Honda XR250 Scrambler

Honda Scramblers

Honda motorcycles are popular platforms for scrambler builds. In particular, the single cylinder Honda “thumpers,” such as the XR series and the ever-popular NX650 Dominator, make bulletproof, hard-to-kill scramblers that can jump curbs in the city and tear up country roads, paved and unpaved. That said, we also see a good many multi-cylinder scramblers based on the vintage CB and CL series.

Below, we’ve listed the many Honda Scramblers we’ve featured here on the blog.

Honda CB125S Custom Stellar CB: Honda CB125S by Interstellar Motors - The Honda CB125S was introduced in 1975, featuring an air-cooled SOHC single-cylinder engine that offered 12 horsepower and 100 mpg. With a 9500 rpm redline and dry weight of just 187 pounds, the little CB […]
SuperCub Scrambler MAAN Cub: Honda SuperCub X by Motocicli Audaci - Sardinia’s MAAN builds one burly Super Cub for Honda Motor Europe!  The Honda Super Cub C125 is the remastered version of a beloved classic, modeled after the very first 49cc C100 Super Cub of 1958, […]
Honda XL600 Desert Sled Prairie Dog: Honda XL600 Desert Sled - Marmisto’s take on the classic Desert Sled – the Prairie Dog There are custom bikes with build sheets that read like expensive shopping lists, outfitting the machine in a dizzying array of high-spec bling, and […]
Honda CG125 Scrambler Honda CG125 by Cramento Motorcycles - Introduced in 1975, the Honda CG125 was designed to survive the harsh conditions of developing countries, where maintenance intervals could be infrequent and dirt roads the norm. Instead of the overhead cam (OHC) top end […]
Honda XL500 / Yamaha SR500 Vulture Moto’s Vintage 500 Series - A pair of 500 thumpers from Germany’s Vulture Moto! The 500cc “big single” remains one of the best, most versatile all-around engine configurations in motorcycling history, from the British 500 singles of yesteryear to the […]
Honda XL600 Restomod Honda XL600LM “Bulldog” by GPgarage Moto - The Honda XL600LM was a tribute to the HRC Paris-Dakar Rally machines of the 1980s. In 1982, Cyril Neveu won the legendary trans-Saharan race on an XR550, and Honda was intent on repeating that victory, […]
Honda CL350 Honda CL350 “Moonbeam” by Mazi Moto - “This is a CL, it should look like it wants to rip around in the dirt…” In 1968, Honda introduced the CL350, a Scrambler version of the popular 324cc CB350 twin. The CL featured high […]
Honda XL500R Restomod Baja Commander: Honda XL500R Baja - GPgarage Moto builds a Baja restomod! The XL500R was Honda’s 500cc dual-sport in the early 1980s, a mono-shock (Pro-Link) evolution of the twin-shock XL500S, featuring a 32-hp SOHC engine with counterbalancers, long-travel suspension, and a […]
Johnny Campbell Tribute: Honda XR628R Baja! - Desert King: GPgarage Moto builds a tribute to the King of Baja… Johnny Campbell is a living legend of off-road racing, a man known as “The King of Baja” for his 11 Baja 1000 victories […]
Honda 150 Street Tracker Bombardero: Honda CG150 Cargo by AZFER Customs - A Honda 150 built for both town and country… Launched all the way back in 1975, the Honda CG125 would become one of the world’s most popular learner machines and lightweight commuters, remaining in production […]
Honda CBX750F Customs Quatro Galos: Four Honda CBX750F Customs - Four CBX750F customs from Grego’s Customs of Brazil… In 1983, the Honda CBX750 appeared, an evolution of the beloved CB750 that offered a 93-hp DOHC inline four engine and the boxy styling that would become […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Dune Runner: Honda CX400 Scrambler - LE VAN VAN énervé — The Pissed-off Van Van… The Honda CX500, once derided as the “Plastic Maggot,” would go on to achieve cult status as a nearly unbreakable instrument of the two-wheeled professional: “It […]
Honda CB750 Walking Dead Scrambler Walking Dead Inspired: Honda CB750 “Lucille” - Louis James builds a CB750 that would make Daryl Dixon proud… Daryl Dixon is the longest surviving character of The Walking Dead TV series, an expert tracker and survivalist known for his crossbow and post-apocalyptic […]
Honda CL350 Custom Scrambler All The Little, Big Details: Honda CL350 Scrambler - Slipstream Creations builds a more versatile, capable Honda Scrambler… Introduced in 1969, the Honda CL350 was the factory scrambler version of the CB350 twin, one of Honda’s most successful machines. The 324cc, 33-horsepower parallel-twin engine […]
Honda XL600R Restomod Big Bore Restomod: Honda XL600R by Motorieep - In 1983, Honda introduced the XL600R (aka 600 XLR), a big-bore dual-purpose machine with nearly 11 inches of ground clearance, 8+ inches of suspension travel, and 45 horsepower on tap. Like other open-class dual-sports of […]
Honda NX650 Desert Sled Desert Dominator: Honda NX650 ‘Sled - “A lighter, more powerful, more aggressive, go anywhere version of the Dominator…” The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of the world’s most popular custom platforms, featuring an XR-based 644cc four-valve single-cylinder engine, twin stainless […]
Honda CBX750F Custom Full Metal Beast: Honda CBX750F by Grego’s Customs - A Brazilian Custom Motorcycle of the Year! The Honda CBX750F, launched in 1983, was an evolution of the “original superbike” — the beloved CB750. The air-cooled 16-valve DOHC engine produced 91 bhp, capable of propelling […]
Honda XL250 Rubicon Rubicon XL: Honda XL250 by One Down Four Up - The Rubicon Trail is one of the most legendary 4×4/off-road trails in the world, a 22-mile route through the Sierra Nevada mountains just west of the California/Nevada border. Native peoples originally used the route to […]
Honda CB750 Scrambler Bumblebee: Honda CB750 F2 Scrambler by Mad Mike Custom - “Like riding a fast tank that nobody can stop…” Better known as the Nighthawk in some parts of the world, the 1990s Honda CB750F2 Seven Fifty was no longer the world-changing “original superbike” of its […]
Honda Dominator Scrambler Fear Nothing: Honda NX650 Dominator “Witaca 001” -   A Honda Dominator built for the path, not the destination… When Honda introduced the NX650 Dominator in 1988, we can safely assume they had no idea this “urbanized trail bike” would become a favorite […]
Honda NX-TT 650 Street Tracker 650 Twin-Shocker: Marmisto’s TT-NX Street Tracker - The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of the world’s most custom platforms. The 45-hp four-valve single has plenty of punch, coupled with electric start and a reputation for rugged reliability. But for stonemason, author, […]
Honda XR400 Rat Bike Honda XR400R “Rat Bike” from R.L. Allman’s Peter Pan - In this darkly re-imagined new series, Peter Pan flies on two wheels… Ronnie Allman is a young filmmaker whose fascination with motorcycles can be traced back to his boyhood days.  He grew up in Texas, […]
Honda Tornado Scrambler Honda XR250 Tornado Scrambler by LBC Motorcycles - Retro Enduro built by Argentina’s Low Budget Customs… The Honda XR250 Tornado was a Latin American equivalent of the XR250L, sporting an air/oil-cooled 4-valve DOHC tuned for better low-end torque and slightly less peak power […]
Honda XR350R Vintage Motocross Honda XR350R “Hoodoo” by Buscadero Motorcycles - Drool-worthy XR built for vintage motocross… The Honda XR350R debuted to a good bit of fanfare in 1983. Together with its big brother, the XR500R, the big red enduro would help change the way people […]
Honda XR600R Scrambler XLsinore: Honda XR600R Scrambler - The Honda XR600R was one of the most successful dirt bikes of all time, an air-cooled beast built from 1985 to 2000 — a wildly successful machine in both the desert and the woods. Out […]
Honda CT70 Scrambler KEEP IT HONDA: CT70 / Grom by Therapy Garage - A Grom-Powered CT70, ready for town and trails… The Honda CT70 — aka the “Trail 70” — debuted in 1969, featuring a pressed-steel “T-bone” frame, folding handlebars, and a 72cc OHV four-stroke engine good for […]
Honda CX500 Scrambler Unicorn Chaser: Honda CX500 by Last Lap Liza - Fairytale in Steel: From $50 junkyard heap to full-blown Unicorn Chaser… The Honda CX500 has always been a bit of a strange beast, a liquid-cooled transverse V-twin that earned the nicknames the “Poor Man’s Guzzi” […]
Honda SLR650 Adventure Scrambler Finnish Gravel Eater: Honda SLR650 Adventure Scrambler - Finland’s Panu Laakkonen builds a Honda adventure machine… The Honda SLR650 was a streamlined, more street-oriented version of the popular NX650 Dominator, geared more for commuters and couriers than dual-sport riders. The SLR’s seat height […]
Honda CB750 ADV Scrambler Heavy-Duty CB: Honda CB750 by Monnom Customs - The Honda CB750 is one of the most beloved vintage motorcycles in existence, and possibly the most popular platform for custom builds. Introduced in 1969, the 68-hp CB’s tranverse inline four engine would become the […]
Honda CBR150R Scrambler Honda CBR150R by Jowo Kustom - The Honda CBR150R, launched in 2002, was the successor to the two-stroke NSR150, featuring a four-stroke, 150cc single-cylinder engine that makes around 18 horsepower. Mainly sold in Asian markets and South Africa, the bike shared […]
Honda CB750 Scrambler Honda CB750 Scrambler by RacingSmith - A mean-green 750, built for an Air Force serviceman… Many moons ago, we were thrilled to feature the first build from Ben Smith of Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s RacingSmith. The bike was a Honda CB750 tracker […]
Honda MT250 Elsinore Supermoto Supermoto Elsinore: Honda MT/CR250 Retromotard! - Snore no more: an enigmatic Elsinore with modern upgrades… In 1973, the Honda CR250M revolutionized the motocross world. Until then, Honda had only produced four-stroke machines, and all of its off-roaders were converted from street […]
Honda XL250 Scramblerx Island Hopper: Honda XL250 Scrambler by Custommade C.A. - A two-seat 250 scrambler, perfect for small trips to the Greek islands… When Honda introduced the XL250 in 1972, it was the world’s first mass-produced four-stroke enduro, laying the groundwork for the big four-stroke enduros […]
Honda CB350F Scrambler Honda “CL350F” Scrambler by Northbilt Customs - What if Honda made a Scrambler version of the 350 Four? At its introduction in 1972, the Honda CB350F — aka the 350 Four — was the smallest displacement four-cylinder motorcycle ever produced, offering 34 […]
Honda CB400F Scrambler Urban Scrambler: Honda CB400F by Francis Von Tuto - A lightweight curb-jumper from Down Under… The Honda CB400F Super Sport — aka Honda 400 Four — has been called Japan’s first real sportbike. In an era when many riders were more interested in straight-line […]
Honda CB650 Cafe Tracker Honda CB650 “Jasmine” by Red Right Hand - Introduced in 1979, the Honda CB650 would become the last of the air-cooled SOHC fours. An evolution of the beloved CB550, the 650 was built on the same production line and included a nearly identical […]
Custom Honda NX650 Dominator The Last Dominator: Honda NX650 by Andrew Greenland - The 14th and final Dominator build from an NX master… The Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of the most popular donors for modern scrambler builds. The XR650-derived engine is nigh indestructible, with decent punch […]
Honda CL360 Scrambler Street Scrambler: Honda CL360 by Inglorious Motorcycles - From Malle Mile racer to backlane cruiser… The Honda CL360 was the scrambler version of the CB360, offering high pipes, a higher rear fender, and braced enduro-style handlebars. Underneath such trappings, the CB/CL360 siblings were […]
Honda Dominator Scrambler Humanitarian Dominator: Honda NX650 “Alabama” - A globe-trotting Dominator from the humanitarian association Moto Taccuino. The Honda NX650 Dominator, built from 1987-2003, is one of the best donors for a truly capable scrambler — a bike that can run long miles […]
Honda Transalp Scrambler Transalp Scrambler: Honda XL600V by Rusty Pipes Garage - The Honda Transalp was launched back in 1987 with the original Honda XL600V — a two-wheeled multitool of a machine boasting a 52-degree V-twin that made 50-55 hp. Styled after the Paris-Dakar racers of the […]
Honda XL500 Scrambler Street Sweet, Dirt Worthy: Honda XL500 by Loose Screw - “Street sweet. Dirt worthy. Good time transportation…” That’s how Honda described their lineup of XL dual-purpose motorcycles in their big 1979 magazine advertisement. The ’79 Honda XL500S was the “New King Single” of the bunch, […]
Honda CB450DX Scrambler All Squared Away: Honda CB450DX by JM Customs - The Honda CB450DX was available from 1989-1992, a popular beginner’s bike powered by a 43-hp air-cooled parallel-twin derived from the Superdream engine. The bike was affordable, reliable, easy to handle, and offered retro 70s styling. […]
Honda NX650 City Scrambler Honda NX650 City Scrambler - The Honda NX650 Dominator has become a darling of the modern customs scene. The tried-and-true big single is perfect for running the gauntlet of urban commutes, jumping curbs and finding back-alley shortcuts, then shooting out […]
Honda Dominator Street Tracker Customizing for Dommies: Honda NX650 Street Tracker - It’s hard to beat a big single “thumper” for ruggedness, versatility, and all-around motorcycling fun. Last summer, the good folks at Hoxton Moto — creators of a Youtube channel with 10,000+ subscribers — rebuilt one […]
Honda XL200 Tracker The Bullfighter: Honda XL200 Tracker by Matador Motor Co. - Built to rip through Istanbul traffic and escape to the woods… The Honda XL200 is a modern incarnation of the legendary XL/XR series, a 20-hp air-cooled dual-sport with modern upgrades such as electric start and […]
Honda Goldwing Dos Honduros Just Wing it: A Tale of Dos Honduros - “You’ve never seen a dirt bike before?” Introduced in 1974, the Honda Goldwing quickly took the crown as the king of long-range touring motorcycles, a 600-lb heavyweight boxer that could push through the air at […]
Honda CRF250 Supermoto Bad Mother: Honda CRF250 Supermoto by Malamadre Motorcycles - One Bad Mother… The Honda CRF250L Rally is the adventure edition of the company’s 250cc dual-sport, featuring a 2.7-gallon tank, longer suspension, LED lighting, and the same rock-solid, fuel-injected four-stroke single that makes around 25 […]
Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler by Moose Garage - A big single scrambler from Sweden… Back in 2017, we featured the first build from Martin Kvarnhult of Sweden — a 1991 Honda Dominator scrambler that he built to be his daily rider, and which […]
Africa Four Africa Four: Honda CRF1000R by Brivemo - A 145-hp, ADV-inspired rally raider from Switzerland! The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin is one of the world’s most formidable adventure bikes, a modern revival of the V-twin desert machines that won the Paris-Dakar Rally four […]
Honda FMX 650 Scrambler “Sand 650”: Honda FMX 650 Desert Sled - The Honda FMX 650, available from 2005-2007, was a factory supermoto that utilized the venerable 644cc RFVC engine used in other big singles like the XR650L and NX650 Dominator. While Euro 2 emissions compliance curbed […]
Honda NX650 Scrambler American Dominator: Honda NX650 Scrambler by Matt Butts - A North Carolina hot-rodder sets his sights on a rare, US-spec NX650… In recent years, the Honda NX650 Dominator has become one of Europe’s most popular platforms for customization, but this 44-horsepower, XR-based dual sport […]
Africa Twin Scrambler “Dakar”: Honda Africa Twin Scrambler by Treasure Garage - The Africa Twin, first introduced in 1988, was an homage to the great desert racers of the Paris-Dakar Rally, a V-twin dual sport with twin headlights, windshield, aluminum grab-rail, luggage rack, bashplate, and more. From […]
Honda NX650 Street Scrambler Urban Cross: Honda NX650 by Petrology - In 2015, Maria Arellano and Jona Gimenez created Petrology, a brand out of Alicante, Spain, that celebrates “the culture of petrol, power, and good design.” The pair has long admired classic machines, especially those of […]
Honda CR250 Scrambler Elsinore Tribute: Honda CR250 Scrambler by Andrew Greenland - In the early 1970s, Honda unveiled the CR250M Elsinore — a two-stroke machine destined to become one of the classics of the dirt world. Strangely enough, a team of Honda engineers had developed the CR250 […]
Honda NX650 Baja Scrambler Baja Dominator: Honda NX650 by LL Motorcycles - In the few years, the Honda NX650 Dominator has been a popular donor for customization. The 44-hp RFVC engine is nigh-unkillable, and the robust build quality made the bike the perfect urban enduro. Said MCN […]
Honda CL350 Brat Scrambler Honda CL350 Brat-Scrambler by Offset Moto - Going Equilateral: Long-Armed CL350 from San Francisco… The Honda CL350 was the scrambler version of the beloved CB350 twin, featuring a high-mount exhaust and 19-inch front wheel. While the 346 curb weight and 33 horsepower […]
Honda SLR650 Tracker “U-Turn” Honda SLR650 by Imbarcadero14 - The Honda SLR650 was a stripped-down, more street-focused version of the popular NX650 Dominator. The 44-hp SLR had a smaller 19-inch front wheel, lower seat height, and the bike was slightly lighter, making for improved […]
Honda FTR250 Tracker “Ignite” Honda FTR250 by Ignition MC - The Honda FTR250 was a factory street tracker styled after the company’s purpose-built flat tracker, the legendary Honda RS750, which broke the long dominance of Harley-Davidson in the AMA Grand National Championship, winning four championships […]
Honda XL600 Scrambler “Civetta” Honda XL600 Scrambler by Padova Dirt Custom - “Dirtstyle” Honda XL from Italy… The Honda XL600 is one of our favorite dual-sport bikes of the 1980s. The air-cooled RFVC radial valve engine offered 45 horsepower — solid punch at the time — and […]
Honda XR600R Street Tracker Honda XR600R Street Tracker by RotaJG - The Honda XR600R — affectionately known as the “Big Red Pig” — was the king of the desert for a decade and more. Introduced in 1985, the big air-cooled XR quickly rose to dominance at […]
Honda CL350 Scrambler Best in Show: Honda CL350 Scrambler by CEM - Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the 2018 Victory Moto Show in Savannah, Georgia — one of our favorite places on earth. The rise of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) has given […]
Honda XR200 Adventure Scrambler XARGHHH: Honda XR200 “UTE” by Revolt Cycles - Honda XR200 “UTE” built for two-wheelin’ across the Philippine islands… The Honda XR200 is one of our favorite trail bikes. The 2-valve oversquare engine, in production for some 35 years or more, has the eager […]
Honda XL600 Scrambler Honda XL600 Scrambler by Ludwig Tekne - “Brilliance, angles, and lines” — a bold, lightweight Honda scrambler… The Honda XL600R is one of our favorite dual-sports from the 1980s. Built from 1983-1987, the XL600 offered 45 horsepower, weighed a hair under 300 […]
Honda GL1000 Scrambler Honda GL1000 Goldwing “Gravel Express” - A “BIG-ASS scrambler” in love with the Dutch gravel! The Honda GL1000 Goldwing may seem like an unlikely candidate for customization, but builders are revealing the burly beauty of these highway cruisers when they strip […]
Honda NX650 Dakar Honda NX650 Dakar by Cafe Racer SSpirit - “You can see yourself on this bike from Paris to Dakar like all hell is behind you.” The Honda NX650 Dominator has become a popular platform for custom builds worldwide. The 45-horsepower thumper is tough, […]
Honda NX650 Dominator Street Scrambler Honda Dominator Street Scrambler by Andrew Greenland - For Sale: Burly Honda NX650 Dominator… Operating out of his shed in Wales, Andrew Greenland continues to turn out some of the most incredible Honda big single builds on the planet. He’s been into dirt […]
Honda Transalp Scrambler Honda Transalp Brat Tracker by HIDE Brussels - A V-twin Brat Tracker from Brussels… The Honda Transalp is a series of V-twin dual-sport / ADV bikes in production since the late 1980s. We rarely get to see these bikes in the USA, as […]
Honda Z50 Custom Honda Z50R “Mini Brawler” by Droog Moto - MOTO 12.5:  A Miniature Urban Brawler Max and Erica Droog, the husband/wife team behind Droog Moto, are known for building a signature line of post-apocalyptic streetfighters, scramblers, and desert sleds. Earlier this year, we featured […]
Honda TMX 150 Brat Tracker Honda TMX 150 Supremo Brat Tracker by Revolt Cycles - The Honda TMX — or Tricycle Model X-treme — is a series of air-cooled utility bikes popular in the Philippines, where their power and ruggedness make them ideal for sidecar or “tricycle” work. The original […]
Honda SLR650 Scrambler Honda SLR650 by Thornton Hundred Motorcycles - A Honda big single built for the Sunday Scramble… Essentially, the Honda SLR650 was a stripped-down, street-centric version of the rugged NX650 Dominator. The bike offered the same 44-hp air-cooled single based on the XR650 […]
Honda XLR200 Tracker Honda XLR200 Tracker by Free Spirit Moto X Jets Q Kustoms - The Honda XLR200 was a genuine do-anything bike, a street-legal 200cc Honda thumper with parts scavenged from various models of the venerable XR series. Says Brian Jones of “The XLR turned out to be […]
Honda NX650 Scrambler Honda NX650 Scrambler by Asphalt and Gravel - The Honda NX650 has become one of Europe’s most popular platforms for scrambler and tracker builds. The punchy, XR650-based engine is one of the toughest engines ever produced, and dual exhaust — rare on a […]
Honda 125 Scrambler Honda 125 Scrambler by Slipstream Creations - Anyone who works on bikes for any length of time quickly accumulates a surplus of parts in their garage, shed, or shop. James Fawcett of Slipstream Creations is no exception. When his 13 year-old son, […]
Honda CB500 Scrambler Honda CB500 Scrambler by Kimmo Larsson - The Honda CB500 Four, which debuted in the early 70s, was a middleweight four-cylinder machine capable of rivaling the 650cc twins of the day. The air-cooled, 498cc engine offered around 50 horsepower, capable of pushing […]
Honda XR600R Tracker Street-Legal Honda XR600R by Therapy Garage - Street-legal XR600R wave-chaser for a San Diego fireman! The Honda XR600R is a bonafide legend — the dominant dirt machine of the 80s and 90s. Built to compete with the 500cc two-strokes at Baja, Honda’s […]
Honda CX500 Tracker Scrambler Honda CX500 Scrambler by Darling Motorcycle Works -   “The Bear” from Darling, South Africa. Shawn U’ren of South Africa’s Darling Motorcycle Works spent a 15-year stint in competitive enduro, slogging through the mud, sand, and rocks of such punishing races as The […]
Honda CB360T Scrambler Honda CB360T Scrambler by Slipstream Creations - The Honda CB360, built from 1974-1976, succeeded the well-known CB350 twin, offering a 34-hp parallel twin, 6-speed transmission, and one of the handsomest tanks Honda ever produced. James Fawcett of Slipstream Creations is no stranger […]
Honda XR400 Tracker Honda XR400 Tracker by Ace Custom Shop - “Black, black, and a lot more black” — one mean thumper from Colombia. The Sotomonte brothers of Colombia’s Ace Custom Shop founded their workshop in 2013 along with friend Andrés Cabrales. Though they build everything […]
Honda CB360 Scrambler Honda CB360 Scrambler by Brick House Builds - Bj English of Missouri’s Brick House Builds has become one of our favorite young builders — not just in the States, but int he world.  A one-man operation, Bj has a knack for building customs […]
Honda NX650 Tracker Scrambler Honda NX650 Custom by Cool Kid Customs - “The Brawler” from Holland… We see a lot of Honda NX650 customs these days, but we’ve never one that looked like “The Brawler.” Not surprisingly, the bike is the work of Michel Szozda of Cool […]
Honda CB200 Brat Tracker Honda CB200T “Surf-n-Turf” by Utopeia Moto - Custom builders come from all walks of life, but most are anchored to one specific location — their brick-and-mortar garage or workshop. Not Chris Tope of Utopeia Moto Company. Believe it or not, Chris is […]
Honda NX650 Brat Tracker Honda NX650 Tracker “Mesquito” by Marmisto - For Sale:  “Mesquito” Honda NX650 Tracker by Marmisto! Chris Daniels of Marmisto is a world-class stonemason, carver, and conservator who has worked on ancient buildings across the world. He’s also been shed-building custom bikes since […]
Honda XR250 Scrambler Honda XR250R Scrambler by Vertigo Moto & Design - The Honda XR250 is one of the hardiest thumpers on the planet — a stone-ax reliable, air-cooled machine that offers a boatload of grins-per-mile, especially on the loose stuff. The 30-hp XR250R was the competition […]
Honda TMX 155 Scrambler Honda TMX 155 Brat Tracker by Revolt Cycles - The Honda TMX 155 has become of the most popular customization platforms in the Philippines — a small yet sturdy thumper based on the venerable Honda CB125. The bike offers a kick-start, an air-cooled OHV […]
Honda Dominator Scrambler Honda Dominator Scrambler by MadWolf - Today, we are thrilled to present the first build from MadWolf Motorcycles, a workshop in Bordeaux, France. The founder, an aerospace engineer, started building motorcycles three years ago. However, this build — his first — […]
Honda NX125 Transcity Tracker Honda NX125 Tracker by L’établi Garage - “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…” The Honda NX125 Transcity, built from 1989-1992, was the smallest of the NX line. The small […]
Honda CL175 Scrambler Honda CL175 Scrambler by Colt Wrangler - At the Handbuilt Show last year, we had the opportunity to meet Texas young gun Colt Wrangler, whose Yamaha XS650 tracker we recently featured. At the show, Colt had the 1971 Honda CL175 scrambler he’d […]
Honda CB100 Scrambler Honda CB100 Scrambler: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” - “It’s a gas, gas, gas” — a son turns a father’s old bike into a brutal little giant-killer… Fikri Ahmad had a vision for his father’s old motorcycle, a 1981 Honda CB100K5:  a brutal scrambler […]
Honda XR250 Street Tracker Hot Wheels Honda XR250 Tornado Street Tracker - A South American Street Tracker built for the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary… The duo behind Argentina’s Herencia Custom Garage — German Karp and Fede Cubik — have quickly established themselves as some of the top […]
Honda XR600 Scrambler Honda XR600 Scrambler: “End of Days” - A Baja legend built for the End of Days… When Wayne Hawes of Australia first picked up his 1991 Honda XR600R, he planned to use the big thumper for some light trail riding with a […]
Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler Honda Dominator Scrambler by BF Motorcycles - An off-road addict’s street-legal Honda curb-jumper… Jean Michel Lopez spends his weekends riding off-road in various disciplines:  motocross, enduro, etc. Like many before him, he dreamed of putting his knobby-tired passion to the pavement: “I […]
Honda TMX125 Tracker Scrambler Honda TMX125 Brat Tracker by Revolt Cycles - Revolt Cycles of the Philippines has become one of our favorite custom workshops, specializing in brat trackers and scramblers perfect for the winding roads, jungle paths, and beaches of their homeland. Now Louie and the […]
Honda NX650 Scrambler Honda NX650 Scrambler: “Rum Runner” - There are bikes built to be polished garage queens that look good parked in front of coffee shops…and then there are bikes built to be ridden  — machines that seem to sniff out adventure like […]
Honda XL600R Dakar Scrambler Honda XL600 Dakar by Andrew Greenland - We have been watching the builds of Andrew Greenland ever since his red Honda Dominator custom was featured on Bike EXIF years ago. Since then, Andrew has turned out a stable’s worth of froth-worthy Honda […]
Honda NX670 Scrambler Honda NX670 Scrambler by 2Motors - Manu Mertens of Belgium’s 2Motors has been a bonafide Honda devotee from an early age — a passion evident in arsenal of Honda big single builds that roll out of his shop, including two bikes […]
Honda CL360 Scrambler Honda CL360 Scrambler by Offset Motorcycles - A $1000 Dirtbag Chopper gets turned into a Big Sur banger… Jason Lisica of San Francisco’s Offset Motorcycles has been involved with the city’s Dirtbag Challenge. The challenge, which has been the subject of two […]
Honda War MACHINE Honda Transalp War Machine by Cool Kid Customs - The Honda Transalp was built to capitalize on Honda’s Paris-Dakar victories in the 1980s. All the bikes in the series — including the XL400V, XL600V, XL650V, and XL700V — featured a 52° V-twin motor, as […]
Honda FX650 Scrambler Honda FX650 Scrambler by Bandisca - Small Budget, Big Heart — 1000-Euro, Elsinore-Inspired Scrambler In stock trim, the Honda FX650 Vigor — a re-released version of the SLR650 — is no looker. MCN called the bike:  “A fairly joyless machine that […]
Honda CR500 Supermoto Honda CR500 Supermoto by Dab Design - At just 26 years old, Simon Dabadie of Dab Design has already made quite a splash in the custom motorcycle world. With a background in the emerging industries of 3D Printing and 3D software publishing, […]
Honda NX350 scrambler Honda NX350 Scrambler by Lucca Customs x Wolf Motorcycles - Lucca Customs is a helmet brand and custom motorcycle builder located on the Brazilian island of Florianópolis. We previously featured their Kasinski Comet cafe racer. Now the team is back with this red-hot Honda NX350 […]