Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker

Suzuki Street Trackers

In recent years, Suzuki has become a popular make for street tracker builds around the world. Builders have turned the small GN series bikes — some of the most popular learner bikes in the world — into lightweight trackers, as well as the plentiful, seemingly unkillable GS series bikes — donors which can still be picked up for a song. Then there’s the DR line of air-cooled dual-sports, which make ultra-tough street trackers, ready to slide tail-happy around the track and jump the curb in front of the nearest coffee shop.

Below, a selection of the best custom Suzuki street trackers we’ve featured here on BikeBound.

Suzuki DR Big Scrambler Big Suzy: Suzuki DR800 Big Scrambler - Unik Edition scrambles DR Big…  In 1990, Suzuki released the DR800 Big, the largest mass-production single-cylinder dual-sport ever available to the buying public. The “dashing desert styling” came straight from the mighty DR-Zeta Paris-Dakar bike, […]
Suzonda Project Suzonda: “WTF200/2” Street Tracker - 400/4 ➞ 200/2: Two-Stroke Mashup from Colin Davies…  Introduced in 1974, the Honda CB400F was one of the sweetest little machines of the 1970s. While it didn’t have the outright power of larger siblings like […]
Suzuki GT380 Tracker The Triple Option: Suzuki GT380 Flat Tracker - Two-Stroke Triple Tracker from Moore’s Competition Cycles…  During the 1970s, the Suzuki GT series of three-cylinder two-stroke street bikes never earned quite the same widow-making reputation as the infamously fast and lethal Kawasaki triples…mainly because […]
Suzuki DRZ400 Street Tracker Ride the Lightning: Suzuki DR-Z400 Street Tracker - Black Cycles Australia builds a 400cc street tracker…  Introduced back in 2000, the Suzuki DR-Z400 remains still one of the most popular dual-sports on the market, boasting an especially strong aftermarket and rider community.  While […]
Suzuki Savage 650 Street Tracker Savage DNA: Suzuki LS650 Street Tracker - Grand Cru Customs builds a Savage 650 street tracker…  Introduced in 1986, the Suzuki Savage 650 — aka the LS650 and later the Boulevard S40 — would remain in production for 33 years. The 650cc […]
Suzuki GT250 Street Tracker “Smoke, Noise, Speed” — Suzuki GT250 Street Tracker! - Tough Tracker builds a two-stroke ripper!  In the 1970s, competition in the 250 two-stroke class was especially fierce, as 17-year-olds could ride 250cc machines in the UK — and of course, every budding street racer […]
Moonshine: Suzuki TS100 Scrambler - Two-Stroke Scrambler from House of Customland x Minority Custom…  The Suzuki TS100 was a lightweight street-legal two-stroke enduro produced from 1973 to 1981. The little smoker made 11 horsepower, good for a top speed of […]
Suzuki Freewind Scrambler 007 Scrambler: Suzuki Freewind 650 - Sardinia’s MCafeGarage builds one sleek 650…  The Suzuki XF650 Freewind has been called the predecessor of the V-Strom. The Euro-styled single-cylinder all-rounder debuted in 1997, designed to rival the BMW F650. The engine came courtesy […]
Suzuki Grass Tracker Scrambler Grass Tracker No. 008: Suzuki 250 Scrambler - Heiwa Motorcycle builds an vinduro-style 250 scrambler…  Last year, we featured a Suzuki TU250 scrambler from one of our favorite builders, Kengo Kimura of Heiwa Motorcycle, who built the vintage-style, dual-sporting machine for himself: “His […]
Suzuki DR650 Scrambler Sunset Scrambler: Suzuki DR650 by tecGNAR - There’s always been a great deal of overlap between the bicycle and motorcycle worlds.  For many of the builders we interview, their love of motorcycles began with pedal bikes. And lest we forget, early motorcycles […]
Suzuki DR800 Street Tracker DR Big: Suzuki DR800 Street Tracker - Jean-Baptiste Escriva builds a big-single street tracker…  The Suzuki DR800S — aka the DR Big — was the next evolution of the DR750S, the production version of the mighty duck-nosed Suzuki DR-Z that Gaston Rahier […]
Suzuki GT250 Hustler Street Tracker “SS001” Suzuki GT250 Hustler Street Tracker - Satset Garage builds a red-hot two-stroke street tracker…  The Suzuki GT250 “Hustler” was originally introduced to the Japanese market in 1971 as an evolution of the best-selling T250 two-stroke twin. By the time it reached […]
Suzuki SV650 Street Tracker Stoker STR: Suzuki SV650 Street Tracker - Stay Stoked: Finland’s Antti Eloheimo builds an SV for street-tracking… In 1999, Suzuki introduced the SV650 for the emerging naked bike market, featuring an oval-tube alloy trellis frame and liquid-cooled 90° V-twin with 64 rear-wheel […]
Suzuki GT750 Tracker RSD Water Buffalo: Suzuki GT750 Tracker - Roland Sands Design builds a 750cc two-stroke tracker for Travis Pastrana to race! At the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki unveiled the GT750, a 750cc liquid-cooled two-stroke “super sporting roadster” that would become a cult […]
Suzuki GT380 Street Tracker French Smoker: Suzuki GT380 Street Tracker - A father/son street smoker from France! Introduced in 1971, the Suzuki GT380 was the smallest sibling of the mighty GT750 “Water Buffalo.” Known as the Sebring on American shores, the 371cc air-cooled triple made 38 […]
Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker COCO: Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker by Seb’s Atelier - Introduced in 1990, the Suzuki DR650 has now been in production for more than 30 years, developing a reputation for bulletproof reliability and toughness in a range of climates and terrain.  The air/oil-cooled single-cylinder engine […]
Suzuki TU250 Scrambler Grass Tracker 004: Suzuki TU250 Scrambler by Heiwa - One of the world’s most renowned customizers builds himself a scrambler… The Suzuki TU250, better known as the Grasstracker or Volty in some markets, is a lightweight single-cylinder street bike introduced in 1994 — a […]
Suzuki XF650 Scrambler Raise a Little Hell: Suzuki XF650 Freewind Scrambler - Heaven is a two-wheeled machine you built yourself… Introduced in 1997, the Suzuki XF650 Freewind was a do-it-all machine with the bulletproof 47-hp single from the DR650 and a multi-purpose mission: “Cruise comfortably at 80mph, […]
DRZ400 Street Tracker Miss Adventure: Suzuki DR-Z400 Street Tracker - Farm Fresh Customs builds a misadventurous supermotard… Since its introduction in 2005, the Suzuki DR-Z400SM has achieved something of a cult following, a street-legal factory supermoto that’s affordable, bulletproof, and has a strong community and […]
Suzuki DR800 Tracker Fuel-Injected Suzuki DR800 Street Tracker by Frateschi Garage - A fuel-injected uber-thumper from Brazil… The Suzuki DR800S — also known as the “DR Big” or “Desert Express” — has been called the “Granddaddy of The Dual-Sports,” a 54-hp big-single beast born from a legendary […]
Suzuki T500 Tracker Suzuki T500 Flat Tracker By A.K. Cycles - Two-stroke twin tracker from Colorado! Introduced in 1968, the Suzuki T500 was a 46-hp two-stroke parallel twin that would be marketed as the Cobra and Titan over the years. Though it was known to be […]
Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker Urban Flat Tracker: Suzuki DR650 by Oilbro Motorcycles - “Without the subtle LED lighting, you could easily mistake this bike for a race-only flat tracker.” The Suzuki DR650 has long stood as one of the world’s most rugged motorcycles, an air-cooled thumper that’s remained […]
Suzuki DR650 Tracker / Cafe Racer Modular Prototype: Suzuki DR650 Cafe Racer / Tracker - It’s a tracker, it’s a cafe racer, it’s both! The Suzuki DR650 has been in production for nearly 30 years, earning a reputation as one of the most rugged, versatile thumpers on the planet. However, […]
Suzuki Hayabusa Streetfighter 1300 Drifter: Suzuki Hayabusa by Droog Moto - The Suzuki Hayabusa — aka GSX1300R or simply the ‘Busa — remains the fastest production motorcycle of the 20th century. In 1999, at the time of its introduction, the Hayabusa broke the old record by […]
Suzuki DR650 Scrambler In the Wild: Suzuki “DR790” Scrambler by Jesse Cruze - Big-bore Suzuki “DR790” from Texas… The Suzuki DR650 has been in production for nearly 30 years now, a 46-horsepower big single that’s earned a reputation for ruggedness and do-it-all utility. The air/oil-cooled engine is counterbalanced, […]
Suzuki GN250 Brat Tracker 300cc Suzuki GN250 Brat Tracker - “Looks like a brat, goes like a flat!” For years, the Suzuki GN250 served as a capable 250cc runabout. The air-cooled, SOHC single cylinder engine offered some 22 horsepower and the bike was fairly lightweight […]
Suzuki DR200 Scrambler Suzuki DR200 Street Scrambler by Bergnco - “Johnny Lightning” — built to cut through fields on a traffic-infested daily commute… The Suzuki DR series has earned a reputation for bombproof performance both on and off road. While the DR200 doesn’t pack the […]
Suzuki DR500 Tracker Suzuki DR500 Surf Tracker - A “good-time bike,” inspired by The Endless Summer philosophy… In these latter days of Insta-fame and wheelie control, it’s easy to forget what motorcycles have always been about:  freedom, friendship, and fun. Today, we’re proud to […]
Suzuki GN400 Tracker Suzuki GN400 Tracker by Ventus Garage - According to Paweł Guzik of Poland’s Ventus Garage, the Suzuki GN400 is one of the most overlooked donor bikes for custom builds. The 400cc SOHC engine was derived from the DR400 motor — a near-bulletproof […]
Suzuki DR650 Tracker Suzuki DR650 Tracker by TPCustom - Inspired by motocross races on black-and-white TV! When Thomas Kortenbach was just seven years old, he watched his first motocross race on his family’s black-and-white television set. To say that MX race was influential on […]
Suzuki DR650 Retromotard Suzuki DR650 “Retro-Moto” by Parr Motorcycles - Today, we are thrilled to feature the Suzuki DR650 “Retro-Moto” from Spencer Parr of Indiana’s Parr Motorcycles. Hailing from just outside Indianapolis, Spencer was a police officer on patrol for five years before he lost […]
Suzuki GN250 Tracker Suzuki GN250 Street Tracker by STG Tracker - Argentina has become a hotbed of street tracker and scrambler builds. Much of this interest and energy is thanks to Marcelo Obarrio of STG Tracker. Marcelo, a former cyclist, owned the country’s first brand of […]
Suzuki DR650 Street Scrambler Suzuki DR650 Street Scrambler by James Russell - From frozen dual-sport to frontier weapon… The Suzuki DR650 is one of the toughest, best-selling dual-sport motorcycles ever built. In a land like Alaska, it better be. When James Russell of Anchorage picked up this […]
Suzuki VanVan 125 Tracker Suzuki VanVan 125 Tracker by TOMA Customs - The Suzuki VanVan 125 is a something of an enigma — a balloon-tired, retro-styled 125cc machine that punches well above its weight in the fun department. The air-cooled, 12-hp SOHC engine is capable of pushing […]
Suzuki DR800 Street Tracker Suzuki DR800 Street Tracker by Andreas Soeser - The Suzuki DR800S Big — aka DR Big or Desert Express — was inspired by the large-bore Paris-Dakar rally racers of the era.  Said Suzuki: “The DR800S is a motorcycle you can ride to Africa […]
Suzuki GSX1200 Inazuma Custom Scrambler Suzuki GSX1200 Inazuma Custom by Rusty Wrench Motorcycles - A legendary muscle bike gets a burly, two-up makeover… The Suzuki GSX1200 Inazuma was an oil-cooled muscle bike of the late 1990s, offering a neat 100 horsepower on tap and a quarter mile time of […]
Suzuki GR650 Tempter Scrambler Suzuki GR650 Scrambler by Cool Kid Customs - Retro-styled runabout from The Netherlands… The Suzuki GR650 “Tempter” was an air-cooled parallel twin that drew comparison to the British twins of yore. The bike was relatively lightweight, with a low center of gravity. Reviewers […]
Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker Suzuki DR600 Street Tracker by Italian Dream Motorcycle - Sergio Giordano, founder of Italian Dream Motorcycle crews a team of professional racing mechanics uniquely qualified to build high-performance custom motorcycles. “Thanks to…years of experience in the world of superbikes and MotoGP, ours are not […]
Suzuki Bandit 250 Scrambler Suzuki Bandit 250 Scrambler by Dengra Racing Machines - 250cc four-cylinder scrambler built by a race mechanic… There are plenty of builders who can build a machine that’s aesthetically pleasing, but only a rare few have the technical expertise in racing and geometry to […]
Suzuki GN250 Tracker Suzuki GN250 Scrambler by Purpose Built Moto - Old Soul, New Tech…Suzuki GN Scrambler from the Gold Coast Tom Gilroy, founder of Australia’s Purpose Built Moto, is on a roll. Not only has his Gold Coast shop been turning out a stable’s worth […]
Suzuki SV650 Tracker Suzuki SV650 Brat Tracker by Droog Moto -   Moto 11 from Droog Moto has emerged from the den, and she’s one burly beast. This time, Max and Erica Droog chose a late-model Suzuki SV650 with the trellis-style frame.  The SV650 is one […]
Suzuki TU250 Grasstracker Suzuki Grasstracker Bigboy by Speedtractor - The Silver Fox – Speedtractor’s Deceptively Simple Suzuki TU250GB. Passion and restraint. Two opposing forces, constantly at play within the mind of the custom motorcycle creator. Too little or too much of either being the […]
Electric Street Tracker Suzuki DR800 Electric Street Tracker - The world of electric motorcycling is evolving at a blistering pace. Now we have TT Zero at the Isle of Man each year, with teams such as MotoCzysz and Mugen, and the instant torque of […]
Suzuki Savage Scrambler Suzuki Savage Scrambler by Droog Moto - Max and Erica Droog — the husband and wife team behind Droog Moto — have quickly become one of our favorite builders.  Their signature style seems to fuse the desert sled heritage of the American […]
Suzuki GN250 Scrambler Suzuki GN250 Scrambler by Purpose Built Moto - It’s easy to lose sight of one of the crucial elements of building and riding custom bikes:  fun. This little Suzuki GN scrambler promises a huge dose of pure, full-throttle entertainment. “A purpose-built fun machine.” […]
Suzuki DR600 Scrambler Suzuki DR600 Scrambler by Vintage Addiction - The Suzuki DR600 was introduced in 1984, a 44-horsepower dual-purpose thumper that the sales brochure called a “Bi-Formance Enduro.” The DR had decent dirt etiquette despite the high saddle height and tall gearing, and the […]
Suzuki GN125 Custom Brat Suzuki GN125 Brat by Istmo Customs - The Suzuki GN125 has been a hard-to-kill, real-world workhorse since the 1980s.  However, it takes a special eye to see the beauty hiding behind the bike’s slightly funky factory looks.  Canadian journalist Jeff Campagna is […]
Suzuki GN250 Custom Tracker Scrambler Suzuki GN250 Tracker by Trintaeum Motorcycles - The Suzuki GN250 is one of the most popular beginner bikes in the world. Of course, there’s nothing like your first motorcycle, and the crew at Portugal’s Trinta&Um Motorcycles has made something special of the […]
GS450 Cafe Racer by Wrench Kings Suzuki GS450 Cafe Racer by Wrench Kings - Bram Boot and the crew at Wrench Kings, based in The Netherlands, spent a number of years in corporate management in Dubai.  They had an enormous sandbox to play in, complete with big cars, road […]
Suzuki DR650 Tracker by Le French Atelier - Here we have one of our very favorite custom dual-sport trackers, a Suzuki DR650 by French shop Le French Atelier, which means “The French Workshop” in English.  This bike broke the mold for thumper-based customs, […]
Suzuki GS550 Tracker by Mark Alderfer - Today, we’re excited to bring you “The Blue Bike,” a 1980 Suzuki GS550L tracker build by Mark Alderfer of Pottstown, PA. This bike screams class, and the lines and detail immediately leapt out at us. […]
Suzuki GSX750 Brat Tracker 1980 Suzuki GSX750 Brat Tracker, “La Suzu” - We are pleased to present this 1980 Suzuki GSX750 16V, “La Suzu,” built by Mauro Lorusso of Triple Ocho 888 Garage, a custom bike builder in Argentina.  The bike immediately jumped out at us with […]