Tribute to Timelessness: “Grey & Chrome” Triumph T120

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

FCR Original’s “Grey & Chrome” Bonneville… 

The Triumph T120 Bonneville has been produced in its current form from the 2016 model year onward — a 1200cc retro roadster that couples classic charm with a host of modern amenities like fuel injection, liquid-cooling, heated grips, USB charging ports, ABS, and even traction control. The T120 name itself harks back to 1959, when the bike was reportedly capable of 120 mph.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

While some diehard purists might roll their eyes at the subtle radiator and charging ports of today’s Bonnie, the bike is still a strong performer — particularly with the 1200cc HT (High Torque) engine, revised for 2021 with a lighter crank, better throttle response, and 79 hp / 78 ft-lb on tap:

“It’s easy to get romantic about the evocative and nostalgic styling and forget there is a strong 1,200cc British twin driving you forward. There is serious grunt in there, even low down in the rev range, while the updated, free-spinning motor also adds urgent drive.” –Motorcyclist

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

While the standard T120 Bonnie is a charmer, the Bonneville has always been a canvas for customization at the hands of racers, riders, and custom workshops.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Our friends at FCR Original of France continue to turn out at a stable of gorgeous modern Triumphs. Way back in 2017, our first feature of theirs was their 2006 Triumph Bonneville drag bike, “Crazy Bonnie,” and the company’s founders, engineers Mathieu Ménard and Sébastien Guillemot, have several French drag racing championships under their belt.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Today’s feature bike is more James Bond than John Force, but still packs some punch. Dubbed the “Grey & Chrome,” it’s a sibling to the “Blue & Chrome” Street Twin we featured last fall, but with the bigger 1200cc HT engine.

“Sophisticated, the Grey & Chrome is a tribute to timelessness. A creation based on a Triumph Bonneville T120 that leaves nothing to chance, especially not the aesthetics…”

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

We’re not always the biggest fans of chrome, but it looks incredible here next to the gunmetal-grey paint, as does the nickel-plated frame.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Other highlights include polished forks, chrome rims with Dunlop Roadmaster rubber, Fournales Air Twin rear shocks, FCR Original exhaust system and radiator grille, custom rear frame hoop with bespoke saddle, chrome-plated cases, and FCR Original parts wherever you look.

All in all, this is one gorgeous Bonnie — a modern British roadster that would look right at home parked next to an old Aston Martin DB6 or Land Rover Series 1, but even better out on the byways and B roads.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Below, the folks at FCR Originals give us more details on the build, along with a full build sheet.

Grey & Chrome: In the Builder’s Words…

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

The authentic British icon rooted in the DNA of FCR Original that follows its own path away from the world of the classic cafe racer.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Sophisticated, the Grey & Chrome is a tribute to timelessness. A creation based on a Triumph Bonneville T120 that leaves nothing to chance, especially not the aesthetics.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

It is dressed in gunmetal grey with the FCR Original label, which can be seen on the chrome tank of this beautiful British bike — a sobriety that doesn’t hide its charisma and elegance.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

On the bike side, it’s the finishing touches that make the difference: The frame has been given special attention with a nickel-plated treatment, while the casings, the handlebars, and the original mirrors have been replaced by chrome parts.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

The tail has been lightened with a custom rear loop and a shortened seat in quilted brown leather with slightly darker stitching.

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Where performance meets elegance: The torquey 1200cc Bonneville engine adds to the riding pleasure, while the bike is lighter and more maneuverable. A riding experience that’s as lively as it is reassuring.

Build Sheet

  • Custom-made rear loop
  • Nickel-plated frame
  • Front axle:
    • » Custom chrome front fender arches
    • » Chrome rim
    • » Modified upper fork crown
    • » Polished fork
    • » Dunlop Roadmaster TT100 tire
  • Rear axle:
    • » Fournales Air Twin shock absorber
    • » Original FCR chain guard
    • » Chrome rim
    • » Dunlop Roadmaster TT100 tire
  • Engine:
    • » FCR Original exhaust system
    • » Chrome plated crankcases
    • » Black intake
  • Electricity:
    • » Mini Bates 3 in 1 polished
    • » Mini Bates polished headlight
    • » FCR Original front turn signals
  • Cockpit:
    • » Wide chrome handlebars
    • » Custom Tech brushed master cylinder
    • » Chrome mirrors
    • » Motogadget tiny meter
    • » Brown vintage grips
  • Bodywork:
    • » FCR Original exhaust system
    • » Chrome plated crankcases
    • » Black intake
  • Upholstery:
    • » Brown custom saddle with quilted effect
  • Other:
    • » Bates FCR Original Headlight Bracket
    • » FCR Original Radiator Grille
    • » FCR Original supports
    • » Gold chain
    • » Monza tank cap

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  1. I hate those truncated rear fenders. While several models of the bike as a custom have a nicely valenced front fender, keeping the motor looking cleaner during rides, the rear “fender” is just awful. I guess it’s a sign of modern times that bikes look this way.

  2. Very nice! My 1st bike was in 1969…a 1966 ex-flat track T120TT/Special. A 650cc “Race Only” bike that Triumph produced for dirt track riders in that era. A beast of a machine back then! A bare-bones bike…no lights…no battery…no mufflers (just those big under the motor TT pipes)…simply a “kick-n-go” bike.

    I had it set-up to be ridden on the street…barely legal. Had some great times…out there tearing up the asphalt as a 19 year old on his 1st bike! Lived to tell the tale!!! Still ride and collect bikes. In my small, several bike collection…have a beautiful 2014 Triumph Thruxton I found with just 150 miles on it and an outstanding 1995 Triumph Daytona Super III. 53 years in the saddle and still enjoy a Triumph every now and then!!!

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