Bultaco Lobito Tracker by XTR Pepo

Bultaco Lobito Tracker

Our hearts always leap when a new XTR Pepo comes our way.  This time, it’s a 1973 Bultaco Lobito 125 MK7 flat tracker. The Lobito (“Little Wolf”) was an enduro built from 1966-1976, most popularly in the 74cc form, though we have here the 125cc version. The 74cc Lobito was originally designed for a speciific demographic — 16 riders with only their A1 card — but the bike’s aggressive styling and mixed-use urban agility made it a lasting icon of the 1970s — even, some say, a “sociological phenomenon.”

Bultaco Lobito Tracker

The MK7 you see here had an 11.2-hp two-stroke motor, weighed 88kg, and had a yellow tank with blue stripes — iconic of the Lobito.

Bultaco Lobito Tracker

Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo turned this Lobito 125 — nicknamed “Astro” — into a 2-stroke tracker, complete with a Yamaha SR250 swingarm, Honda Hornet 600 front forks, Derbi supermoto wheels, and a load of one-off XTR components. As for name, Pepo says:

“Astro was the name of  a bike that Bultaco made specifically for racing in the USA Dirt track championship. It was name Astro because one of the tracks where they raced was in the Astrodome of Houston.”

Bultaco Astro
Bultaco Astro

Below, we have the full build sheet on this two-stroke tracker.

Bultaco Lobito Flat Tracker:  Build Sheet

Bultaco Lobito Tracker

Donor bike : Bultaco Lobito 125 MK7 (1973)

  • Modified frame
  • Yamaha SR 250 swingarm
  • Hagon rear schocks
  • Honda Hornet 600 front fork
  • Derbi Senda Supermotard front Wheel
  • Bultaco lobito rear hub with Derbi Senda Supermotard rim.
  • LSL conical handelbar
  • Gonelli quick open gas throtel
  • Gonelli natural ruber grips
  • Gonelli levers
  • Bultaco Mercurio 155 (1963) fuel tank.
  • XTR seat and upholstry
  • XTR number plates
  • XTR fork protector
  • Ducati footpegs.
  • Bultaco Matador MK10 (1979) 350 cc blueprinted engine
  • Regina chain
  • Bing Carburator
  • XTR air filter
  • Super Mario hand made race exhaust.
  • Pintumoto painting
  • Pictures: Cesar Godoy.

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