All-Road 680: Suzuki DR650 Rally

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

Suzuki “RD680” All-Roader by Moto Adonis…  

The Suzuki DR650 has been in the Suzuki lineup since 1990, remaining virtually unchanged for over three decades of production. Although we don’t tend to think of it this way now, the DR was once something of a hot rod compared to its running mates:

“If you look at the big-bore dual-sport world of the late ’90s, it’s clear that the DR was the Corvette of the class. It could easily outrun the Kawasaki KLR650 and the Honda XR650L of the period. In terms of handling, it fell right between the dirt-inspired Honda and the street-oriented Kawasaki.” –Dirt Bike Magazine

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

Today, the big DR is the last of a nearly extinct species — an air-cooled, carbureted, street-legal bike that’s still made in Japan. And according to the testing toughs at Dirt Bike, the DR650 retains an old-school charm all its own:

“We can understand why this bike has withstood the test of time. There’s something very satisfying about opening the throttle at low rpm and experiencing its chunky, uneven acceleration. The DR actually produces more torque than any of the modern 500-class dual-sport bikes.”

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

Now we’re excited to present the latest creation from our friends at Moto Adonis of the Netherlands: an “all-road” Suzuki DR650 that diverges from the naked scrambler style so popular in recent years. There were many good reasons to choose the DR for such a build:

“The Suzuki DR650 is a staple on any adventure bike list. It’s practical, affordable, easy to work on, lightweight, and performs exceptionally well off-road. These qualities made it the perfect candidate for a custom all-road build.” -Moto Adonis

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

However, what seemed like a pretty straightforward project turned out to be quite the challenge. That’s because they soon realized the customer couldn’t comfortably touch the ground while sitting on the bike. After all, as a big-single dual-sport, the seat height on the DR is nearly 35 inches.

“We had to get creative. Instead of seeing a problem, we embraced the challenge by designing a completely custom rear frame and using smaller-sized wheels to improve ground reach.”

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

Meanwhile, the Miller Kustom seat was designed to be low profile while still providing plenty of comfort for the rider.

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

The team went on to equip the bike with Motogadget electronics, Kellermann blinkers and rear lights, a Highsider headlight, and a custom navigation tower with multi-panel windshield.


For better handling, they fitted a Husqvarna 701 front fork and a YSS rear shock.

The engine received a significant upgrade as well, with the cylinder bored to 680cc and a high-compression piston. A custom stainless steel exhaust, featuring a MAD Exhaust muffler, completes the performance upgrades.

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

Moto Adonis prides themselves on their ability to craft bespoke motorcycles tailored to each client’s vision, and this build was no exception.

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

The bold color scheme combines orange, two shades of green, and the gold Excel wheels is a colorway that really makes this DR stand out.

“At Moto Adonis, we love this bike. It retains a classic look while incorporating modern styling and features. This blend of old and new is also reflected in the Rusty Stitches gear showcased by Job, who is wearing the Orlando Jacket and Clyde V2 gloves in the pictures.”

The end product is an “all-road DR650” that can tackle everything from the urban grid to the twisties, fire roads to trails, and just about everything in between.

Suzuki DR650 All Road Scrambler

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Upholstery: Miller Kustom Upholstery (@millerseats)

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