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Yamaha Street Trackers

Yamaha continues to be one of the most popular makes for street tracker builds. Popular donors include the XS650, the Virago series, the single-cylinder SR250/400/500, the SX225 Scorpio so popular in Asian markets, and the long-running XT series of dual-sports. Builders have turned all of these and more into street trackers, many incorporating the company’s “speed block” racing livery.

Below, a selection of the best Yamaha street trackers we’ve featured here on BikeBound.


Stibnite Stinger Stibnite Stinger: Yamaha MT-07 Powered Scrambler - The Malle Mile Beach Race Winner from Stibnite Moto…  Some call him the “07 King.” Dan Stone aka Danners of Stibnite Moto has earned a name for himself turning up to Malle Mile events on […]
Yamaha R5 350 Street Tracker Yellow Addiction: Yamaha R5 Street Tracker - Scott Pickett’s “Classic American Street Tracker”…   Introduced in 1970, the Yamaha R5 350 was the predecessor of the storied RD twins that smoked their way into the hearts of a generation. While the RD series […]
Yamaha XT500 Street Tracker Torakusu XT: Yamaha XT500 Street Tracker - Jean-Michel Atlan’s street tracker, reimagined 40 years later…  In 1877, Japanese entrepreneur Torakusu Yamaha, the third son of a samurai of the Kishu-Tokugawa family, founded Nippon Gakki Company in order to manufacturer reed organs. Torakusu’s […]
Yamaha DT400 Custom Smoke Show: Yamaha DT400 Scrambler - A Two-Stroke Ripper from Hex Moto…   The Yamaha DT400 is one of our favorite two-stroke enduros of the 1970s. It arose from the original DT-1 250 of 1969, which revolutionized the market as a […]
Yamaha XT600 Street Tracker B-Road Baddie: Yamaha XT600 Street Tracker - Hoxton Moto’s 1992 Yamaha XT600 Street Tracker…  Introduced back in 1983, the Yamaha XT600 would remain in production until the early 2000s, earning a reputation as a worthy, rock-solid successor to the original twin-shock XT500 […]
Yamaha XS650 Custom The Dark Horse: Yamaha XS650 Custom - Yasashii Garage’s Yamaha XS650 Custom Roadster…  According to the Merriam Webster definition, a dark horse is “a usually little known contender (such as a racehorse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing.” You could make a […]
Ducati Banshee Ducati Banshee: 350cc Two-Stroke Monster - A Japanese-Italian Smoker from Moto Vera…   Yamaha’s aptly-named Banshee 350 is one of the most legendary quads of all time. Introduced in 1987, it earned a cult following for the staggering pump-gas power potential […]
Yamaha MT07 Tracker Scrambler ROEG Rider: Yamaha MT-07 Street Tracker - Up for Auction: Yamaha 700 Street Tracker by Luuc Muis Creations…  The Yamaha MT-07 — known as the FZ-07 from 2015-2017 in North America — is a 689cc parallel-twin naked bike that’s proved popular on […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker Rolling Art: Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker - Gaston Motorcycle Werks builds a two-stroke street tracker…  Introduced in 1976, the Yamaha RD400 was the last of Yamaha’s air-cooled two-stroke RD street bikes, a blue-smoking wheelie monster that undercut many of its rivals pricewise […]
Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker Hooligan’s Dream: Yamaha “RD375LC” Street Tracker - FLATTY: Vic Shield’s 375cc Two-Stroke Street Tracker…  By the late 70s, Yamaha’s air-cooled RD250/400 two-stroke street bikes were due for an update. In order to galvanize the supersport class, Yamaha decided to go all-out, creating […]
Yamaha SX225 Street Tracker Sub-Zero: Yamaha Scorpio 225 Tracker - Bali’s Joyride builds a Shoei-inspired SX225… The Indonesian island of Bali has become a custom motorcycle mecca in recent years. Few destinations can boast such a high concentration of workshops turning out bespoke builds, many […]
Yamaha XS650 Scrambler Period-Correct Goodness: 1970 Yamaha XS650 “Bugsy” - James “The Eggman” Eckman recreates the bike he sold 50 years ago…  Motocross arrived on American shores quite a bit later than some folks realize. Though the first European FIM championship was held in 1952, […]
Yamaha XT600 Scrambler Lord Drake Kustoms: Yamaha XT600 Scrambler - Introduced in 1984, the Yamaha XT600 would become one of the most venerated big-bore “trailies” of all time — a rugged, no-nonsense dual-purpose machine that performed equally well on grocery runs and trans-African expeditions. “The […]
Yamaha XSR900 Street Tracker Bottpower’s Yamaha XSR900: “XR9 Carbona” - Pikes Peak Power: Bottpower’s Yard-Built XSR900… The Yamaha XSR900 is a retro roadster powered by Yamaha’s renowned CP3 (Crossplane 3-cylinder) engine — the same inline triple that powers the MT-09 “Hyper Naked” and Tracer 900 […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker 427 Tracker: Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker - Smyth Innovations builds a 427cc two-stroke street tracker…  In 1976, Yamaha released the next evolution of the two-stroke RD series: the Yamaha RD400. Contrary to popular belief, it was much more than a punched-out RD350: […]
Yamaha FZX750 Street Tracker Baby V-Max: Yamaha FZX750 Street Tracker - Badass Factory turns a Fazer 750 into a dirt track-inspired fun machine…  In the mid 1980s, Yamaha introduced the FZX750 Fazer, also known as the “Baby V-Max.” While the styling echoed that of the company’s […]
Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Summerbud Specials: Yamaha XS650 Street Trackers - A former pro speedway racer crafts small batches of XS650 street trackers…  The Yamaha XS650 debuted in 1969, taking styling cues from the British twins of a previous generation, but with advanced technology such as […]
Yamaha Street Tracker Kenny Roberts Street Tracker: 421cc Banshee Powered! - A 421cc two-stroke street tracker inspired by Kenny Roberts…  In 1978, Kenny Roberts became the first American rider to win a Grand Prix World Championship, beating out British legend Barry Sheene to claim the title […]
Yamaha SR400 Restomod Street Thumper: Yamaha SR400 Restomod Roadster - DOTi builds another single-cylinder roadster…  The Yamaha SR400 has become a cult classic in many parts of the world — a short-stroke thumper derived from the legendary Yamaha XT500. Introduced in 1978, the SR was […]
Yamaha Scorpio 225 Tracker Balinese Blaster: Yamaha Scorpio 225 “Daini” - Enduro meets Bobber in this Bali-born custom…  The Yamaha Scorpio Z has become one of the most popular custom donors in Oceania, especially Bali and the rest of Indonesia. From the factory, it’s a standard […]
Yamaha SR500 Scrambler Yamaha “SRXT500” Vinduro by 86 Gear - From Street to Scrambler…  By 1971, BSA and Matchless had both gone out of business, and with them the British 500 singles whose torque and character had proved perfect for such a wide variety of […]
Yamaha SRC600 Scrambler Road Cross: Yamaha “SRC600” - A Dutch motocross racer builds himself a dual-terrain ripper…  In 1983, Kawasaki and Yamaha decided to challenge Honda’s domination of the big-bore dual-sport class.  Kawasaki introduced their KLR600 and Yamaha their XT600 — a bike […]
Yamaha WR155R Scrambler Retro Enduro: Yamaha “XT155” by Treasure Garage - Throwback Thumper: Yamaha WR155 gets a retro makeover… The Yamaha WR is the company’s series of liquid-cooled four-stroke enduro / dual-sport motorcycles. WR indicates a wide-ratio gearbox, which is better-suited for street and trail use […]
Yamaha SR400 Motard Restomod Thumper: Yamaha SR400 by DOTi Motorcycle - JDM Motard: A big single streetbike from Vietnam… The Yamaha SR400 has been available in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) since 1978, originally developed as a street-oriented spinoff of the legendary XT500 enduro. To comply […]
Honda XL500 / Yamaha SR500 Vulture Moto’s Vintage 500 Series - A pair of 500 thumpers from Germany’s Vulture Moto! The 500cc “big single” remains one of the best, most versatile all-around engine configurations in motorcycling history, from the British 500 singles of yesteryear to the […]
Yamaha YZ250x Short Track Weapon: Yamaha YZ250 Flat Tracker - Swedish champion Ake Jansson builds a two-stroke tracker! In 2001, Motocross Action magazine claimed the ’01 Yamaha YZ250 was the world’s best 250 production motocross machine. The engine was the highlight, a liquid-cooled mill that […]
Yamaha XS650 Flat Tracker Yamaha XS650 Flat Tracker by Alex Leathers - The Yamaha XS650 has been called the “best British bike never made” — a tongue-in-cheek reference to the large debt the bike owes to the British twins of the 1950s and ’60s — and the […]
Yamaha XT600 Street Tracker Yamaha XT600 Street Tracker - The Yamaha XT600 was an evolution of the original Dakar-winning XT500 — one of the greatest enduro machines of all-time — and retained the original XT’s emphasis on simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability. Famed motorcycle historian […]
Yamaha WR450 Street Tracker Yamaha WR450F Street Tracker by Stevo’s Chop Shop - Top 10 in the Roland Sands Corona Virus Bike Build Off! The Yamaha WR450F is the company’s four-stroke enduro-class machine — in essence, a YZ450F motocross bike with a headlight, kickstand, electric start, lower noise/exhaust […]
Yamaha SR400 Custom High-Spec Thumper: Yamaha SR400 by DOTi - Vietnam’s DOTi Motorcycle builds one of the hottest SR’s we’ve ever seen… Introduced in 1978, Yamaha SR400 was, essentially, a street version of the legendary Yamaha XT500 — the air-cooled four-stroke thumper that won the […]
Yamaha XV950 Street Tracker Speed Iron: Yamaha XV950 by Moto di Ferro - A tracker-inspired Yard-Built Special from Italy… The Yamaha XV950, better known as the Star Bolt on US shores, is a Japanese cruiser with a 942cc air-cooled, fuel-injected 60° V-twin producing 51 horsepower and 59 foot-pounds […]
Yamaha XT600 Supermoto Yamaha “XT630” Supermoto by 86 Gear Motorcycles - “Although the aesthetics play a large part in my design process, the essence of every custom motorcycle, no matter how stunning, is that it’s meant to be ridden after all! That’s why I start every […]
Yamaha XSR700 Scrambler Back to Dirt: Yamaha XSR700 TT Scrambler - Elemental Rides x Capelos Garage build an IT-inspired XSR… Yamaha Yard Built program commissions talented builders from all over the world to transform modern Yamaha street bikes into “Yard Built” specials — a way to […]
Yamaha XSR700 Street Tracker “Tyrant” Yamaha XSR700 by Hoo-Bue - Back to the Dark Side… The Yamaha XSR700 is a retro-inspired naked bike that incorporates styling cues from the classic Yamaha XS650 with the modern technology of the FZ-07/MT-07 — a perennial favorite among new […]
Yamaha XS650 Tracker Yamaha XS650 “MUTO” Tracker - “May the FUN be with you!” Rémy Pagart of France’s MUTO Motorbikes has quickly become one of our favorite builders, a self-described “all-terrain artist” who brings a fresh boldness and joy to his work, operating […]
Honda NX-TT 650 Street Tracker 650 Twin-Shocker: Marmisto’s TT-NX Street Tracker - The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of the world’s most custom platforms. The 45-hp four-valve single has plenty of punch, coupled with electric start and a reputation for rugged reliability. But for stonemason, author, […]
Yamaha RD125 Street Tracker For the Love of Screaming 2-Strokes: Yamaha RD125 Street Tracker - Wilco Lindner’s stunning RD125: Built for the love of screaming two-strokes… The Yamaha RD125 was an air-cooled, two-stroke twin that boasted 17 horsepower at 9000 rpm and a top speed of 78 mph. It was […]
Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Swiss Street Tracker: Yamaha XS650 by Heritage and Sons - The Yamaha XS650 managed to combine the character and charisma of the British twins with something those bikes had rarely offered:  oil-tight reliability. What’s more, the XS was technically advanced for its day, boasting unit […]
Yamaha XV1000 TR1 “Django” by Remastered Cycle - Awoken from oblivion… The Yamaha XV1000 TR1 was introduced in 1981, a more powerful Euro-spec version of the XV920 Virago we received here in the States. The 980cc TR1 boasted a stout 69 horsepower from […]
Yamaha 225 Scrambler SHERPA TRIBUTE: Yamaha Scorpio “Tenzing” by Backyard Customs Bali - “Custom bikes are a unique form to express ourselves, you are what you ride.” The Sherpa are a people of Tibetan ancestry, native to the mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas, who are legendary […]
Yamaha XT550 Street Tracker She-Wolf: Yamaha XT550 “La Lupa” by Francis Von Tuto - A modernized classic, elegant and streamlined… The Yamaha XT550 debuted in 1982, a successor of the beloved XT500 — itself one of the most successful “thumpers” of all time, highly regarded by pro racers and […]
Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Welsh Hot Rod: Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker by LC Cycleworks - A mechanical engineer builds one of the cleanest XS650 trackers we’ve seen… The Yamaha XS650 arrived in 1969, a Japanese equivalent to the British twins featuring advancements like unit construction and a horizontally split crankcase.  […]
Yamaha Scorpio Z Street Tracker “Silverhawk” Yamaha Scorpio Z Street Tracker - Introducing “Shirubahoku” (Silverhawk) by Joyride… The Yamaha SX225 — sometimes known as the Scorpio Z — is a four-stroke, air-cooled single popular in Indonesia and Bali. While it’s mainly marketed as a commuter, the bike […]
Barigo YB 500 “Blue T” Barigo YB 500 Street Tracker - An XT500-powered street tracker, finished in honor of a lost friend… Barigo was a small frame builder founded by French motocross rider Patrick Barigualt. The story is, a friend asked him to build a frame […]
Yamaha Virago 920 Cafe Racer Virago 920 “YamaDuci” by Augment Motorworks - A Japanese-Italian love story… The Virago series was Yamaha’s first entrée into world of V-twin cruisers, and one of the first motorcycle mass-produced with a monoshock rear suspension. It was a bold move for Yamaha […]
Yamaha XS650 Brat Tracker Yamaha XS650 Brat Tracker from Kuna Customs - The Yamaha XS650 (1970-1983) is one of our favorite vintage Japanese motorcycles, styled after the British twins of the 1960s. The engine/gearbox had unit construction and a horizontally-split crankcase, making it one of the most […]
Yamaha XS650 Street Scrambler Yamaha XS650 “Minabear” by Licari.co - A red-tanked vagabonding machine, built for fire roads and the 405… The Yamaha XS650 is one of our favorite vintage bikes — a British-style 650 twin available from 1970-1983. The engine’s unit construction and horizontally-split […]
Yamaha XT250 Tracker Yamaha XT250 “Dragonfly” by Francis Von Tuto - A dragonfly built from a $150 box of parts… Introduced in 1980, the Yamaha XT250 quickly became a popular workhorse on farms and ranches, earning a bit of notoriety in 1982 as Rambo’s getaway bike […]
Yamaha SR150 Street Tracker Green Hornet: Yamaha SR150 Street Tracker by Hide Work Custom - In Taiwan, the Yamaha SR150 is known as a “white plate motorcycle” — a locally-built machine that’s free of the high import fees and twice-yearly inspections demanded of larger motorcycles. An imported Yamaha SR400, for […]
Yamaha SR500 Street Tracker Stay Gold: Yamaha SR500 Street Tracker - The Yamaha SR500 is a street version of the beloved XT500 dual-sport, featuring a slightly modified version of the 499cc twin-valve engine, electronic ignition, and dual 18-inch wheels. Built to bear a strong family resemblance […]
Yamaha RD350 Custom 2-Smoker: Yamaha RD350 by Marc Martin - “Don’t feel bad. You’re not the first 750 rider to get blown off by a Yamaha 350.” That was the headline of a 1975 magazine advertisement for the Yamaha RD350, and it was true. Introduced […]
Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Aluminum XS: Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker by Café Cycles - The Yamaha XS650 is one of our favorite vintage motorcycles. While it was styled after the British twins of the era, the bike was properly modern, featuring unit construction (engine and gearbox in same casing), […]
Yamaha YZ400F Flat Tracker Yamaha YZ400F Flat Tracker - The Yamaha YZ400F was a true game-changer, the first 4-stroke production motocrosser that could compete directly against the 2-stroke competition — and win. The YZF weighed 250 pounds — about 20 more than the 2-strokes […]
Yamaha XT500 Supermoto Supermoto Agricole: Yamaha XT500 by Y.C. Design - A “rural supermoto” from an elite French firefighter… The Yamaha XT500 is one of our favorite vintage Japanese motorcycles, and one of the greatest multipurpose bikes ever created. We’ve seen a varied assortment of customized […]
Yamaha XV250 Virago 250 Tracker Dirt Quake(r): Yamaha Virago 250 Flat Tracker - An XV250 flat tracker from Moore’s Competition Cycles… The Yamaha XV250 — aka the Virago 250 — is a lightweight cruiser that’s been in production for nearly three decades, offering a 60-degree V-twin engine capable […]
Modern Board Tracker Modern Board Tracker: Yamaha RD350 by No Joke 2 Stroke - The heyday of board track racing was the 1910s and 1920s, when riders on brakeless Indians and Excelsiors and Harley-Davidson slammed and thundered around rickety, steep-walled speedways in excess of 90 mph, just inches from […]
Yamaha XT500 Street Tracker Project X-Tracker: Yamaha XT500 Street Tracker - A BMX-inspired street tracker…with bicycle rack! The Yamaha XT500 is one of motorcycling history’s great success stories, and one of our favorite bikes of all time. The twin-valve four-stroke enduro won the Paris-Dakar Rally in […]
Yamaha IT425 Supermoto 2-Stroke Special: Yamaha IT425 Supermoto from 5Special - Only available in 1980, the Yamaha IT425 put professional performance within reach of regular consumers and enduro enthusiasts. The engine, based on the one from the YZ400 motocrosser, offered 46 bhp at 6500 rpm. That’s […]
Yamaha TT600S Scrambler Name This! Yamaha TT600S Scrambler - The Yamaha TT600, introduced in 1983, was one of the very first 600cc single-cylinder enduros — a lighter, more aggressive off-road variant of the XT600. Said Yamaha at the time: “Yamaha TT600 – For people […]
Yamaha XS650 Tracker Scrambler Red Ripper: Yamaha XS650 by Paul Hartman - “This thing just wants to have fun…” The Yamaha XS650 is one of our favorite motorcycles, a British-style parallel twin whose engine was highly advanced for the time, featuring unit construction, horizontally split crankcases, and […]
Yamaha RD350 Scrambler Dirt Bike The Wasp: Yamaha RD350 Scrambler by Danners Automotive - An RD350 dirt bike built for the Malle Mile… The Yamaha RD350, built from 1973 to 1975, is one of our favorite machines from the heyday of the two-stroke street bike — a 39-hp parallel […]
Yamaha XT600 Retro Motard Retro Motard: Yamaha XT600 by M.A.M. - A retro-inspired, short wheelbase, 264-lb motard… The Yamaha XT600 was the successor to one of our favorite enduros of all-time, the legendary XT500. Introduced for the 1983 model year, the XT600E offered a 44-hp four-valve […]
Yamaha SR500 Scrambler “Dusty Classic” Yamaha SR500 by Le Motographe - The Yamaha 500 singles are some of our favorite air-cooled thumpers ever built. The street-oriented SR500, introduced in 1978, was available in the US until 1981 and Europe until 1983, though it remained available in […]
Yamaha TW125 Scrambler “Fat Boy” Yamaha TW125 Scrambler by Candy MC - The Yamaha TW (Trailway) series, with their fat tires and four-stroke engines, have been called “two-wheel quads” or “beach bikes.” In 1987, famed Japanese motorcyclist Shinji Kazama rode a TW200 to the North Pole, and […]
Yamaha XSR700 Cafe Racer Yamaha XSR700 “Cafe Tracker” by Espiat - The Yamaha XSR700 was designed with the help of none other than Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering, one of the world’s most esteemed custom builders. Yamaha wished to build from the classic aesthetics of the […]
Yamaha SR400 Street Tracker “Big Blue”: Yamaha SR400 Street Tracker by Candy Motorcycle Laboratory - The Yamaha SR400 was introduced to the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) way back in 1978, and has remained in constant production except for a single two-year hiatus in the 2000s. Developed with the design credo […]
Yamaha XT500 Customs Twin Yamaha XT500 Customs by Red Clouds Collective - The Yamaha XT500 is one of the most beloved enduros of all time. Introduced in 1976, it was the first big four-stroke “thumper” from Japan — a 27-horsepower big single brute that was stone-ax reliable, […]
Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker Yamaha RD400 Street Tracker by Eber Temperan - Two-stroke tracker from a professional BMX rider… The Yamaha RD400, built from 1976 to 1979, was a lightweight giant-killer, a 44-horsepower two-stroke twin capable of embarrassing many of the era’s larger four-strokes. The bike simply […]
Shell Racing XS650 Street Tracker by Josh Keel - A stunning tribute to the Shell Racing trackers of the 1970s… Shell Thuet was one of the greatest motorcycle tuners of all time. Born in California in 1912, he had to begin supporting his family […]
Yamaha XS650 Supermoto “Martens Motard XSM750” Yamaha XS650 Supermoto - A truly “Handmade Motard” built for the 2018 Dirtbag Challenge… The Dirtbag Challenge, born in San Francisco, is a self-proclaimed “low rent chopper build off,” where participants have one month and a $1000 budget to […]
Yamaha XS650 Custom “La Canaglia” Yamaha XS by Brigand Moto - In Italian, “La Canaglia” means “The Scoundrel” or “The Rogue” — an apt name for this multipurpose Yamaha XS650 hybrid, built to tackle the “bastard configuration” of the Canadian roads, where well-paved highways are interspersed […]
Yamaha XJR1300 Custom Paris Muscle: Yamaha XJR1300 Custom by Modification Motorcycles - Paris-made Muscle: Air-cooled Big Block from the 15th Arrondissement The Yamaha XJR1300 was a throwback, an air-cooled “big block” machine that recalled the naked superbikes of yesteryear. The massive 1251cc engine offered substantial thrust — […]
Yamaha SR250 Tracker Scrambler Yamaha SR250 Custom by Officina Serrao D’Aquino - While the Yamaha SR250 may not seem like the most likely candidate for customization, the little air-cooled mono-cylinder commuter machine has become a favorite among custom bike builders. While the first-generation bike was only available […]
Yamaha XTZ125 Tracker Yamaha XTZ125 Tracker by Ape Customs - The Yamaha XTZ125 is a small dual-sport built for markets where on/off-road capability is a necessity. The air-cooled, SOHC engine is build for low maintenance in harsh conditions, and the 260-lb machine offers around 10 […]
Yamaha XS650 Tracker Scrambler Yamaha XS650 Tracker / Scrambler by Simple Sycles - “A tracker scrambler cruiser that’s only missing a surfboard rack for the ultimate summer’s day.” It’s tough not to love the Yamaha XS650. The air-cooled parallel twin motor is simple and beautiful, with solid punch, […]
Yamaha SR250 Brat Scrambler Yamaha SR250 Brat Scrambler by David Isachsen - “I think in the first hour of riding my face hurt from smiling so much…” Those are the words of Canada’s David Isachsen, describing his first ride on a brand-new Honda 50 Mini Trail in […]
Yamaha SR250 Tracker Yamaha SR250 City Tracker by Trintaeum Motorcycles - The Yamaha SR250 is simply one of the most beloved small-bore motorcycles of all time — particularly among custom builders. While the first-gen version could only reach around 72-75 mph, the air-cooled reliability, incredible fuel […]
Yamaha XT600Z Tenere Scrambler Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré Scrambler by RHCC - The Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré, which debuted in the early 80s, was designed as a production version of the motorcycles racing in events like the Paris Dakar. The bike offered a long-range fuel tank (30 liters […]
Yamaha DT100 Scrambler Yamaha DT100 Scrambler by Revolt Cycles - Revolt Cycles of the Philippines continues to turn out customs full of moxie and nostalgia. Today, we’re proud to feature the shop’s 35th build, RVLT35, a 1980 Yamaha DT100X Enduro dubbed “Noli” — built for […]
Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker Yamaha SR250 Brat Tracker by MUTO Motorbikes - “May the FUN be with you…” Rémy Pagart of France’s MUTO Motorbikes has quickly become one of our favorite builders, for both his bikes and personality. Rémy, who is an artist and designer with a […]
Yamaha XT600 Scrambler Yamaha XT600 Scrambler by TOMA Customs - The Yamaha XT600 was one of the world’s most successful dual sport motorcycles, both in sales and performance. It was built in countless variations, but the air-cooled 39-44 horsepower single-cylinder engine and heavy-duty design remained […]
Yamaha WR250 Street Tracker Yamaha WR250 Street Tracker by Ace Custom Shop - A race-prepped street tracker from the Colombian hills… Ace Custom Shop of Santander, Colombia, is a small shop with a big heart. Founded in 2013 by brothers Diego and Juan Sotomonte, along with friend and […]
Yamaha XS650 Fat Tracker Yamaha XS650 “Fat Tracker” by MUTO Motorbikes - “TRACTO” — a Yamaha “Fat Tracker” from France! Rémy Pagart of France’s MUTO Motorbikes is quickly making a name for himself with bikes that bridge the gap between bobber, tracker, and scrambler styles. Rémy, working […]
Yamaha XT600 Scrambler Yamaha XT600 Scrambler by Bold Motorcycles - Bold Motorcycles is the creation of two long-time friends, Pedro and João, who live in Sertã, Portugal — located in the middle of the nation’s longest, most mythical road:  the Nacional 2. We were fortunate […]
Yamaha SR400 Scrambler Yamaha SR400 Scrambler by Purpose Built Moto - Tom Gilroy of Purpose Built Moto has quickly made a name for himself in the Australian custom motorcycle world and beyond. His scrambler builds have been hugely popular and both amateur and professional builders around […]
Yamaha SR250 Scrambler Yamaha SR250 Scrambler by Trident Cycles - The Yamaha SR250, while only available in the States from 1980-1982, has garnered as a global following in the custom world. The air-cooled, 21-hp thumper may not seem like a likely candidate for customization, given […]
Yamaha XV750 Virago Tracker Yamaha XV750 Virago Tracker by Thornton Hundred - Jody Millhouse of the UK’s Thornton Hundred Motorcycles has quickly become one of our favorite builders, jumping onto the scene with his staggering CR500 tracker and classy Ducati 900SS cafe. Now the young man from […]
Yamaha XS650 Brat Tracker Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker - From unloved barn-find to stunning street tracker! The Yamaha XS650 is one of our favorite platforms, with a punchy parallel twin that recalls the British twins of old. Though the XS lends itself to a […]
Yamaha Scorpio Z Tracker Yamaha Scorpio 225 Tracker by Jowo Kustom - The Yamaha Scorpio Z — aka the SX225 — has become one of the company’s most popular models across the globe. The 225cc, air-cooled four-stroke offers 18 horsepower, and the bike’s handling dynamics have been […]
Yamaha SR500 Tracker Scrambler Yamaha SR500 Scrambler by Daniel Peter - For so many of us, the love of two wheels begins with the childhood bicycle. That first taste of freedom — the wind on your cheeks, the road humming beneath your tires. At some point, […]
Yamaha FZ16 Street Tracker Yamaha FZ16 Tracker by Lino Motos Custom - “I can’t stop seeing metal where there is plastic!” For so many builders, the love of two wheels begins with bicycles — whether they be BMX, MTB, DH, fixed-gear, or road bikes. At some point, […]
Yamaha RD350 Custom Yamaha RD350 Custom by Jake Drummond Designs - Two-stroke, low-level screamer built in an aircraft hangar… Today, we’re thrilled to feature this stunning Yamaha RD350 by 24 year old Jake Drummond of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh is the home of one of the largest […]
Yamaha XS650 Brat Tracker Yamaha XS650 Tracker by Colt Wrangler - A two-up tracker for a Texas young gun and his lady… Colt Wrangler has quite possibly the best name of any custom builder in the world — and the skills, style, and heart to back […]
Yamaha FZ16 Byson Scrambler Yamaha FZ16 Scrambler by Iron Macchina Customs -   The Yamaha FZ16 — known as the “Byson” in Indonesia — is a 150cc naked bike that has become popular in Colombia, Argentina, and the Philippines. While the single-cylinder FZ16 has proved itself a […]
Yamaha FZ-09 Tracker Yamaha FZ-09 Street Tracker by Droog Moto - Arizona’s Droog Moto has quickly established their own rough-and-ready style, building post-apocalyptic desert sleds that put the “wild” back in the Wild West.  Now the husband/wife team of Max and Erica Droog is back with […]
2WD Yamaha WR450F Scrambler Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac (2WD) by Deus Italy - In the mid-2000s, Yamaha produced a limited series of Yamaha WR450F 2-Trac rally bikes. These competition-only machines offered a 2WD system developed by Ohlins, which featured a patented hydraulic drive that could deliver up to […]
Yamaha XT600 Desert Sled Scrambler Tracker Yamaha XT600 Desert Sled by Pancake Customs - “All purpose stealth scrambler…even James Bond would be stoked to ride.” Boy Janssen of Pancake Customs is a full-time, self-taught builder who builds original, high-quality customs out of his small shop in Rheden, in the […]
Yamaha RD350 Supermoto Yamaha YZ/RD350 Supermoto by Spoken Moto - Zed’s Not Dead…a two-stroke, nitrous-injected supermotard! About five years ago, Brian Gingerich and his partner started a small shop to work on their “collection” of 75+ vintage barn finds. When they discovered how much people […]
Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker Yamaha RD350 Street Tracker by Scott Zupner - Two-Stroke Street Weapon from the Aloha State… One of our favorite things is stumbling across a photograph of an amazing build, then playing detective in an attempt to track down the builder. That is exactly […]
Yamaha XS400 Tracker Yamaha XS400 Brat Tracker by Forge Cycleworks - Garage-built, “Baby Blue” brat tracker from the Sunshine State… Andy Jansky may work as a realtor in his professional life, but he’s also the founder of Forge Cycleworks in Vero Beach, Florida. He found this […]