Honda CB750K Cafe Racer

Honda CB750 Cafe Racers

The Honda CB750 is often hailed as “The Original Superbike,” the first modern four-cylinder motorcycle from a mainstream manufacturer. Introduced in 1969, the bike offered 68 horsepower and a top speed of 125 mph. Cycle World called the bike a masterpiece:

“Honda’s Fabulous 750 Four; Honda Launches the Ultimate Weapon in One-Upmanship — a Magnificent, Musclebound Racer for the Road”

The bike has since entered the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. What’s more, the CB750 is, most likely, the world’s most popular platform for cafe racer builds. The lines lend themselves readily to the racer aesthetic, and the power and handling were so far ahead of their time, the might CB remains an impressive motorcycle.

Honda CB750 R1 Cafe Racer Roars Like a Lion: Honda CB750/R1 Retro Racer - HRC-Inspired Honda CB750/R1 from LBC Motorcycles…  In 1979, Honda introduced the CB750 Custom (CB750C) to compete with rising tide of “custom” trim lines on the market. The other Japanese manufacturers would soon follow suit if […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer 77 Redux: Honda CB750F Café Racer - Rocket Science: CB750F Cafe Racer from a SpaceX Propulsion Engineer…   In 1975, Honda unveiled the CB750F Super Sport, a significant redesign of the original CB750K that included both styling and performance enhancements. The engine boasted […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Penny: Honda CB750 Café Racer by The Hot Rod Shop - Car Fix’s Jeremy Bumpus builds himself a CB750…   For many of the more mechanically-minded of us, weekend morning cartoons were eschewed at an early age for the hot rod, muscle car, and automotive how-to shows […]
Honda CB750 Restomod Cafe Racer Showstopper: Honda CB750 Restomod Café - A Show-Stopping 750 Super Sport from Never Ending Cycles…  Ask anybody who builds custom motorcycles for a living, and they’ll tell you the client has a pretty significant impact on how much they enjoy a […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Red Soul Rising: Honda CB750F Café Racer - Jax Garage’s “Soul Red” 750…for sale!  In 1979, Honda released the twin-cam CB750F, a 77-hp DOHC evolution of the “Original Superbike” released a decade before. Moto-journalists had previously claimed that a 750/4, while fast in […]
Honda CB Seven Fifty Cafe Racer Tumulte Seven Fifty: Honda CB750F2 Café Racer - Introduced in 1992, the Honda CB Seven Fifty — better known as the Nighthawk or CB750F2 in some markets — was an air-cooled retro roadster with a steel cradle frame, twin-shock rear swingarm, conventional air-assisted […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Red Tail Redux: Honda CB750 Café Racer - Joe Flores resurrects a tribute to a 33-year Air Force veteran…  The Tuskegee Airmen were the USA’s first African-American military aviators, best-known for their signature red-tailed P-51 Mustangs, which flew heavy bomber escort as part […]
Honda CB750 Restored Original Superbike, Reborn: 1973 Honda CB750 - A Navy helicopter pilot restores his father’s CB…  In 1969, Honda stunned the motoring world with the introduction of the CB750 Four, the “Original Superbike.” It’s tough to overstate how revolutionary Honda’s 750/4 was at […]
Honda CB750K Cafe Racer Rare Alchemy: 1974 Honda CB750K Café Racer - “Chalk” — a minimalist CB750 from Alchemy Motorcycles…  Back in 2018, we featured the ’77 CB550K “Grey Ghost” from Michel Valle of San Diego’s Alchemy Motorcycles — one of the most elegant, most memorable CB […]
Honda CB750 RC42 Cafe Racer From Warsaw with Love: Honda CB750 Café Racer - Warsaw’s KrisBiker Customs builds a CB for the NY streets…  When Honda released the CB750 RC42 in the early 1990s, it was something of a throwback to the original superbikes of the 1970s. While Honda’s […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer The ClubSport: 1975 Honda CB750F Café Racer - We always love to share the first bike from a young builder, so we were thrilled to hear from 22-year-old Thomas Manno of Mile Zero Racers, who recently finished this 1975 Honda CB750F. From the […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer El Chero: Honda CB750F Café Racer - Augment Motorworks builds one sleek Super Sport…  Since 2020, we’ve featured a couple of builds from Nick Acosta of Canada’s Augment Motorworks, who began working on bikes alongside his father and several talented craftsman friends. […]
Honda CB750F2 Cafe Racer Rothmans Seven Fifty: Honda CB750F2 Café Racer - Jerem Motorcycles builds a nostalgic yet modern café…  Founded in 1890, Rothmans International was a British tobacco company that became a strong supporter of motorsports in the 1980s and 1990s, when many of the dominant […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Black Forest: 1980 Honda CB750F Bol d’Or - In 1969, Honda released the CB750, which was destined to become a landmark in motorcycling history. However, Honda has never been a company to rest on their laurels, and by the mid 1970s, they were […]
Honda CB750 Restomod Restomod Roadster: Honda CB750 “Hanashi” - “Hanashi (History) in the present.” –Cafeina Motorcycles The Honda CB750 remains one of the most iconic, influential, and beloved motorcycles in history. Today, it may not seem like such a revolutionary bike, but that’s only […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F “Green Arrow” by NCT Motorcycles - Founder David Widmann and Workshop Manager Mario Weiser-Kolland of Austria’s NCT Motorcycles have been quietly building some of the most stunning custom motorcycles in Europe and beyond. David, who’s been passionate about bikes since he […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer “Black Belt” Honda CB750 by Reborn Motorcycles - “Black Belt” — built for a Krav Maga instructor… The first-generation Honda CB750, highly regarded as the world’s “original superbike,” has always garnered the lion’s share of attention from restorers and customizers. The later DOHC […]
Nighthawk 750 Iron Horse: Nighthawk 750 by JM Customs -   Scotland’s JM Customs builds a modernized Honda Nighthawk… The original SOHC Honda CB750 may get the lion’s share of the attention from bike builders and vintage bike aficionados, but the later Nighthawk 750 (CB750SC) […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Black Russian: Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Drive-In Workshop - Leonid Skakunov of Russia’s Drive-In Workshop cut his teeth as a mechanic at various workshops before renting a small space of his own in 2016 to build custom bikes. In the last four years, his […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Attack Life: Honda CB750 by Three Daughter Moto - “When you find yourself at a time of uncertainty there is only one way to go: forward.” Missouri’s Brent Becker was in Amsterdam for work when he crossed paths with none other than Eric Kalter, […]
Honda CB750 RC42 Cafe Racer Heritage Edition: KASPEED CB750 RC42 Cafe Racer -   “A concept of how a modern Honda works cafe racer could look if they built it at the factory.” In the early 1990s, Honda introduced the CB750 RC42, an air-cooled inline four with a […]
Honda CB750K Virus Built in 22 Days: Honda CB750K “Virus” by Brian Cox - “What can you build with just the spare parts you have on hand during this quarantine?” That was the question Brian Cox (@classicbikebuilding) asked himself after bringing home a 1978 Honda CB750K just before the […]
Ace Corner Champion: Honda “IFR750F2” -   From Crusher to All Class Champion… In the late 1980s, the Honda VFR750R — aka the RC30 — made a thunderous appearance on the world stage, winning the first two World Superbike Championships with […]
Honda CB750 Endurance Racer “Kulte” Classic: Honda “750 RKB” by Le Motographe - RCB-Inspired Custom… The Honda RCB1000 dominated the FIM Endurance Cup (Coupe d’Endurance) scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s, composed of races like the Bol d’Or, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Suzuka 8 […]
cb750 nighthawk Honda CB750 Nighthawk by Vandals Moto - “Classic lines with a modern approach…” That’s the motto of Vandals Moto, an Atlanta-based shop that focuses on melding classic looks with modern brake, suspension, and performance technology. Run by Alex Childs, Vandals Moto has […]
Supercharged Honda CB750 Supercharged Honda CB750 by Justin Blue - Best in Show:  Supercharged, Big Bore Honda CB750 from Alabama… It’s a truth universally acknowledged:  When you put together a Honda engineer, a ’74 CB750, and an AMR500 supercharger, good things happen. Earlier this month, […]
Honda CB750 Modern Cafe Racer Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by RW Motorcycles - An old superbike gets a modern makeover… The Honda CB750 was the “original superbike” — a four-stroke street, strip, and track weapon that radicalized the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle). However, the 750cc Hall-of-Famer is getting […]
CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F Cafe Racer “Lainey” - The CB750F was Honda’s effort to regain the supremacy of their original CB750 Four superbike. In 1980, Cycle Guide claimed the new 77-hp DOHC 750 could “accelerate with the fury of a one-liter hyperbike” and […]
Garage Built CB750 Cafe Racer Honda CB750K Cafe Racer “Kali” by Contach - We like staring slack-jawed at the big money pro builds as much as anyone, but there’s nothing quite so special as the connection between a garage builder and his first build. Enter Mark Guevara of […]
Honda Nighthawk Monoshock Cafe Racer Monoshock Honda CB750 F2 by L’établi Garage - “Cut like a wasp…” Quentin Lambert, the 22 year-old founder of France’s L’établi Garage, is quickly making a name for himself in the customs world. Last year, we featured his Honda XLV750R Street Tracker — […]
Honda CB750 Nighthawk Cafe Racer Honda CB750 Nighthawk Cafe Racer by Nitro Cycles - Nitro Cycles puts the teeth back in a 90s CB750… The Honda CB750, introduced in 1969, is hailed as the “original superbike” — the first four-cylinder motorcycle from a modern, mainstream manufacturer. However, by the […]
Honda CB750K Brat Honda CB750K Brat by Sean Junqueira - A DOHC CB750 with a Brazilian twist… We knew the quality of Sean Junqueira‘s motorcycle photography from his work with the late Devolve Moto in Raleigh, North Carolina, but we had not seen his building […]
Honda CB890 Cafe Racer Honda CB890 Cafe Racer by Chris Klamer - 100+ horsepower, 350-lb Honda “CB890CR” from Barber’s backyard… When Chris Klamer of Alabama set out to build a cafe racer, he wasn’t going to settle for a simple set of clip-ons and rearsets. He says: […]
Honda CB750 Restomod Honda CB750 Restomod by Hoy Vintage Cycles - The Tail of the Dragon is one of the most legendary roads in the world. Located in the mountain pass of Deal’s Gap along the NC-TN border, this 11-mile stretch of road has 318 curves, […]
Honda Nighthawk Brat Cafe Honda Nighthawk Brat Cafe by Purpose Built Moto - Tom Gilroy of Purpose Built Moto is steadily turning out a whole stable’s worth of custom bikes on Australia’s Gold Coast, along with a staggering array of custom parts:  LED Lights, Headlights, CNC triple clamps, […]
Honda CB750K Cafe Racer Honda CB750K Cafe Racer by J.Webster Designs - Today we are thrilled to feature this incredible 1978 Honda CB750K cafe racer by Justin Webster of J.Webster Designs. Justin was recently featured on the Esquire series Wrench Against The Machine, which we highly recommend, […]
Honda Nighthawk Cafe Racer Honda CB750 Nighthawk Cafe Racer by Overbold Motor Co. - Depending on where you live, governmental agencies can make it tough to build a custom bike that’s both aesthetically-pleasing and road-legal. I can attest to being sent home multiple times from the inspection center with […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Honda CB750F2 Cafe Racer by 14Cycles - We see a lot of Honda CB750 builds, but few stand out like this silvery mesh of past and present. It hardly even looks like a CB750 any longer, but more like the dream machine […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F Cafe Racer by BBCR Engineering - They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, in this case, it has resulted in an amazing build by Andrei, the fabricator/magician at BBCR Engineering in St. John, Indiana, just outside of Chicago. […]
Honda CB750 Brat Tracker Honda CB750 Brat Tracker by Tom Laveuf - Tom Laveuf grew up in France, where he and his family rode Honda CR125 and CR250 dirt bikes, and his uncle rebuilt 70s Hondas. After moving to the States, his two-wheeled obsession went dormant until […]
Honda CB750K Cafe Racer by Herencia Custom Garage - Argentina’s custom culture scene has been blowing up in recent years, and Herencia Custom Garage is right at the heart of the action. HCG’s primary builders, Federico Lozada and German Karp, have more than thirty […]
Honda CB750 Cafe Racer The 750: CB750 Cafe Racer by Strapped MFG - Today, we are thrilled to showcase this ’74 Honda CB750 by Jordan Wiseley of the newly-launched Strapped Mfg Co., located in Los Angeles.  So many of our favorite bikes are built by racers, and “The […]
Honda CB750F “Street Racer” by Vintage Iron Club - During our Florida swing last year, we were fortunate enough to meet Daniel Newcomb–“Presidente Daniel”–of the Vintage Iron Club, which describes itself as follows… We are a vintage motorcycle riding club in South Florida that […]
Honda CB750F Cafe Racer Honda CB750F Cafe Racer by Wrench Kings - The Netherlands has become a real hotbed of custom motorcycle culture, and the Wrench Kings are right at the leading edge, turning out some incredible bikes. Now Bram and the boys are back with a […]
Honda CB750 Monoshock Cafe Racer Monoshock CB750 Cafe Racer by Andrew Wales - Andrew Wales, the owner and creator of this incredible ’78 CB750, is a machinist/millwright and fabricator out of Calgary, Alberta.  Though this bike may look like the product of a high-rent, name-brand custom shop, it’s […]
Honda CB750L Cafe Racer by Legion Cycle Works - Amid the army of CB 750 customs, it takes something truly bold to stand out from the crowd. “Xerxes,” built by Ben Davis of Delaware’s Legion Cycle Works, is a drastic departure from the brat-seated, […]
Honda CB750 Brat Cafe Honda CB750 Brat Cafe by Magnum Opus - We discovered this blown KZ650 by Magnum Opus Custom Bikes at this year’s Handbuilt Show, only to realize that this custom shop, run by Ezio Covelli, is located in the same town as our headquarters:  […]
Honda CB750 Nighthawk Brat Bike CB750 Nighthawk Brat Bike by Smith Cycles - Today, we’re proud to present this 1985 Honda CB750 RC04 (Nighthawk) brat bike by Sven Schmidt of Germany’s Smith Cycles.  The RC04 was the German version of the Nighthawk.  Though  customs are a dime a […]
CB750 Scrambler CB750 Tracker by Racing Smith - We’re very excited to showcase this mean green CB750 build from Racing Smith of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Believe it or not, we were seeking out the builder, Ben Smith, about featuring the bike the very […]
Classified Moto “CB836” - Nestled on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, North Carolina, is Devolve Moto, a custom motorcycle shop, retail space, and cafe/bar.  Hard to think of a better combination, right?  BikeBound made the pilgrimage last month, and we […]