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Honda Cafe Racers

Since the 1960s, Honda has been the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan. At the height of production, they were producing more than three million bikes per year. Honda is recognized as revolutionizing the image of the biker in America, with their “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” campaign — a slogan that may have proved so successful because it seemed to be true…and still does.

While the CB series has long been the most popular platform for any Honda cafe racer, platforms like the transverse V-twin CX500 and single-cylinder XR and NX series have been catching the eye of builders in recent years.  Below, we have a wide selection of Honda cafe racers we have featured from around the world.

Ducati 400 Cafe Racer Duconda 400: Honda-Ducati Cafe Racer! - A Japanese-Italian love story from Black Cycles Australia…  Introduced in 1977, the Honda CB400T was the successor to the CB360. Better known as the Honda Hawk (US) or Dream (UK), the twin-cylinder CB400 offered a […]
Honda NX650 Dominator Cafe Racer The Racing Dream: Honda NX650 Dominator - A Honda supermono inspired by the Honda racers of old…  The Honda NX650 Dominator has proved itself as one of the most versatile two-wheeled platforms of the modern era. The single-cylinder radial-valve engine put out […]
Honda CBR500R Cafe Racer Neo Café Racer: Honda CBR500R “Yoru” - “Life is too short to ride something ordinary.” In 1988, the Japanese anime film Akira hit theaters — it was destined to become a modern cult classic, widely regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi / […]
Honda CT70 JPS Senna Tribute: Honda CT70 John Player Special - The Chattahoochee Skunkworks pays tribute to a racing legend…  Some of the most iconic racing liveries in history came out of the heyday of tobacco company sponsorship, when the likes of Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Rothmans, […]
Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer Built for a MotoGP Legend: Honda CBX1000 Café Racer - Bolt Motor Co. builds a CBX for MotoGP legend Jorge Martínez Aspar! On the 40th anniversary of his first-ever race, Jorge Martínez “Aspar” was selected to be inducted into the MotoGP Hall of Fame.  The […]
Honda CB750F2 Cafe Racer Rothmans Seven Fifty: Honda CB750F2 Café Racer - Jerem Motorcycles builds a nostalgic yet modern café…  Founded in 1890, Rothmans International was a British tobacco company that became a strong supporter of motorsports in the 1980s and 1990s, when many of the dominant […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Black Forest: 1980 Honda CB750F Bol d’Or - In 1969, Honda released the CB750, which was destined to become a landmark in motorcycling history. However, Honda has never been a company to rest on their laurels, and by the mid 1970s, they were […]
“Lil Red” Honda CB360 Custom - A “Lil Red” 360 steals the heart of a vintage superbike racer…  In the early 1970s, Honda engineers had the challenging task of developing a successor to the immensely popular CB350 twin. Although the 325cc […]
Honda CB400F Race Bike Street-Legal Racer: 1977 Honda CB400F - For Sale: 1977 Honda CB400F RC166 Race Replica! In 1966, the Honda RC166 swept the 250cc Gran Prix World Championship, taking victory in 10 out of 10 races with the legendary Mike Hailwood crouched behind […]
Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer Super 6: Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer - Lys Motorcycles builds a carbon-clad CBX…  The Honda CBX1000 remains one of our favorite Japanese motorcycles of all time. While the stock machine didn’t have the handling some expected from Honda’s first six-cylinder production bike, […]
Honda CBX1000 Restomod Cafe Racer Honda CBX “1098R” by MotoRRetro - A CBX1000 cafe racer from Sydney’s MotoRRetro…  In 1966, Mike “The Bike” Hailwood won the 250cc Gran Prix championship on one of the most radical machines of the era, Honda’s RC166 six-cylinder racer. Designed to […]
Honda CB250N Super Dream Custom Super Dream: Honda CB250N by Sabotage Motorcycles - Sweet 250cc roadster from Sydney, Australia…  In 1978, Honda introduced the CB250N Super Dream, a 27-hp air-cooled parallel twin touted as a modern incarnation of the original 1960 CB72 Dream. At 249cc, the bike satisfied […]
Honda CB750 Restomod Restomod Roadster: Honda CB750 “Hanashi” - “Hanashi (History) in the present.” –Cafeina Motorcycles The Honda CB750 remains one of the most iconic, influential, and beloved motorcycles in history. Today, it may not seem like such a revolutionary bike, but that’s only […]
Honda CB400F Super Sport: Honda CB400F by Chattahoochee Skunkworks - A 400 Four “TT” from the North Georgia hills!  In 1975, Honda unveiled the CB400F, a middleweight four-cylinder four-stroke that stood out compared to the two-stroke twins and triples of its generation — machines such […]
Honda CB550 Cafe Racer Project Clean Slate: Honda CB550 Cafe Racer - Ohio’s Mark Colasante builds a 550/4 dream machine…  When it comes to Honda’s four-cylinder machines of the 1970s, the CB750 has always received the lion’s share of the limelight. It was a groundbreaking machine — […]
Honda CBX Turbo Legends of Boost: 1980 Honda CBX1000 Turbo - “I was disappointed with the power of the standard CBX.”  These were the words of one Colin Baker of Cheltenham, UK, when asked why he built his Honda CBX turbo in the 1980s — the […]
Honda VTR1000 Custom Farewell VTR: Honda VTR1000 by Francis Von Tuto - For Sale: 1000cc V-Twin “FTVR” from Francis Von Tuto… In the 1990s, Carl Fogarty had been putting the hammer down on the Japanese fours in World Superbike, piloting his booming Ducati to four championships. Riders […]
Honda FX650 Cafe Racer Super Single: Honda FX650 “Stormbringer” - Bandisca builds a big-single street racer… In the late 90s, Honda introduced the FX650 Vigor as a stripped-down, street-oriented version of the popular NX650 Dominator dual-purpose machine. The bike had Honda’s 644cc RFVC single-cylinder engine, […]
Honda CB175 Cafe Racer Holly Honda: CB175 Café Racer by Chris Harter - A young airline pilot builds a sweet CB175… The Honda CB175 came to the U.S. market in 1969, an air-cooled twin that offered 20 hp at 10,000 rpm, a top speed of 86 mph, and […]
Honda CBX750F Customs Quatro Galos: Four Honda CBX750F Customs - Four CBX750F customs from Grego’s Customs of Brazil… In 1983, the Honda CBX750 appeared, an evolution of the beloved CB750 that offered a 93-hp DOHC inline four engine and the boxy styling that would become […]
Honda CBX1000 Restomod CBX Reborn: Honda CBX1000 Restomod - “If Honda was to bring out the CBX again, how would they make the bike?” More than forty years ago, Honda introduced the CBX1000, a modern marvel with six cylinders, six carbs, 24 valves, two […]
Honda Monkey Custom Bunker Kong: Honda Monkey 125 Café Racer - Bunker Custom Cycles turns a 2020 Monkey into a Gorilla… The 21st century is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of mini bikes. The Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 have been hits on the world […]
Honda CBX Restomod Restomod Monster: Honda CBX by dB Customs - 1147cc CBX from a restomod master… Ten years after their introduction of the CB750, Honda unveiled the CBX 1000 — a six-cylinder, 1047cc superbike intended to show the world they were still the tip of […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F “Green Arrow” by NCT Motorcycles - Founder David Widmann and Workshop Manager Mario Weiser-Kolland of Austria’s NCT Motorcycles have been quietly building some of the most stunning custom motorcycles in Europe and beyond. David, who’s been passionate about bikes since he […]
Honda XBR500 Cafe Racer Honda XBR500 “Imatra” by XTR Pepo - In 1985, Honda launched the XBR500 to compete with Yamaha’s 500cc big-single street bike, the SR500. At core, the SR was a street version of the company’s legendary XT500 enduro, which won the first two […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer “Black Belt” Honda CB750 by Reborn Motorcycles - “Black Belt” — built for a Krav Maga instructor… The first-generation Honda CB750, highly regarded as the world’s “original superbike,” has always garnered the lion’s share of attention from restorers and customizers. The later DOHC […]
Nighthawk 750 Iron Horse: Nighthawk 750 by JM Customs -   Scotland’s JM Customs builds a modernized Honda Nighthawk… The original SOHC Honda CB750 may get the lion’s share of the attention from bike builders and vintage bike aficionados, but the later Nighthawk 750 (CB750SC) […]
Honda CB550 Cafe Racer “BBCB” Honda CB550 Café Racer by GMW - Gaston Motorcycle Werks builds a best-in-show CB550… One of our favorite motorcycle events each year has become The Congregation Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, hosted by the good folks at Prism Supply and DicE Magazine. […]
Honda CB350K Custom ’40s Inspired: Honda CB350K by Black Bean Motorcycles - Introduced in 1968, the Honda CB350K Twin was not a technological marvel like the soon-to-arrive CB750 Four, but the 36-bhp parallel-twin was the perfect bike for the time — punchy, reliable, affordable, and fun. Said […]
Trail Reaper CT70 Trail Reaper: CB175-Powered Honda Mini Trail - CB175-powered CT70 built by a team of Wisconsin high-schoolers! The Honda CT70 — aka Trail 70 — hit the US market in 1969, a dual-purpose minibike with a 72cc four-stroke engine and three-speed semiautomatic transmission. […]
Supercharged Goldwing Cafe Racer Supercharged Honda GL1000 Goldwing - Railman Mark Nevitt builds a supercharged Goldwing! Introduced in 1974, the Honda GL1000 Goldwing was the first Japanese production motorcycle to boast a liquid-cooled four-stroke engine — a 999cc flat-four that gave the 600-lb touring […]
Honda CB450 Cafe Racer Scarlet Witch: Honda CB450 Cafe Racer - “The True Spirit of a Racer”: From barn find to Handbuilt Show… In 1965, Honda introduced their first “big” motorcycle, the original CB450 “Black Bomber” — a 43-hp straight-twin that could do 101 mph. The […]
Honda Hornet 600 “Elise” by Nicola Manca - Introduced in 1998, the Honda CB600F — better known as the the Honda 599 (USA) or Hornet (Europe) — utilized the old mid-90s CBR600F sportbike engine, tuned to 97 horsepower and set in a basic […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Black Russian: Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Drive-In Workshop - Leonid Skakunov of Russia’s Drive-In Workshop cut his teeth as a mechanic at various workshops before renting a small space of his own in 2016 to build custom bikes. In the last four years, his […]
Honda CX500 Cafe Racers To The Rescue: “Unexpected” CX500 Cafe Racer by BCKustoms - Honda cafe racer built for a French Coast Guard rescue diver… Yann Le Douche of BCKustoms (Breizh Coast Kustoms) has an enviable pedigree for a custom bike builder. In his long career, he’s worked as […]
Honda XR400R Supercafe Honda XR400R “Supercafe” by 485 Designs - For Sale: Supermoto-inspired XR custom from Colorado… Introduced back in 1996, the Honda XR400R would become one of the most well-loved and successful trail bikes of all time. It weighed 257 lbs dry and made […]
Honda CB350 restomod cafe racer Father / Daughter Custom: Honda CB350 by David & Sonya Lloyd - For more than 25 years, David and Michael Lloyd of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports (LBM) have been involved in flat track racing. Back in 2005, they campaigned the only Aprilia/Rotax flat tracker in AMA pro competition, […]
Restomod Honda CBX Hayabusa CBX1000 by Roland Skate - Pipe Dreams: Six of them… In 1978, Honda unveiled the CBX, powered by a 1047cc, 24-valve six-cylinder engine that made 105 hp at the crank. At the time, Honda had been making steady progress in […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Attack Life: Honda CB750 by Three Daughter Moto - “When you find yourself at a time of uncertainty there is only one way to go: forward.” Missouri’s Brent Becker was in Amsterdam for work when he crossed paths with none other than Eric Kalter, […]
Honda CB750 RC42 Cafe Racer Heritage Edition: KASPEED CB750 RC42 Cafe Racer -   “A concept of how a modern Honda works cafe racer could look if they built it at the factory.” In the early 1990s, Honda introduced the CB750 RC42, an air-cooled inline four with a […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Iron of the Year 2020: Honda CBX750F by Garage14 - Winner of the Ferro dell’Anno 2020 at MBE! The MBE Motor Bike Expo held each year in Verona, Italy, is the world’s largest custom motorcycle show, a four-day event with over 700 exhibitors and more […]
Honda CB750K Virus Built in 22 Days: Honda CB750K “Virus” by Brian Cox - “What can you build with just the spare parts you have on hand during this quarantine?” That was the question Brian Cox (@classicbikebuilding) asked himself after bringing home a 1978 Honda CB750K just before the […]
Honda CB900F Muscle Bike Bandit Power: Honda “CB1157F” by Butchered Classics - Dave Solomon of Butchered Classics is our favorite mad Englishman, a shed-builder who’s earned an “evil reputation” for building high-powered Frankenbikes that send purists drooling and raving to the madhouse. In 2019 alone, we featured […]
Honda CB550 Cafe Racer “Jersey” Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by Kott Motorcycles - “A sleek, stripped down version of what this bike could have looked like straight from the factory…” Built from 1974 to 1978, the Honda CB550 was the company’s middleweight four, featuring an 8-valve engine that […]
Honda CX500 Street Tracker Sharp & Aggressive: Honda CX500 by Be Unique Original Customs - It’s safe to assume that no Honda engineer or executive anticipated that the Honda CX500, more than 40 years after its launch, would become a mainstay of the 21st century custom motorcycle movement. Introduced in […]
Honda CB500T Cafe Racer Honda CB500T “Sakura” by Unik Edition - Only available from 1975-76, the Honda CB500T was an evolution of the CB450, featuring a longer stroke parallel twin engine, 50cc more displacement, and a few assorted upgrades, such as ball-type main bearings. While it […]
Honda Z50R Fur1ous 9e0rge: 190cc Honda Z50R Monkey - The meanest little monkey in California… Some ten years after the introduction of the original Honda Z50A monkey bike, Honda noticed an increasing demand for a more aggressive, race-ready minibike to meet the needs of […]
Honda CB650 Cafe Tracker Honda CB650 “Jasmine” by Red Right Hand - Introduced in 1979, the Honda CB650 would become the last of the air-cooled SOHC fours. An evolution of the beloved CB550, the 650 was built on the same production line and included a nearly identical […]
Honda CX500 Cafe Racer The Low Rider: Honda CX500 by Seb’s Atelier - The Honda CX500 was a strange bird when introduced in 1978, sporting a host of innovative technology for the era. The most obvious feature was the transverse 80° V-twin that led some enthusiasts to term […]
Honda CBX750 ’80s Glory: Honda CBX750 “Flávia” by Unik Edition - An ’80s sport bike, well upgraded… Introduced in 1984, the Honda CBX750 — aka the RC17 — was developed from the CB750 and sold mainly in Europe and Australia. The bike’s DOHC 16-valve engine produced […]
Honda CBR1000RR Custom “Tricolor” Retro Racer: Honda CBR1000RR by Crazy Garage - An RC30-inspired “Retro Racer” built in collaboration with Öhlins Korea… Known as the Fireblade in some markets, the Honda CBR1000RR was introduced in 2004 as the 7th generation RR superbike. Developed in conjunction with Honda’s […]
Goldwing Cafe Brat Cult of Personality: Honda GL1000 Custom - Not your granddaddy’s Goldwing! The original Honda GL1000 Goldwing debuted in 1974 with a 999cc liquid-cooled flat-four and a number of interesting design features, including a contra-rotating generator to counteract the engine’s torque, a below-seat […]
HOnda Goldwing GL1000 Cafe Racer Valkyrie Power: GL1000 Goldwing Cafe Racer - “Breathless” — a Valkyrie-Powered ’77 Goldwing from Dragon’s Motorcycles Photos courtesy of Diego Bermúdez of Revival of the Machine and builder Pablo Sebastián. The Honda GL1000 Goldwing may not seem like the best candidate for […]
Honda CB750F2 Restomod Ace Corner Champion: Honda “IFR750F2” - From Crusher to All Class Champion… In the late 1980s, the Honda VFR750R — aka the RC30 — made a thunderous appearance on the world stage, winning the first two World Superbike Championships with none […]
Honda CB750 Endurance Racer “Kulte” Classic: Honda “750 RKB” by Le Motographe - RCB-Inspired Custom… The Honda RCB1000 dominated the FIM Endurance Cup (Coupe d’Endurance) scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s, composed of races like the Bol d’Or, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Suzuka 8 […]
Honda C90 Cafe Racer “Hornet”: Honda C90 Cub by Clav Custom - Best in Show: Pint-size Springer! The Honda Super Cub is the most successful motorcycle in history, with production now surpassing 100 million. The C90 model, introduced in 1966, featured an 89.5cc, 7.5-hp four-stroke engine and […]
Honda CBF500 Custom Custom Honda CBF500 by Rusty Gold MotorShop - A bespoke Honda built in the “Batcave” beneath Amsterdam’s Rusty Gold MotorShop! Today, we’re thrilled-as-hell to feature the first fully bespoke build from one of our favorite names in the moto world, Rusty Gold MotorShop […]
Honda CB900F Cafe Racer “Tokyo Nights” Honda CB900F by James Berreau - Best in Class: Garage-built neo cafe racer from a former USAF tech… The Honda CB900F — aka the Bol d’Or, named after the legendary French 24-hour endurance race — was an air-cooled, DOHC roadster descended […]
Honda CB400F Best in Class: Honda CB400F by Chattahoochee Skunkworks - The Honda CB400F — aka the Honda 400 Four — was a lightweight inline four with 37 horsepower, a 6-speed gearbox (Honda’s first), svelte cafe racer styling, and one of the most beautiful factory exhausts […]
Honda NX650 Cafe Racer Super Single: Honda NX650 Cafe Racer by Iz Meccanica - A 675cc Big-Single Cafe Racer from Paris! The Honda NX650 — aka the Dominator 650 — has become one of Europe’s most popular donor bikes for customization. However, the vast majority of these builds are […]
Honda Goldwing Cafe Racer “John Player Special”: Honda Goldwing Cafe Racer by Ábila Kustom - A Goldwing built in memory of Ayrton Senna… In 1985, Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna won his first victory in Formula One.  It was the Portuguese Gran Prix, in very wet conditions, and Senna lapped […]
Honda CB650 Brat Cafe Racer Budget-Built: $1250 Honda CB650 by Redeemed Cycles - A $1250 (!) brat / cafe racer from North Carolina… While we love to drool over high-dollar bike builds as much as anyone, we’ve always been drawn to bikes built within a reasonable budget, and […]
Honda CJ360 Cafe Racer Honda CJ250/360 Cafe Racer by Elemental Custom Cycles - This bike has been removed at the request of the builder.
Honda CB350 Restomod Cafe Racer Aviation-Grade: Honda CB350 Restomod by Merlin Cycleworks - What happens when a jet aircraft mechanic builds his wife a bike… The Honda CB350 twin is not only one of the company’s best-selling models, but one of today’s most popular vintage bikes for customization. […]
Honda CB350 Brat Cafe Racer Honda CB350 Cafe Commuter by Kevin Bergeron - The Honda CB350 is one of the most beloved small twins of all time, a 36-hp scrapper that recalled the old adage: “It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size […]
Honda Garage Dreams: 13 CB1000R Customs! - Honda Garage Dreams is the first motorcycle customization contest in the history of Honda Spain-Portugal, aka Honda Motor Europe Iberia. In January, 13 Honda dealers across Spain and Portugal started with the same platform, the […]
Honda CBX550 Cafe Racer Honda CBX550 Cafe Racer by Luca Sereni - A middleweight CBX inspired by Colin Chapman’s Lotus 43… The Honda CBX550 Four, introduced in 1982, boasted some interesting signature elements at the time. Most notably, there was the distinctive 4-into-2 exhaust system, featuring crossover […]
Honda CB360 Cafe Racer “Yatagarasu” Honda CB360 Cafe Racer by Moth Vintage - From fiery basket case to The One Moto… The Honda CB360, a four-stroke twin, debuted in the mid-70s as an alternative to Honda’s more expensive and complex lightweight fours. The 34-hp engine was tuned for […]
Honda CB400F Cafe Racer “White Lightning” Honda CB400F by Wayne Hawes - Honda CB400 Four resurrected after 30 years sitting outdoors… The Honda CB400F is one of our favorite bikes from the entire CB series. It was an evolution of the CB350F, introduced in 1972 as the […]
Honda CB175 Cafe Racer Zero to Hero: Honda CB175 Cafe Racer - From Zero to Hero: Honda CB175 built from a junked chopper… The Honda CB175, introduced in 1969, was based around an air-cooled parallel twin engine with dual carburetors and a 5-speed transmission. The bike offered […]
Honda GL1100 Goldwing Custom Honda GL1100 Goldwing by De Angelis Elaborazioni - The Honda Goldwing may not seem like an ideal donor bike for a custom build, but the big Honda boxers are increasingly finding their way into the hands of builders all over the world. The […]
Honda CB550 Restomod Honda CB550 “MD01” by MOTODesign - Nine Years of Vision: Barn-Built CB550 cafe racer from New York… The Honda CB550 is one of our favorite platforms for a custom build. While the 38-hp middleweight didn’t have the outright power of the […]
Honda Z50 Cafe Racer “Baby Black Bomber” Honda Z50 Cafe Racer - For Sale: 88cc “Baby Black Bomber” from Utopeia Moto Company! The Honda Z-series of street-legal minibikes have developed a cult following since their introduction in the 1964. Legend has it, the Z50 was originally part […]
Honda Hornet 600 Cafe Racer Honda Hornet 600 Cafe Racer by Three Stones Cycles - The Honda CB600F Hornet, known as the Honda 599 in the States, was powered by a version of the CBR600RR engine tuned for a fatter torque curve and better streetability while still offering 94-102 horsepower […]
Honda CX500 Cafe Bobber Honda CX500 Cafe / Bobber by Magnum Opus Custom Bikes - “Nothing is plug and play once you put down the grinder…” These are the words of Ezio Covelli, the man behind Magnum Opus Custom Bikes, describing the transformation of this Honda CX500 and any custom […]
Honda CB360 Cafe Racer Honda CB360 Cafe Racer by Aston Neale Motorcycles - Straight out of Suffolk:  A Garage-Built, Modernized CB360… The Honda CB360 was only available for a short time — 1974 to 1976 — as the successor to the popular CB350. The 34-hp air-cooled parallel twin […]
cb750 nighthawk Honda CB750 Nighthawk by Vandals Moto - “Classic lines with a modern approach…” That’s the motto of Vandals Moto, an Atlanta-based shop that focuses on melding classic looks with modern brake, suspension, and performance technology. Run by Alex Childs, Vandals Moto has […]
Supercharged Honda CB750 Supercharged Honda CB750 by Justin Blue - Best in Show:  Supercharged, Big Bore Honda CB750 from Alabama… It’s a truth universally acknowledged:  When you put together a Honda engineer, a ’74 CB750, and an AMR500 supercharger, good things happen. Earlier this month, […]
Honda CB550 Monoshock Cafe Racer Honda CB550 Monoshock Cafe Racer -   A father/son Honda CB550 cafe racer build with custom monoshock conversion… Honda’s four-cylinder middleweight, the CB550, is one of our favorite platforms for a cafe racer build. While the air-cooled SOHC engine doesn’t have […]
Honda CB750 Modern Cafe Racer Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by RW Motorcycles - An old superbike gets a modern makeover… The Honda CB750 was the “original superbike” — a four-stroke street, strip, and track weapon that radicalized the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle). However, the 750cc Hall-of-Famer is getting […]
CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F Cafe Racer “Lainey” - The CB750F was Honda’s effort to regain the supremacy of their original CB750 Four superbike. In 1980, Cycle Guide claimed the new 77-hp DOHC 750 could “accelerate with the fury of a one-liter hyperbike” and […]
Honda GB500 Cafe Racer Honda GB500 Cafe Racer by Steve Jones - The styling of the Honda GB500 TT (“Tourist Trophy”) resembled the single-cylinder Isle of Man TT race bikes of yesteryear. Then, as now, TT riders braved the 37-mile Mountain Course at unbelievable speed, blasting between […]
Honda XBR500 Cafe Racer Honda XBR500 Cafe Racer by Bandisca - The Honda XBR500 is a rarely seen, big single street bike launched in the mid-eighties to rival the Yamaha SR500.  The 44-hp dry sump engine was derived from that of the Honda XL600 dirt bike, […]
Garage Built CB750 Cafe Racer Honda CB750K Cafe Racer “Kali” by Contach - We like staring slack-jawed at the big money pro builds as much as anyone, but there’s nothing quite so special as the connection between a garage builder and his first build. Enter Mark Guevara of […]
Honda CB500 Four Cafe Racer Honda CB500 Four Cafe Racer by Duke Motorcycles - “Mrs. Duke” — The pure white CB500 stunner… Lionel Duke of Duke Motorcycles had more than two decades of experience as a car and motorcycle mechanic before opening his shop in Tourrettes sur Loup, near […]
Honda CB450 Cafe Racer “Wart Hog” Honda CB450 Cafe Racer - The CB450 was Honda’s first “big motorcycle” — a 444cc parallel twin with 43 horsepower and a top speed of 110 mph. Early models were known as the Black Bomber, though the remained in production […]
Honda GL1000 Goldwing Cafe Racer Honda GL1000 Goldwing Cafe Racer by 85 Speedshop - “Man-Size” Goldwing Cafe Racer from Denmark! Rune Kellberg is a 33 year-old single father who spends his spare time in his workshop, 85 Speed Shop, with his 6 year-old son — lucky kid! They love […]
Honda 125 Brat Cafe Honda 125 Brat Cafe by Revolt Cycles - The Honda TMX125 is an air-cooled thumper, a variation of the better-known CB125 and CG125 series. These Honda 125cc singles have long been hailed as punchy, bulletproof performers over the years. They are also a […]
Honda Boldor Cafe Racer Honda Bol d’Or Cafe Racer by Unik Edition - In 2016, Portugal’s Luís Costa and Tiago Gonçalves created Unik Edition Custom Motorcycles with a focus on the art of motorcycle customization, transforming dreams into reality. Their design philosophy emphasizes the “Unikness” of each bike: […]
Honda GL500 Boardtracker Honda GL500 “Brokenwing” by Bandisca - The Honda GL500 Silverwing was a touring model spin-off of the CX500, with a similar liquid-cooled motor, shaft drive, and air adjustable suspension. While neither bike was very attractive, the off-beat CX/GL series has caught […]
Honda CX500 Brat Cafe Racer Honda CX500 Brat Cafe by Sault Built - Cameron Sault is the founder of Sault Built, a workshop where he builds custom furniture and motorcycles, as well as working in metal sculpting. Since Cam is deaf, he cannot enjoy the exhaust note of […]
Honda CX650 Cafe RAcer Honda CX650 Cafe Racer by One-up Moto Garage - The John Player Special, built for the father of an F1 driver… We see a lot of Honda CX500 builds these days, but rarely do we see a CX650C — a one-year model available only […]
Honda Hornet Cafe Racer Honda Hornet Cafe Racer by XTR Pepo - A modern cafe racer inspired by the Honda CB500 Four… We’re not quite sure how Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo turns out so many staggering builds, each unique but incomparably his own. Today, we’re thrilled […]
Honda CG125 Fairing Cafe Racer Honda CG125 Cafe Racer Deluxe by Fernando Casado - Fernando Casado has quickly become one of our favorite builders. A 23 year old design student at the State University of Maringá in Brazil, Fernando grew up in a family of men who’d ridden many […]
Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Honda CB350 Cafe Racer by Andrew Frederick - “Come by tomorrow with $100 and I’ve got a project for you. It’s perfect, pristine, and all original.” So said one of Andrew Frederick’s friends. Of course, the bike was in boxes and bins! Seventeen […]
Honda CB500 Cafe Racer Honda CB500 Four Cafe Racer by Kaspeed - Here at BikeBound, we have a soft spot for father/son workshops and builds. Kaspeed Custom Motorcycles of Germany is one of the very best. The crew consists of twin brothers Jimmy and Mick — both […]
Honda S90 Cafe Racer Honda S90 Cafe Racer by Fernando Casado - The lightweight Honda S90 — also known as the Sport 90 or Super 90 — was the sportiest of Honda’s 90cc range of motorbikes and scooters, built from 1964-1969. The 90cc, air-cooled 8-hp engine was […]
Honda S90 Restoration Honda S90 Restoration by The Chattahoochee Skunkworks - 1965 Honda S90 resurrected in the Georgia foothills… Toby Jones and his wife — “the artists formerly known as OtC Custom Motorcycles” 😉 — recently moved from Vero Beach, Florida, to one of the world’s […]
Honda Nighthawk Monoshock Cafe Racer Monoshock Honda CB750 F2 by L’établi Garage - “Cut like a wasp…” Quentin Lambert, the 22 year-old founder of France’s L’établi Garage, is quickly making a name for himself in the customs world. Last year, we featured his Honda XLV750R Street Tracker — […]
Honda CG125 Cafe Racer Honda CG125 Cafe Racer by Fernando Casado - Young man, big heart…Brazilian design student dedicates his build to family, teachers, and friends… Today, we are thrilled and honored to feature the first of three builds from Fernando Casado — a 23 year old […]