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Ducati Cafe Racers

In the mid-1950s, Ducati engineer Fabio Taglioni developed the desmodromic (“desmo”) 90° V-twin engine.  Since then, “Ducatisti” have been customizing the Italian company’s line of race-bred steeds. If you’re looking for a Ducati cafe racer, we have you covered.

Ducati 996 Cafe Racer Project X: Ducati 996 Café Racer - A veteran racer builds the ultimate track-focused 996 café racer… In 1994, Ducati introduced the 916, a blood-red weapon designed by none other than Massimo Tamburini, also known as “Michelangelo of motorbike design.” The 916 […]
Ducati Scrambler 1100 Cafe Racer Night Storm Race-RR: Ducati Scrambler 1100 - Gasoline Motor Co. builds a dark ‘n stormy Ducati… The Ducati Scrambler 1100 is the alpha wolf of the company’s Scrambler series, featuring an air/oiled-cooled 1079cc desmodue engine that produces 86 horsepower and 65 foot-pounds […]
Ducati S4R Cafe Racer THE Monster: “M Ducati” S4R by Rob Maxwell - “A ludicrous version of THE Monster…” Introduced in 2003, the Ducati S4R was the most powerful Monster ever produced, featuring a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 996cc L-twin derived from the company’s championship-winning World Superbike engine. This 113-hp […]
Ducati Superlite Ducati Superlite from Gareth Roberts - The ultimate cafe racer from Oil In The Blood filmmaker Gareth Roberts… The Ducati MH900e (Evoluzione) is an ultra-rare, hand-built retro sport bike that paid homage to Mike Hailwood’s (MH) victorious 1978 Isle of Man […]
Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Babe Blue: Ducati 800 SCR Cafe Racer - The Ducati Scrambler has become one of the most popular modern platforms for customization. Available in 400, 800, and 1100 versions, the V-twin Scrambler is a revival of the brand’s classic Scrambler series of dual-sport […]
Ducati “Predator” Café Racer by Moto-Technology - “Great for winding mountain roads, but also for the urban jungle…” Introduced back in 1993, the Ducati Monster was the work of industrial designer Miguel Angel Galluzzi, who’s also known for designing such bikes as […]
Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer The Candolini: Ducati 900SS Café Racer - The Ducati SuperSport (SS) debuted in 1988, a series of air-cooled 90° V-twin motorcycles that would remain in production for nearly 20 years. None other than the gonzo journalist himself, Hunter S. Thompson, reviewed the […]
Turbo Ducati 848 Superbike Turbocharged Superbike: Ducati 848 Turbo - Turbocharged Ducati superbike from two best friends… The Ducati 848 superbike, introduced in 2008, featured a 134-hp “Testastretta” V-twin, a trellis frame developed in conjuction with the company’s racing division, and in a surprising move […]
Ducati 999 Custom Custom Ducati 999 “Paprika” by XTR Pepo - The Ducati 999, built from 2003-2006, boasted a liquid-cooled L-twin Desmodromic engine capable of 138 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. While the 999’s styling — which was the work of South African designer Pierre […]
Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer “Pantah” Ducati Monster 821 Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo - The Ducati Pantah (“Panther”), introduced in 1979, heralded a whole new generation of modern Ducati V-twins, with belt-driven camshafts and trellis frames — features that remain Ducati hallmarks to this day. What’s more, the Pantah […]
Ducati 750SS 900MHe Cafe Racer Ducati 750SS Cafe Racer by Unik Edition - The Ducati “Tribute” — a modern re-imagining of the famous 900 MHe At the dawn of the 21st century, Ducati unveiled their limited production MH900e, a 74-hp retro sport bike built in homage to the […]
Ducati Monster 1200 R Custom Ducati Monster 1200 R Custom by XTR Pepo - “Il Padrino” — the Godfather of Ducati Monsters… Pepo Rosell, aka the “master constructor,” is the man behind Spain’s XTR Pepo, building some of the hottest, most trick motorcycle specials on the planet. In his […]
Suzuki GS750 Cafe Racer Zucati Suzuki GS750 “Zucati” by Justin Page -   The Suzuki GS750 was the first four cylinder in the venerable GS series — the company’s first full-fledged foray into four-stroke motorcycles. At its release the GS was the fastest of the 750cc fours […]
Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer Ducati 900SS Retro Racer Cafe - The Ducati 900SS is a legend of a machine, capable of inspiring some of the most famous words in motorcycling history: “Some people will tell you that slow is good – and it may be, […]
“Flat White” Ducati Monster 400 Cafe Racer - A 400cc Monster with bodywork built with fireproof aerospace textile! Max Betteridge spent his childhood in his father’s woodwork before being relegated to the family’s old hen house, where he built his first car:  a […]
Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer by Thornton Hundred Motorcycles - “Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube…” In 1995, Cycle World magazine has the very brave idea to send Gonzo himself — Hunter S. Thompson […]
Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer Ducati Monster Cafe Racer by FRC Moto - Robin Fagerman of Sweden’s FRC Moto walked outside his apartment one morning to find his 1999 Ducati Monster 900s — “Leonora” — the victim of an attempted theft.  The bike was “totally broken,” says Robin, […]
Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer “Rumble 400” Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer by Eastern Spirit Garage - Ready to Rumble:  400cc giant-killer from a Polish master… The Scrambler Ducati Custom Rumble is now into its second edition — a build contest based around the ever-popular, highly-customizable Ducati Scrambler platform. Whereas the first […]
Ducati Concept Cafe Racer Ducati Valchiria Cafe Racer by Walter Castrogiovanni - COOLEST. THESIS. EVER. Walter Castrogiovanni of Lipari Island, Sicily, has completed this Ducati “Valchiria” (Valkyrie) as part of his Industrial Design thesis at Palermo University. The bike was designed as a “pluri-configurable vehicle.” In layman’s […]
Ducati 750SS Cafe Racer Ducati 750SS Cafe Racer by Kaspeed - We are big fans of family-run workshops, especially when they turn out staggering beauties like this 2001 Ducati 750SS cafe racer. This is the most sophisticated build to date from twin brothers Jimmy and Mick […]
P-51 Custom Motorcycle “Mustang Sally” Ducati Monster by Spurius Rotis - Sure, we love motorcycles here at BikeBound, but our all-time favorite machine ever created is the North American P-51 Mustang — the king long-range interceptor of WWII, which allowed pilots to escort bombers deep into […]
Ducati Monster Custom Ducati Monster Custom by XTR Pepo - Nobody builds bikes quite like the “master constructor,” Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo. His bikes tend to take their inspiration from the realm of motorsport, with paint schemes and high-performance engines, suspension, and brakes that […]
Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo - The Ducati 860 GT was built in 1974 and 1975, a highly stylized Italian standard with a 60-horsepower v-twin heart and 109-mph top speed.  The highly angular design of the fuel tank and engine covers […]
Ducati Monster Cafe Racer Ducati Monster Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo - Pepo Rosell, the master “bike constructor” behind XTR Pepo, is one of our favorite builders. He is a man who builds machines that consistently defy classification and convention, and this ’94 Ducati Monster 750 is […]
Ducati-Scrambler-Cafe-Racer-5 Custom Ducati Scrambler by XTR Pepo - We are huge fans of Pepo Rosell, formerly of Radical Ducati. Pepo closed down that shop two years ago, went on a sabbatical, and returned to open XTR Pepo. Now the master “bike constructor” is […]
900SS Cafe Racer Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer by MotoBergamo - Hunter S. Thompson famously said of the Ducati 900SS: “There are some things nobody needs in this world, and a bright-red, hunch-back, warp-speed 900cc cafe racer is one of them – but I want one […]
ducati-860-gt-cafe-racer Faves: Ducati 860 GT Cafe Racer - Most of us think of motorcycle riding as a thing to do in warm weather. There is even a huge symbiotic relationship between motorcycles and surfers. Definitely a relationship that screams for the type of […]
Harley-Ducati-Sportster Cross-Bred Harley-Ducati Sportster! - It is becoming quite common to customize Harley Davidson’s Sportster in a “cafe way.” It’s Harley’s best-selling bike over time and they produce a lot of them, and a few key modifications make big differences […]