Kawasaki KZ440 Scrambler

Kawasaki Scramblers

Kawasaki motorcycles remain some of the most popular platforms for custom scrambler builds across the world. These include scramblers built from the KZ series inline fours and twins, the W series modern retros, the range of vintage Kawasaki two-strokes, and of course Kawasaki’s unkillable thumper, the KLR650.

Below, we have a selection of the best Kawasaki custom scramblers we’ve featured on the blog.


Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler KZ Scrambler: Kawasaki “KZ400S” - Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler from Bueno Co…  In the early 70s, Kawasaki stepped up their game against Honda’s four-stroke dominance. First came the 900cc Kawasaki Z1 in 1972, aimed squarely at the CB750. While those four-cylinder […]
Meguro 650 Scrambler Baby Buffalo: Kawasaki Meguro 650 Scrambler - Meguro 650 Scrambler from Rocket Fantasy Garage…  Founded in 1937, Meguro was one of the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, a “prestige brand” that supplied police and military motorbikes to the government and raced alongside Honda. […]
Kawasaki W650 Scrambler Dirty W650: ’99 Kawasaki W650 Scrambler - From Retro Roadster to Adventure Enduro… Introduced in 1999, the Kawasaki W650 was a modern throwback to the British twins of the 1960s, with classic styling, modern electronics, and a bevel-gear-driven OHC parallel-twin engine. The […]
KZ750 Scrambler Classic Octane: Kawasaki KZ750 Scrambler - “I had a desire for a classic bike that could actually be ridden hard…”  Introduced in 1976, the Kawasaki KZ750 twin was a big twin designed to compete with the Triumph Bonneville and Yamaha XS650. […]
Ninja 250 Scrambler Lil Scrapper: Ninja 250R Scrambler - Vintage Sykles builds a firefighter a tough 250 Ninja…  In 2008, Kawasaki unveiled a completely new version of their best-selling sportbike, the Ninja 250R. The baby Ninja has long been a favorite of both new […]
Kawasaki Z650 Scrambler The Z: Kawasaki Z650 Scrambler - SW-MOTECH Cofounder Jürgen Swora’s Z650! The Kawasaki Z650 was designed by none other than the grandmaster himself, Gyoichi “Ben” Inamura, designer of the legendary Z1. Introduced in 1976, it quickly earned as reputation as the […]
Plush Sled: Kawasaki W650 Desert Sled II - DDM returns with one stunning desert sled…  At the end of 2020, we featured a Kawasaki W650 desert sled from Rick Hannah of London’s Dirty Dick’s Motos, a semi-pro shed builder who said he got […]
Kawasaki W650 Desert Sled Posh Sled: Kawasaki W650 Scrambler - Dirty Dick’s Motos builds a fast & reliable modern desert sled… Produced from 1999 to 2007, the Kawasaki W650 was a retro throwback to the British twins of the 1960s, featuring a 50-hp parallel twin […]
Kawasaki Ninja 250 Scrambler Quarterstack: Kawasaki Ninja 250R by Joe Flores with Fitz & Flores - “Blackthumb” Ninja built for the Atlanta streets… For years, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R — aka the EX250 — was America’s best-selling sport bike, offering a 37-hp liquid-cooled parallel twin engine and 6-speed transmission cradled in […]
Custom Kawasaki KX500 Kawasaki KX500 “Carbolution” by JZ Handmade - Carbon KX from the Czech Republic! The Kawasaki KX500 is one of the most infamous dirt weapons ever created.  The 500cc 2-stroke motocross bike made 63 horsepower in stock trim and weighed just 220 pounds […]
Kawasaki KZ400 Street Scrambler Whoa, Black Betty: Kawasaki KZ400 by Classic Moto Works - The Kawasaki KZ400 was an air-cooled twin built from 1974-1980 out of plants in Akashi, Japan and Lincoln, Nebraska — the first foreign motorcycle factory on U.S. soil. In 1974, it was marketed alongside the […]
Kawasaki Z750 Scrambler Kawasaki Z750 Scrambler by Andreas Olesen - The Kawasaki KZ750/Z750, introduced in 1976, was a 55-hp vertical twin designed for riders who preferred the dependability, character, and easy maintenance of a big twin — a machine that recalled the 750 twins of […]
Kawasaki Z1000 Scrambler Kawasaki Z1000 Urban Fighter by Droog Moto - Fierce, fast and ready to brawl… In the early 2000s, Kawasaki introduced a 30th anniversary remake of the mighty Zed. The modern Z1000 has factory streetfighter styling and a re-tuned version of the ZX-9R engine, […]
Kawasaki KZ750 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ750 Brat Scrambler by Caldas - A civilized scrambler for the Caribbean lifestyle… Sixteen years ago, automotive mechanic Andres Salcedo came to Canada from his homeland of Colombia, where his father owned a shop — Caldas — for more than 40 […]
Kawasaki W650 Street Tracker Kawasaki W650 Tracker by Age of Glory x Egerie Moto - “Life is rich in paths crossed…” Sebastien, the founder of Age of Glory, can pinpoint the very genesis of his brand:  1970s California, motorcycling’s golden age, when legendary riders like Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith […]
Kawasaki KZ400 Desert Sled “Womp Rat” Kawasaki KZ400 Desert Sled - A scrambler built for the deserts of Tatooine! “Rescue, Rebuild, Recycle.” This is the motto of Tempe, Arizona’s AspiRe Cycle. Founder Chris Elliot certainly put those words into action with this 1978 Kawasaki KZ400, which […]
Kawasaki Ninja 250 Street Tracker Kawasaki Ninja 250R Street Tracker - The Kawasaki Ninja 250R — aka EX250 — has become a favorite of riders across the world.  The 30-hp parallel twin has surprising midrange punch, a silky gearbox, and a lightweight chassis. Asian and Euro-spec […]
Kawasaki W800 Scrambler Kawasaki W800 Scrambler by Mandrill Garage - A Steve McQueen tribute inspired by vintage motocross… The Kawasaki W800 has become something of a modern classic. An evolution of the W650 retro standard, the W800 offered an air-cooled, 48-hp parallel twin with that […]
Kawasaki Ninja 650 Streetfighter Kawasaki Ninja 650 Custom by Droog Moto - From staid sportbike to urban brawler… The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is one of the most reliable, well-rounded middleweights on the market. While the bike’s 71-hp parallel twin and low center-of-gravity are hard to beat, the […]
Kawasaki W175 Scrambler Kawasaki W175 Scrambler by Insan Motor Bekasi -   The Kawasaki W175 is the newest entry in the company’s popular W series — a modern retro designed for the Asian market. The 177cc air-cooled single offers more torque and power than the 150cc […]
Kawasaki Bighorn 350 Street Tracker Kawasaki Bighorn 350 Street Tracker by Fifty-Two Cycles - The Kawasaki F5 Bighorn was a 350cc, two-stroke, 33-horsepower enduro built from 1970-75. Klemm Vintage, a shop customizing in 2-stroke race engines, says of these bikes: “The 350 Bighorn is easily one of the most […]
Kawasaki KZ1000 Street Tracker Kawasaki Z1000 “Flatliner” by JM Customs - A Z1000 street tracker straight out of Scotland… The Kawasaki Z1000 — aka the KZ1000 in the North American market — was a direct successor of the legendary Z1, the most powerful four-stroke motorcycle ever […]
Kawasaki F11 250 Scrambler Kawasaki F11 Scrambler by Paul Fuelling / Mabel Studios - The Kawasaki F11 250 was a 2-stroke, oil-injected dual-sport that offered ~24 horsepower with a wet weight of 280 pounds. Top speed was reported to be 77.7 mph. Says Bike-urious: “The F11 turned out to […]
Kawasaki W650 Custom Bobber Tracker Kawasaki W650 Custom by Motor Rock - Motor Rock is a workshop founded by Keita Kobayashi and Takanori Katagiri in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan, in 2004. Not only have they built an impressive stable of custom bikes — both metric customs and a quiver […]
Kawasaki W650 Brat Tracker Kawasaki W650 Custom by Pancake Customs - A Dutch-built Kawasaki W650, designed for a veteran BMX rider… We first ran across this amazing Kawasaki W650 custom when our friends Rusty Gold Motorshop of Amsterdam snapped a shot of the bike sitting outside […]
Kawasaki H1 Street Tracker Kawasaki H1 Street Tracker by Vallantine Motor Works - Who doesn’t need a 500cc, two-stroke, triple-cylinder tracker? The Kawasaki H1 Mach III — a 500cc, two-stroke, 60-hp wheelie machine that became a legend in its own time. The smoking banshee of a machine did […]
Kawasaki KZ440 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ440 Scrambler by Psycho Chopps - The Kawasaki KZ440 is the larger bore brother of the Z/KZ400, offering a 443cc air-cooled parallel twin instead of the smaller sibling’s 398cc engine. Unlike the mighty Z1 and other KZ Series brethren, the KZ440 […]
Custom Kawasaki KLX250 by Thomas Edwards - Thomas Edwards, the founder of Peloton Supershop, found his love for motorcycling after moving to Bali, where the long stretches of beach and jungle trails begged to be ridden on two wheels. His workshop is […]
Kawasaki KZ650 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ650 Scrambler by De9s - The Kawasaki KZ650, known abroad as the Z650, is one of our favorite machines. The “Son of the Z1” is a rev-happy, middleweight weapon with surprising punch and plenty of style. The bike makes a […]
Kawasaki KZ400 Street Tracker Kawasaki KZ400 Street Tracker by One15 Design - There must be some Big Green in the Milwaukee water supply. Today we’re proud to feature this Kawasaki KZ400 street tracker by Buck Knitt of Milwaukee’s One15 Design…the second KZ400 we have featured from the […]
Kawasaki KZ750 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ750 Scrambler - Argentina has become a hotbed of custom bike-building, particularly tracker and scrambler builds. When Argentine-born Sebastian Achaval moved to NYC to found his eyewear brand, oneYedeer, his passion for motorbikes followed him. A former motocross […]
Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ400 Scrambler by Moto-fied - There is nothing we love more than a killer garage-build. This KZ400 scrambler is exactly that, built by Nick Petterson of Milwaukee’s Moto-fied Cycles. This is Nick’s first build, and it’s an auspicious start. Instead […]
Kawasaki KLR650 Tracker Kawasaki KLR650 Tracker by Droog Moto - Droog Moto is a husband/wife team out of Phoenix who build some of the baddest, post-apocalyptic desert sleds ever to chase rattlesnakes and jump curbs. It was only a matter of time before the duo took on a KLR650 build. This one they are calling their KLR650 Trackster, and she's a desert-burning doozy.
Kawasaki KLR650 Tracker Kawasaki KLR650 Tracker by Magnum Opus - Magnum Opus Custom Bikes, run by Ezio Covelli, is the Featured Builder for the inaugural 2016 Cape Fear Kick Down, happening Saturday, 11-4PM, at Satellite Bar & Lounge in our hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.  […]
KZ650 Street Tracker Kawasaki (K)Z650 Tracker by Retro Bikes Croatia -   Retro Bikes Croatia (RBC), based in Zagreb, has a design philosophy we love.  They build bikes… “Distinctive and irreplaceable, with original retro style but always usable on the road.” So far, their work has […]
KLX150 Scrambler by D-I Motorsport - Here at BikeBound, we’re big fans of small singles, particularly when they’re built into bad little scramblers and trackers like this Kawasaki KLX150 by D-I Motorsport of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  The company, run by Izwan […]
KZ400 Scrambler Kawasaki KZ440, “Scrambler 440” - Sometimes, a custom build is simply an amalgam of off-the-shelf parts, mounted with a good eye for taste and proportion. Other times, it’s a creation like the “Scrambler 440” featured here. The base bike is […]