Top 10 Scramblers and Desert Sleds of 2022

Best Scramblers 2022

Here at BikeBound, we’re big fans of scramblers, desert sleds, rally bikes, and adventure machines. So are you, our readers, as several of the machines that made our list of the Top 10 Custom Motorcycles of 2022 were built as much for dirt as tarmac, running knobby tires, skid plates, and high-mount exhausts.

We decided to follow up with a list of the most popular scramblers, dirt bikes, and desert sleds we featured this year, based on traffic and social engagement — this is the most objective ranking we could achieve. Without further ado, here are the BikeBound Top 10 Scramblers and Desert Sleds of 2022, presented in alphabetical order by builder.

• Brutal Monkey Workshop: Honda CB150

Modern CL77: Honda CB150 Scrambler

• Crispy Club: Yamaha Ténéré 700

Super Vinduro: Yamaha Ténéré 700 Heritage Kit

• Custommade C.A.: Honda Varadero 1000

The Fat Lady Sings: Honda Varadero 1000 Scrambler

• Good Times Racing: Hooligan Enduro Sportster

Desert Hooligan: “Bajarley” Sportster Enduro

• Heiwa Motorcycle: Suzuki TU250

Grass Tracker No. 008: Suzuki 250 Scrambler

• Lord Drake Kustoms: Harley Sportster 883R

“Soulbreaker 47” Sportster 883R

• Parr Motorcycles: Honda “XR680R”

Frame to Fame: Honda XR680R Scrambler

• Slipstream Creations: Honda CL350

Slipstream Creation: Honda CL350 Scrambler

• Rodando Sur: Honda XR250

Tornado 293: Honda XR250 “Pig Tracker”

• Rusty Butcher: Harley Sportster Desert Racer

Hooligan Enduro: Rusty Butcher’s Sportster Desert Sled

The Latest Scramblers…

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Yamaha XT500 Restomod Electric Boogie: Yamaha XT500 Restomod - Electric Start, Air-Cooled: Motogadgets’ 1980 Yamaha XT500…   By the early 1970s, the big single-cylinder four-stroke off-roader was thought a species all but extinct.  After all, the great British 500 singles like the BSA B50 […]
Royal Enfield 500 Bobber Royal Rover: Enfield Machismo 500 Bobber - From Motohead Custom: Machismo 500 Desert Bobber…   In 1901, the first Royal Enfield motorcycle rolled out of The Enfield Cycle Company in Redditch, England. For the next 99 years, Royal Enfields would have cast-iron […]
KTM 400 Scrambler Urban Play Bike: KTM 400 “Street Tiger” - KTM 400 EXC Scrambler from Loko Dream Factory…  Introduced in 2000, the KTM 400 EXC was closely based on the 400cc factory racer that Italian rider Giovanni Sala rode to victory in the 1999 World […]
BMW R1100RS Custom Brave New Beemer: BMW R1100RS - Custom Oilhead from Moto Adonis…  In 1993, the BMW R1100RS sport-tourer was the first BMW to use the new “Oilhead” boxer engine, which combined BMW’s traditional air-cooled cylinders with oil-cooled four-valve heads — a concept […]
Yamaha XT550 Scrambler La Bastarda: Yamaha XT550 Restomod Scrambler - In 1982, Yamaha released the XT550 as the next evolution of their four-stroke dual-purpose single-cylinder motorcycle. The 550 had big shoes to fill, as the XT500 it replaced was a multi-time winner of the Paris […]
Adventure Sportster Harley-Davidson XL1200 “Adventure Sportster” - A Go-Anywhere Sportster from FrenchMoto…  Even as Harley-Davidson promotes their liquid-cooled Sportster S, the air-cooled Evolution-powered Sportster is experiencing something of a renaissance in racing circles. Built from 1986 to 2020, the Evo Sportster is […]
Honda XR628R Honda XR628R: Street-Legal Baja Tribute - Hot Rod XR from Italy’s GPgarage Moto…  Introduced in 1985, the Honda XR600R was destined to become one of the most successful off-road bikes in motorcycling history. The air-cooled thumper would win the Baja 1000 […]
Velocette Scrambler Father-Son Special: Velocette 350 Scrambler - Velocette Scrambler from South Africa…  In 1933, the Velocette 350 MAC was born, featuring a 349cc single-cylinder high-cam pushrod engine capable of running the 280-lb machine up to ~75 mph. None other than Phil Irving, […]
Top 10 Scramblers and Dirt Bikes of 2023 - Here at BikeBound, we’re big fans of scramblers, desert sleds, dirt bikes, rally bikes, and adventure machines — anything with knobby tires, skid plates, and an appetite for dirt. So are you, our readers, as […]
Suzuki GS400 Turbo Scrambler Grin Machine: Suzuki GS400 Twin-Turbo Scrambler! - Twin-Turbo Scrambler: “Manic Melina” from Doctor Motorcycle…  Introduced in 1977, the Suzuki GS400 may have looked much like its middleweight twin rivals on the outside, but the engine boasted dual overhead cams, 180º firing order, […]
Triumph Tiger 900 Scrambler Like a Bear with a Shotgun: Triumph Tiger 900 Scrambler - “Dead End” Triumph Tiger from Cool Kid Customs…  In 1993, Triumph entered the adventure bike market with the Tiger 900, powered by a re-tuned version of the same 885cc liquid-cooled triple as their Daytona and […]
Suzuki VanVan Scrambler Father-Daughter Duo: Suzuki VanVan 200 Scramblers - From Slipstream Creations: “All the Little, Big Details…Twice”   The Suzuki VanVan 200 has to be one of the funkiest production bikes on the market, a fat-tired air-cooled dual-sport that seems like a runaway from […]
Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler KZ Scrambler: Kawasaki “KZ400S” - Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler from Bueno Co…  In the early 70s, Kawasaki stepped up their game against Honda’s four-stroke dominance. First came the 900cc Kawasaki Z1 in 1972, aimed squarely at the CB750. While those four-cylinder […]
DR125 Scrambler On Any Suzusky: Suzuki DR125 Scrambler - Husky-inspired DR125 from BCKustoms…  The Suzuki DR125 was a dual-sport “trailie” once popular among learners in Europe, especially the UK. These 125cc enduros were seen most often in the era between the “legally questionable” two-stroke […]

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