Trailbike” is Reborn… Ever heard of a Hodaka? Neither had we — not until we came across Utopeia Moto Company‘s staggering 1967 Hodaka Ace 100 on the floor of The Congregation Show in […]
Kawasaki F11 250 Scrambler Kawasaki F11 Scrambler by Paul Fuelling / Mabel Studios - The Kawasaki F11 250 was a 2-stroke, oil-injected dual-sport that offered ~24 horsepower with a wet weight of 280 pounds. Top speed was reported to be 77.7 mph. Says Bike-urious: “The F11 turned out to […]
Yamaha RD350 Custom Yamaha RD350 Custom by Jake Drummond Designs - Two-stroke, low-level screamer built in an aircraft hangar… Today, we’re thrilled to feature this stunning Yamaha RD350 by 24 year old Jake Drummond of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh is the home of one of the largest […]
Yamaha RD350 Supermoto Yamaha YZ/RD350 Supermoto by Spoken Moto - Zed’s Not Dead…a two-stroke, nitrous-injected supermotard! About five years ago, Brian Gingerich and his partner started a small shop to work on their “collection” of 75+ vintage barn finds. When they discovered how much people […]
Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker by Scott Zupner - Two-Stroke Street Weapon from the Aloha State… One of our favorite things is stumbling across a photograph of an amazing build, then playing detective in an attempt to track down the builder. That is exactly […]
Kawasaki H1 Street Tracker Kawasaki H1 Street Tracker by Vallantine Motor Works - Who doesn’t need a 500cc, two-stroke, triple-cylinder tracker? The Kawasaki H1 Mach III — a 500cc, two-stroke, 60-hp wheelie machine that became a legend in its own time. The smoking banshee of a machine did […]
Yamaha RXZ Scrambler Yamaha RX-Z Scrambler by Thomas Edwards - The Yamaha RX-Z 135 was a 2-stroke, 21-horsepower naked bike built from 1985 to 2011. A successor to the RD125, the little 2-stroke-that-could quickly gained popularity among young riders in Indonesia and Malaysia, where it […]
Honda CR500 Supermoto Honda CR500 Supermoto by Dab Design - At just 26 years old, Simon Dabadie of Dab Design has already made quite a splash in the custom motorcycle world. With a background in the emerging industries of 3D Printing and 3D software publishing, […]
Yamaha DT250 Scrambler Yamaha DT3 250 Scrambler by David King - Today, we are thrilled to present the first bike project from David King, a senior Mechanical Engineering student from Midland, Virginia, who says he was inspired by the bikes he saw on our site. The […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker by Mark Miller - Nearly two decades ago, Mark Miller (@nojoke2stroke) converted a Yamaha YZ400F into a street-legal dual sport and rode it 15,000 miles through Mexico, Central America, and across the United States from Florida to Oregon. The […]
Yamaha DT180 Street Tracker Yamaha DT180 Street Tracker - It’s no secret that we love 2-strokes here at BikeBound. Well, this Brazilian 2-smoker, which began life as a Yamaha DT180, has to be one of the most interesting we have featured. The Yamaha DT180 […]
Honda CR500 Street Tracker Honda CR500 Tracker - The Honda CR500 was perhaps the most wicked dirt bike ever produced — a 53-horsepower, liquid-cooled 2-stroke beast, with a hair-trigger throttle and the power band of a Saturn V rocket. As this Craiglist seller […]
Yamaha RD350 Scrambler Yamaha RD350 Scrambler by Moto Exotica - This might be the wickedest scrambler we’ve ever seen. Nicknamed “Eight,” she’s a 2-stroke, 210-pound RD350 scrambler built by Arjun Raina of India’s Moto Exotica. As you may know, the now-legendary Yamaha RD350 was produced […]